Subban in Nashville now

P.K. Subban in Nashville now and his endorsement deals should soon follow. A Black star hockey player with a great personality in an American market should be beneficial for his marketing deals. Subban is not only going to a Nashville Predators team that will let P.K. be P.K. which should lead to a great relationship.

The Nashville Predators may have the best top 4 defensemen unit in the NHL with Roman Josi (26), Mattias Ekholm (26), Ryan Ellis (25) and Subban (27). They will have the opportunity to grow in the prime years of their careers together. General Manager David Poile and Coach Peter Laviolette are in an enviable position for years to come.

Nashville’s organization added Ryan Johansen by trading Seth Jones. Johansen is 24 years old, a number one big center and signed Flip Forsberg (22) to a long term deal. Mike Fisher, James Neal and Mike Ribeiro round out their top 6 forwards.

The youthful Predators will have great success with their young core and may be a team to watch next year as a Stanley Cup contender. Pekka Rinne is 34 years old only has a few solid years left before he has to be replaced.

The Predators window of opportunity seem to be closing and now it has been blown wide open again with Poile’s moves for Johansen and Subban. They will be a force to be dealt with in the Western Conference. The Predators are one solid back-up goalie away from having a complete team.

The Predators got younger and added a fun personality with the trade. A younger locker room will appreciate Subban’s enthusiasm and outgoing personality. This will be a great fit for the payer and team. Nashville will enjoy seeing him as a TV personality not just a hockey player.

Are the Predators a threat to win Stanley Cup now?

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Bergevin got his wish…

Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin got his wish by trading P.K. Subban for Shea Webber. Bergevin no longer has to deal with the trade rumours, Subban’s so called brash personality and locker room distractions. The Subban “Haters” are happy to no longer see number 76 is gone.

Webber has been a team Captain for a long time. He is definitely bigger, meaner and a great shot. Webber has been chosen over Subban at Olympics and World Championship teams for a reason. Bergevin could use that to justify the trade. The locker room leadership, no non-sense attitude and cliché answers at press conferences will the new norm.

Subban was either loved or hated with no middle ground. These type of athletes when the team is not going well are considered a distraction, not team players and should not have fun when team is struggling. Bergevin is an Old School player who prefers to have leaders like Webber on the team not flashy and personable Subban. Webber is the total opposite personality of Subban. The 30 years old defenseman is three years older than Subban.

The Canadiens are a much better team with the addition of Andrew Shaw, Webber and Carey Price coming back from injury. They will make the playoffs, but the question will still be can they score enough goals. The Canadiens are still an offensively challenged team. Shaw adds toughness and two way play without giving his team a 20 goal season. He only accomplished the feat once in his 6 NHL seasons.

The media will miss Subban because who will they interview for honesty and fun quotes throughout an 82 game season. Max Pacioretty will not be questioned about his role as captain.

The fans will not get to see as many spectacular plays, no more spin-o-rama, big smile and a great community personality. Webber will be a great player on the ice and we will see about community involvement.

The Canadiens success will come down to how many games does Price plays not if Webber is great or not. Bergevin believes his team got better in the locker room, reduced turnovers and fundamental sound player.

Who won the Subban – Webber trade?

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Knicks Porzingis will be affected in a negative way

The New York Knicks Kristaps Porzingis will be affected in a negative by the trade of center Robin Lopez and the arrival of Derrick Rose. The runner up to the Rookie of the Year last year took an average of 12.3 shots a game last season; he played the majority of his minutes as a power forward with Lopez playing center.

The Knicks leaders in shot attempts next season will be Carmelo Anthony and Rose. Melo averaged 18.2 and Rose 17.0 field goals attempts per game. Porzingis had 12.3 field goal attempts per game and scored 14.3 points a game. He will at least 15 attempts a game and that may not happen with Melo and Rose as primary shooters. Rose only averaged 4.7 assists a game with a talented Chicago Bulls team.

Coach Jeff Hornacek will have to find a way to get Carmelo and Derrick to move the ball more than they are used to so far in their career. Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams will also need to have opportunities to score the ball.

The loss of Lopez biggest effect on Porzingis will be on the defensive end where the second year player will have to match-up against opponent big men. The Latvian star will have to play more minutes at center than power forward, which is a huge difference in the NBA. Kristaps will have to play against Andre Drummond, Jonas Valanciunas and Hassan Whiteside for more than 30 minutes a game on the defensive ends of the floor and having to battle for rebounds with them will be tough. Porzingis will be in foul trouble a lot, which means reduced minutes.

The Knicks trade for a player who has one year left on his contract who will take up a lot of space in locker room and on the floor sounds like a trade upper management would want not Phil Jackson. The move sounds splashy, but Rose played in 66 games last year is his highest total in the last four years.

Will this trade help the Knicks make the playoffs?

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Bulls made a great trade by moving Rose

The Chicago Bulls made a great trade by moving Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. The fact the Bulls traded the former league MVP to an Eastern Conference rival who might play them in the playoffs shows you what the Bulls think of Rose.

The Bulls have handed the reigns of the franchise to Jimmy Butler. The organization could not go another season with a part-time leader Rose and new leader Butler not willing to share the role. As long as Rose was on the team it was his team and it showed whenever he played Butler was expected to be a co-pilot than the pilot.

Jimmy wants the title of leader, he will take on the pressure of team success or failure with fans and media. The All-star seems ready for the role and the Bulls will be better next season.

The Bulls still have veterans Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Aaron Brooks and Mike Dunleavy to go along with youthful enthusiasm of Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis and E’Twaun Moore. Tony Snell is a solid pro. They have the 14th and 48th pick in the next NBA Draft. The first round pick could provide another immediate contributor to the roster.

Lopez gives them a center if Pau Gasol doesn’t resign and Noah who has one year on his contract leaves in two years. Jose Calderon will more likely be the third point guard.

Coach Fred Hoiberg has an above average roster for an Eastern Conference team. They should be contending for a top 4 spot. The trade permits the Bulls to have one clear leader and makes the Coach Hoiberg’s job easier to get his message across.

The Bulls won the trade not because of the talent they received; they won because their will be no more Rose versus Butler conflict.

Did the Bulls win in the Rose trade?

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NY Jets quarterback situation

The New York Jets quarterback situation is still up in the air. Ryan Fitzpatrick wants to much money, Geno Smith hasn’t showed he is ready to be a number one and Bryce Petty has less experience than Smith. What should the organization do?

Fitzpatrick wants $12.5 million one year deal or a long term contract. He had a great year and the Jets only won 10 games; therefore, he won’t be able to get a win for every million that he will be paid. The Jets starter last year sealed the organization and many fans reluctance to signing him with a poor performance in the last game of the season.

The Jets beat the Buffalo Bills at home they would have made the playoffs instead Tyrod Taylor out played Fitzpatrick. He did get New York in the red zone with 11 seconds left with a chance to win before throwing the game ending interception.

Let s review the box score:

Fitzpatrick threw 3 interceptions and only threw for 181 yards with a rating of 42.7 while his opponent Taylor didn’t throw an interception and threw for 182 yards with a 82.7 rating. The 10 year veteran was outplayed by the inexperience starter. Fitzpatrick reminded everybody that game why a franchise can’t depend on him coming through in the clutch.

The organization and coaches know that Smith must win the job and show he can be the man. He has a much bigger upside and presently a lot cheaper $585 000.00 than Fitzpatrick. Smith hasn’t gotten rave reviews from practices so far. He needs to earn the job by beating out the Harvard graduate.

The Jets have no choice, but to give Fitzpatrick a one year deal and make sure to announce it is an open competition. The fans would not accept a slow start by Geno and there is no back-up plan.

The Jets finally have a chance to win the division with the New England Patriots Tom Brady four game suspension to begin the season.

Should the Jets sign Fitzpatrick?

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LeBron is the greatest player of his generation

LeBron James is the greatest player of his generation absolutely no doubt. James led the playoffs in 5 categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. The best player title should go to a player who affects a basketball game in all aspects of the game. James Game 7 statistics were 27 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals and 3 incredible blocks.

Many people in social media and reporters will give the title of best player to great scorers who don’t do much else. Stephen Curry was exposed on pick and roll whenever he switched onto either Kyrie Irving or LeBron they took the ball to the hoop. Curry seemed to be in foul trouble in the last three games the Warriors lost.

The only player who showed up for the Golden State Warriors was Draymond Green who have 22 first half points and was 5 for 5 from three point land. He ended the game with 32 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists. He was just short of the triple double.

The Cleveland Cavaliers returned the favour by winning on the Golden State’s court. A team trailing 3 – 1 where 0 – 32 until tonight. The accomplishment was completed because LeBron’s teammates came through with solid performances.

Kyrie Irving gave James a teammate who could score without help. Irving scored 26 points and had 6 rebounds. Kevin Love finally showed up with 9 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. He was amazing switching onto to Curry and Klay Thompson. Tristan Thompson was also good in Game 7, but was excellent in Game 5 and 6 when Love was struggling. J.R. Smith was not a passenger this year and was a double digit scorer in last 5 games.

The Cavs will most likely return again next season if everybody returns. LeBron wil have an excellent chance to make it 8 straight NBA Finals.

Can the Cavs return again next season?

Have a great day!

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Draymond missing Game 5 was turning point

Draymond Green missing Game 5 was the turning point of the series. Some people will say LeBron James deciding to take over the series was the turning point. James 2 40 point game dominance was crucial to the Cleveland Cavaliers turn around, but Green missing Game 5 was bigger. He triggered a sleeping giant (LeBron James) with his over the top trash talking that led to the back-to-back 40 point games.

Once Green was suspended then in Game 6 Andrew Bogut hurt his knee and then Andre Iguodala got back spasms. The Warriors were never the same even when Green came back because he wasn’t the same player until Game 7. Bogut’s presence defensively and his screens were missed. Iggy NBA Finals MVP last year was limited.

Coach Steve Kerr is known for using a lot players and getting contributions from all. He really has a set seven man rotation with his five starters and two main contributors of the bench. The two key injuries affected his rotations and Harrison Barnes forgetting how to make a shot took away the Warriors ability to score 115 points a game. Two of the last two games they scored less than 100 points.

The Golden State Warriors have no one to blame, but themselves not the referees. The Splash Brother missed too many open three point shots and occasionally took some bad ones that they usually make.

The small ball line-up can only play a limited amount of minutes. It can’t be used the majority of the time, which Coach Kerr had no chance because of Bogut injury. He couldn’t find a 7 foot player who could him quality minutes. The Warriors number one priority is to find a true big man who can give the team twenty minutes a game.

The 73 games record breaking season ends on a sour note. The Western Conference is a tough one and Golden State may not go back to the NBA Finals for a few years.

Will the Warriors rebound?

Have a great day!

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Ayesha Curry twitter comments

Ayesha Curry twitter comments have been re-tweeted over 87K and counting.  she complained that the game is rigged. She has deleted her comments, but it is too late because it continues to be the talk on social media and sports commentators around the world.

The NBA league has been very good to the Dell Curry family. Dell played 16 years and now works for the Charlotte Hornets. Stephen is an NBA Champion, a big part of the record breaking 73 wins season and 2 time league MVP. His brother, Seth also is an NBA player who last year played for the Sacramento Kings. Ayesha and Stephen’s daughter Riley may end up in the WNBA league.

Mrs. Curry acting like a sore loser is not good for the family image or her husband’s. Her comments are being re-tweeted not because she is a frustrated Golden State Warriors fan it is because she is Stephen’s wife. Ayesha has to understand that she is not a regular person and her tweets will end up going international in the media especially the negative ones.

Earlier she also tweeted about what she thought about LeBron James stepping over Draymond Green. Now she feel her husband was unjustly given a sixth foul. The question should be why Curry reaching for a steal 40 feet from his basket against the best player in the series LeBron and putting the referee in a position to make that call.

She is being an attention seeking person right now and it doesn’t look good when the Warriors have a Game 7 at home. The attention should be on how the Warriors will respond to losing two straight games?

Whomever advised her to remove the tweets should remind her at the end of Game 7 win or lose; Ayesha should gain her composure before tweeting anything that make her famous for the wrong reasons.

Should NBA wife be censored on social media?

Have a great weekend!

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Cavs Lue took a page from Warriors page

The Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Tyronn Lue took a page from the Golden State Warriors when he sent in Mo Williams and Dahntay Jones after a few players were in foul trouble. Mo scored 2 and Jones score 5 points in the first half. Coach Lue using players who haven’t played any important minutes in the playoffs.

The Cavs have done the seemingly the impossible after being done 3 – 1 to the defending NBA Champions and the 73 wins Warriors team. The media will talk about LeBron James and Kyrie Irving outstanding domination in the last two games. Many players contributed to the last two wins.

Tristan Thompson has dominated the key in this series, J.R. Smith scored double digit numbers in the last four games and 35 years old Richard Jefferson all-around game playing 27 minutes a game. The huge advantage Warriors had before the series started has been erased by the contributions of the Cavs role players. They have out played Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and Shaun Livingston in the last two games.

A player who is doing the little things and is getting a lot of abuse for his play because statistically the power forward hasn’t been great. Kevin Love has been able to help out by boxing out his opponent, which gives teammate Thompson one less player to worry about when he goes for a rebound. Love is still an offensive threat even though he only had one double in Game 1 (17 points and 13 rebounds). In Game 6 Love despite only playing 11:55, he was able to contribute 7 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. I still think he will be the X factors before this series is done.

The Cavaliers are on the road in Game 7 odds makers right now give them +5 or you can take them money line +115. It is extremely hard for a road team to win Game 7 in a playoff series.

Who do you have in Game 7?

Good luck this weekend!

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Warriors are losing their cool

The Golden State Warriors are losing their cool for the first time in the last two years. The outburst are usually reserved for Draymond Green when it comes to the team because he is the emotional leader. Coach Steve Kerr loses it for a few seconds and regains his composure. Game 6 he was lucky he wasn’t given two technical and tossed.

The biggest surprise is Stephen Curry who threw his mouth piece after receiving his six foul. He had no business trying to get a steal on the Cleveland Cavaliers side of the court. He had five fouls and should have jogged back and played defense. Instead, NBA MVP put the referee in a tough spot because he felt that there is no way they would foul him out. Curry losing it was a strange site for every NBA fan watching.

Curry’s wife made matters worse by twitting that the NBA playoff games are fixed so that the league and television networks can make more money. She didn’t have a problem with the referees during last year’s finals when LeBron James was being fouled by Andre Iguodala and Green every time he drove to the basket. Iggy won NBA Finals MVP and Warriors won.

The only positive for the Warriors is that Green didn’t get another technical or two despite the frustration with the referees. Coach Kerr best decision was to remove his All NBA power forward before he did anything that may prevent him from playing Game 7.

The Warriors have to find another double digit scorer for Game 7. The Splash Brother scored 55 points and Leandro Barbosa 14 points (many came after the game was decided) were the only ones who scored double digits. The role players Harrison Barnes, Shaun Livingston, Green, Barbosa or Brandon Rush must contribute offensively. A minimum of three of them must score double digits for the Warriors to repeat as champions.

Can the Warriors pull it off?

Good luck this weekend!

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