Kaepernick law suit bad timing

Colin Kaepernick’s law suit to challenge why he hasn’t received an offer this season despite the many injuries to starting quarterbacks. The timing is poor because Green Bay Packers lost Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season due to a broken collar-bone. I don’t believe the Packers will give him an offer after the lawsuit.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was on the sideline when the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Kaepernick ran for a playoff record 181 yards rushing against the Packers. McCarthy’s team still hope to make the playoffs this season with a 4 – 2 start.

Brett Hundley the three-year back-up quarterback is a talented back-up. The former UCLA Bruins starter will finally have the opportunity to start multiple straight games. He can make some plays and turn it into a huge contract because many teams don’t have a talented starting quarterback. The only other quarterback on the roster is Joe Callahan, which means the Packers must sign an experience back-up.

Kaepernick not waiting until the season was over is an error. The Tennessee Titans Brandon Wedden signing was a slap in the face earlier this season. The quarterback signed by Packers opportunity is a great one because it was for the rest of the season. Kaepernick missed a chance to get a serious offer or add ammunition to his law suit. The NFL owners aren’t trying to sign the best quarterback available to improve their roster instead they won’t sign Kaepernick no matter what happens in terms of injuries.

The NFL will use their high-powered lawyers and mostly win against Kaepernick lawsuit. The former starting quarterback in Super Bowl XLVII NFL career will end early. Next stop the CFL next season. We will never know if Kaepernick waited and Rodgers injury may have open the door for him.

Will the Packers sign Kaepernick?

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Free NFL Week 6 point spread picks 2017

I’m 11 – 14 after four weeks and Week 5 was my best week with a 4 – 1 record.  The last two weeks I was above .500. Let’s keep it going. This week is all about defense and one team that needs to respond to adversity.

The New York Giants versus the Denver Broncos – 12.5

The Giants offense have struggled before wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Sterling Sheppard were all hurt. The Giants offense line can’t run or pass block for Eli Manning. The Broncos at home and Von Miller edge rushing will be too much to handle for the Giants.

Take Broncos – 12.5

Chicago Bears against the Baltimore Ravens – 7

The Ravens defense will create a lot pressure and turnovers against the inexperienced Bears offense. The Ravens offense won’t have to do much to win by more than 10. Mitchell Trubisky will struggle and Bears defense have to  many injuries to linebacker unit.

Take Ravens – 7

Cleveland Browns against the Houston Texans – 9

The Browns offense is inept. The Texans even without J.J. Watt is still a top 5. The Texans rookie quarterback DeSahun Watson led unit will score more than 30 points once again. Browns head coach Hue Jackson passed on the Watson in the draft.

Take the Texans – 9

The Minnesota Vikings versus the Green Bay Packers – 4

The Vikings defense will keep the Packers from scoring 27 points. Can the Vikings offense score more than 21 points? The inter-division battle is a great match-up because the Packers defense is average.

Take the Vikings + 4

Pittsburgh Steelers against the Kansas City Chiefs – 4

The Steelers last two weeks was a public relations nightmare. Head coach Mike Tomlin must get his team to focus on the game. The Chiefs are 5 – 0 and may look past the Steelers because the following game is against the Raiders. Big Ben has a great record against Chiefs: http://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2016/09/28/ben-roethlisberger-4-1-against-chiefs/

Take the Steelers + 4

Good luck this weekend!

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Cowboys Owner Jones powerful

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a powerful man. He has been able to prevent the NFL from suspending Ezekiel Elliott six games by appealing it and we haven’t heard anything about it since. Now ESPN personality Jemele Hill suspension for asking the players to challenge Jones stance on the U.S. National Anthem protest and corporate sponsors to pull out.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decision to suspend Cowboys star running back Elliott for six games for the domestic violence situation with his girlfriend. Jones wasn’t happy with the decision and has been able to appeal the suspension. Elliott has played every game this season and it doesn’t look like he will miss a game this season.

ESPN Hill two weeks suspension because she decided to take Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his stance on the National Anthem protest. Jones won’t play any player who won’t stand during U.S. National Anthem. I don’t believe she has done anything wrong because Jones doesn’t have the right to impose such an anti-protest stance. ESPN had to do something because Hill tweeted that US President Trump is a White Supremacist https://twitter.com/jemelehill/status/907391978194849793

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have any African-American stars who can protest Jones’ stance with quarterback Dak Prescott dropped to the second round due to DUI arrest in College and Elliott with his many off the field issues. Jones chose to let Tony Romo retire and keep Prescott as the starting quarterback. The most prominent African-American players are in no place to take on Jones because each one owes him.

The players on other teams must comment about Jones taking away players first amendment and when they are free agents the African-American players shouldn’t sign with the Cowboys to send Jones a message. The Cowboys kneeling with players before anthem and standing arms locked is a fake statement of unity.

Jones has flexed his muscles and no one will stand in his way. Anybody who has taken Jones have lost just ask former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, Commissioner Roger Goodell and now Jemele Hill.

Will Elliott ever serve his 6 game suspension?

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Free NFL Week 5 point spread picks 2017

I’m 7 – 13 after four weeks and Week 4 was my best week with a 3 – 2 record. The miraculous Chiefs covering seven point spread put me above .500 for the first time. This week is a tough week with many games with small point spreads, which means coin flip games.

New York Jets against the Cleveland Browns + 1.5

The Browns and Jets are both awful teams. Don’t be fooled by the Jets 2 – 2 record. The Browns are playing their Super Bowl game because if they lose this game it will be another very long season for Cleveland fans.

Take the Browns + 1.5

Carolina Panthers versus the Detroit Lions – 3

Which 3 – 1 team is better? The Panthers defense is back to Super Bowl form and Cam Newton is adapting to life without TE Greg Olsen. I don’t believe the Lions are as good as their record.

Take Panthers + 3

Buffalo Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals – 2.5

The Bills are 3 – 1 and the Bengals are 1 – 3. The Bengals favoured because they aren’t as bad as their record and the Bills aren’t as good as their record. The Bengals are at home and spread is under 3.

Take the Bengals – 2.5

Los Angeles Chargers versus the New York Giants – 3.5

The Chargers and Giants are both 0 – 4. The Giants struggled on the offensive end. The Chargers have lost three game by 3 or less this season. I expect the Chargers to keep it close again this week.

Take the Chargers + 3.5

Baltimore Ravens against the Oakland Raiders – 3

How can the Raiders be favoured by 3 with Derek Carr being questionable? The Raiders defense and running attack can’t make up for Carr’s absence. The Ravens defense is a top tier defense.

Take the Ravens + 3

Good luck this weekend!

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Black NHL players’ response to protest

The NHL season has started and the Black players’ must respond to questions about USA National Anthem protest. Majority of the Black NHL players are Canadian born; therefore they might not relate to USA national anthem protest. So far I have seen P.K. Subban, Joel Ward and Wayne Simmonds gave their opinion.

Subban has a right to say he won’t protest national anthem because he doesn’t want to disrespect the flag. I don’t mind he doesn’t want to protest. The disrespecting the flag portion bothers me because it sound like he is saying the protesters are wrong. Subban didn’t need to say that comment. Subban talk about a video where Darren Pang complained Subban didn’t play the “White way”. He also received many racial tweets when he was on the Canadian Olympic roster and many fans debated along racial lines if Subban is a worthy of a spot or even play if he did make the team.

Ward thought about it, but didn’t do it. He received many racial tweets from upset fans when their beloved Boston Bruins lost in the playoffs due to a Ward series winning goal when he was a Washington Capital.

Simmonds understands and mentioned the protest is truly about Racial and Social Injustice not the flag itself. He personally dealt with a fan throwing a banana on the ice when he was about to attempt a penalty shot. The Philadelphia Flyers assistant Captain didn’t get an invite to Canada World Cup hockey team despite being one of the best power forwards in the NHL even though many key players injured and couldn’t take part. NHL analyst and former 13 year veteran David Poulin thought Simmonds would be on the roster.

The African-American players Dustin Byfuglien and Seth Jones are NHL All-stars. We haven’t yet heard from them after the USA President derogatory comments. They will definitely asked what they will do during the USA anthem.

The World Junior Championship game between Canada and USA saw many Black players who were key players. The Best player in the game was team USA Jordan Greenway who looked like a future power-forward star. Expect the numbers of Black hockey players in the NHL to increase.

The Black NHL players will have to answer more than once if they will protest and what is their opinion about players who do in other sports? They will need to step up and mentioned Racial and Social Injustice is wrong. They can’t just say Yes or NO to protest.

Will Black NHL players make a stand, kneel or fist in air?

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Titans sign Weeden over Kaepernick really

All the people who say that an NFL team will sign the best player availible because the owner wants to win can’t justify Brandon Weeden signed instead of Colin Kaepernick. Weeden has thrown 181 passes in his last three years in the NFL with a 6 – 19 career record. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WeedBr00.htm

The Tennessee Titans starter is Matt Cassel until Marcus Mariota returns from injury. Cassel is an effective starter and will give the Titans a chance to win every game he plays. If he gets hurt Weeden is the next option is a terrible proposition for Tennessee fans expecting their team to compete for a playoff spot. Cassel has decent career statistics; therefore nothing spectacular. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/CassMa00.htm

I expected the former 49ers quarterback to have a contract by Week 4. Kaepernick will have to wait a little longer. NFL fans have to watch Jay Cutler lead the Miami Dolphins to one touchdown in eight quarters. The Chicago Bears finally benched Mike Glennon for their prized rookie Mitch Trubisky. Carson Palmer struggles to finish drives with touchdowns instead of field goals. The Minnesota Vikings Case Keenum was back to himself with an atrocious performance against the Detroit Lions last week.

Kaepernick is a dual-threat quarterback who is an excellent runner. His 2 300 yards rushing has him 356 yards away from being top 10 rushing yards by a  NFL quarterback All-time. He is 159th All-time in the passing yards category. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KaepCo00.htm Not many quarterbacks on NFL rosters come close to Kaepernick dual threat abilities.

The NFL owners have made a pledge not to sign Kaepernick and will stick to it. The Weeden signing confirms the pact between the owners. The USA anthem protest is about the military, police and politics. If Kaepernick comes back then it is about Racial and Social injustice which no one wants to discuss. I hope he doesn’t sign with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL league this season and continue to wait for a few more quarterback injuries.

Is Kaepernick an NFL starter?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 4 point spread picks 2017

I’m 4 – 11 after three weeks and Week 3 was my best week with a 2 – 3 record. This season can only get better. It is time to make more picks. This week is a tough week with many teams who played poorly last week against an opponent that was also terrible going into this week.

Washington Football Club versus the Kansas City Chiefs – 7

The Chiefs will win another game with a great defense and a potent offense. At home they are one of the best teams in the NFL and will continue the trend. Washington isn’t as good as their victory last week against the Los Angeles Raiders.

Take the Chiefs – 7

Jacksonville Jaguars against the New York Jets + 3

The Jaguars favoured on the road is a shocker. The Jags head coach Tom Coughlin returning the Giants stadium with an excellent defense and an offense that may finally live up to it’s potential. Sorry Todd Bowles but the Jets aren’t winning back-to-back games.

Take the Jags – 3

Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Baltimore Ravens + 3

The Steelers are a better team than that lost to the Chicago Bears. A division rivalry will get the juices flowing and a better performance. The Ravens offense is average and the Steelers defense can dominate it.

Take the Steelers – 3

Philadelphia Eagles against the Los Angeles Chargers +1

The Chargers are the master of losing close games with a three and two point loss. Are they are due for a win or their heartbreak continue? The Eagles defense will pressure Phillip Rivers into turnovers.Eagles coach Doug Pederson penchant to take fourth down gambles will pay off.

Eagles – 1

New York Giants versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3

The meeting of two struggling teams and quarterbacks. Their fans expected a better offensive production. It is a must game for both teams and Jameis Winston must show he is a prime time quarterback. I will give him 1 last chance.

Take the Bucs – 3

Good luck this weekend!

Eastern Conference champion Cavs, Celtics or Raptors?

The Eastern Conference Champions is a race between the three front-runners: Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. The Cavaliers won’t run away with the Eastern Conference with another guaranteed NBA Finals appearance. This could be a fun season in the East despite not having three former Team USA representatives on one team like many teams in the Western Conference.

The best starting five in the East? The Cavs have the edge because they have LeBron James. Isiah Thomas won’t be around for the first half of the season; therefore Derrick Rose may start at point guard. Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith complete the starting five.

The Celtics starters look good on paper with three All-stars: Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Al Horford. They are together for the first time and need an adjustment period before we see very good results. Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown are role players.

The Raptors have the dynamic duo: Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. The big men Serge Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas are solid. The Achilles heel is the small forward where C.J. Miles is replacing DeMarre Carroll.

Who has the better bench? Most teams will use an eight man rotation which means three key players who come off the bench are major contributors. Once again it is the Cavs with Jae Crowder who can play and guard multiple positions and score. Channing Frye and Kyle Korver three-point shooting specialist. Iman Shumpert a hustle player. Rose will come off bench once Thomas is healthy.

The Celtics bench was a great strength last year now is it a weakness. Aron Baynes, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier. Only Marcus Smart was a key contributor last year. Tatum is a rookie and Rozier is a third year player.

The Raptors have the youngest key bench players: Pascal Siakam, Jacob Poetl, Norman Powell and Delon Wright. Powell and Wright are the veteran with two years’ experience. The two big men will be playing their second season.

Which team in the Eastern Conference is favourite?

Have a fantastic day!

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Melo to the Thunder

Carmelo Anthony is now an Oklahoma City Thunder.  Can Russell Westbrook pass the ball enough to make sure his new All-Star teammates can maintain their career averages? All three are former Team USA players and may have developed a chemistry before Paul George shattered his leg.

The Thunder have gone all out to improve their roster to challenge the Golden State Warriors Big four (Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green). Head coach Billy Donovan has one year to make it work because George is a free agent next summer and Anthony’s contract can be bought out after the season.

The acquisition of Anthony gives the Thunder three legitimate 20 point per game scorers who can take over a game on any given night. The career field goal attempts and points per game is just under 20 for FGA and above 20 for PPG with only one ball to share is tough for Westbrook.

Does Westbrook want to set the assists record? He has Anthony and George who are great scorers if he has a desire to do so. Westbrook will need to sacrifice some statistics in order to win more than 50 games with the OKC Big 3. Last year’s MVP will show that he can share the ball with Super Star teammates.

Now Steven Adams, Paul Roberson and Patrick Patterson can play defense and not worrying about scoring. Alex Abrines development is a key element in the Thunder’s success next year.

The Thunder are a playoff team. The organization is taking a shot at the title after watching former Thunder Kevin Durant win the Championship with the Golden State Warriors. The small market team understands it has to do something drastic to create playoff excitement. Houston Rockets have a better roster than the Thunder.

Who got best Big 3 in the off season: Rockets, Timberwolves or Thunder?

Have a fantastic day!

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Trump did what Kaepernick could not…

The President of the United States Donald Trump was able to accomplish a feat that Colin Kaepernick couldn’t with his Twitter S.O.B. comments referring to NFL anthem protesters who were mostly African-American. Last weekend every NFL game had a form of protest during the national anthem that included the owners.

Everybody representing the NFL were offended by the President’s comments. Players and owners who voted, endorsed and congratulated Trump on his victory now are speaking out against the latest social media gaffe. The players could no longer stay on the sideline or toe the company line by not taking sides. Trump has made it GREAT AGAIN for African-American athletes to be political again. In the 60’s African-American athletes who were political activist helped shape and push forward the equal justice hopes.

Kaepernick the man who started the protest last year couldn’t get more African-American players to join him. His fellow NFL players left Kaepernick to take the brunt of the fans and media back lash. Many African-American football players even spoke against the kneel protest as being against the American flag. Trump Twitter response was an affirmation that Kaepernick was correct.

The NFL Commissioner and owners said all the right things except one thing is missing? Why hasn’t anybody signed Kaepernick? The man who started the movement last year is unemployed, sitting on the sideline, while the movement is getting stronger. The NFL must follow-up by signing the talented quarterback who can help teams on and off the field because being an activist is cool now.

It is not far, but African-American have the extra burden of representing their race, communities and be role models for kids who must battle racial discrimination, financial disadvantages, inferior school system and many grow up in really tough neighborhoods. The African-American athletes must overcome all these circumstances by being leaders and a proud Black man to give the future hope they can also achieve greatness.

Will Kaepernick be on a roster before the season ends?

Fight the power!

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