Jays Gibby makes a great decision to move Tulo

The Toronto Blue Jays number 2, 3 and 4 hitters are the best three consecutive batters in the MLB. Each one is top 5 in runs batted in category in the American League: Josh Donaldson (1), Edwin Encarnacion (3) and Jose Bautista (5). Manager John Gibbons made a smart move to put Ben Revere in the leadoff spot and Troy Tulowitzki hit fifth in Sunday’s victory against the Detroit Tigers.
Troy Tulowitzki .228 batting average since he came to the Blue Jays. He has been leading off since Devon Travis was hurt. Tulo is the Jays most natural hitter for the fifth spot. This will enable Gibby to lower Russell Martin in the batting order and keep a weak hitting, but the Blue Jays best defensive first baseman Justin Smoak in the batting line-up every game. The Blue Jays should keep this batting line-up for a few games despite Revere’s 0 for 4 and 1 walk
Tulowitzki will have better pitches to hit because opponents will try to pitch around Edwin at key points in the game and will take a chance against the number five hitter. The Jays know if Tulo can get hot before the playoffs; they will have an excellent chance to make it to the World Series.
The next big decision: who will play second base when Travis returns from injury? Ryan Goins is a much better defender, while Travis is the better hitter. Will the Jays sacrifice some offense in order to have their best defensive line-up on the field? Or Travis will start games and Goins will finish them?
The Jays have 32 games remaining and 7 of them against the New York Yankees. Toronto has played excellent in every facet of the game at the right time. The 1.5 game lead gives them some leeway.
Will Tulo be better at the number five spot?
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NFL 2015 Black Head Coaches

There are 32 NFL head coaching positions with only a few positions given to five are Black and one Hispanic. In 2014 three out of the five led their teams to the playoffs, while the only one Hispanic also made it. The Black Head Coaches will be: rookie head coach Todd Bowles (New York Jets), Jim Caldwell (Detroit Lions), Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Lovie Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) with Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers) is only the Hispanic.
Three of the above mentioned Head coaches will make the playoffs this year. The Steelers and Bengals have an excellent chance again to make the playoffs. Both teams roster had minimal turnovers. The Steelers will miss strong safety Troy Polamalu and cornerback Ike Taylor now they live and die by their offense now.
The Lions playoff hopes will depend on 31 years old Haloti Ngata leading the defense. The roster has more than enough talent on the offensive side of the ball to make the playoffs again this year.
Can the addition of Jameis Winston solve the Bucs inability to win close games? They lost eight games by six points or less last year. Coach Smith’s team could be the most improved team in the NFL next year and make him a Coach of the Year candidate.
The Jets defense will be one of the best in the NFL, which doesn’t mean that will be enough to be a playoff team. The quarterback situation may prevent Coach Bowles from making the playoffs in his first season as a head coach.
The Panthers without Kelvin Benjamin will have a hard time moving the ball and scoring. Their defense is excellent even with the loss of Greg Hardy. They will mostly likely not win the division this season and will have a hard time making it as a wild card.
How many Minority Head Coaches will lead their teams to the playoffs?
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NFL 2015 starting Black quarterbacks

The NFL starting Black quarterbacks numbers has dropped in recent years from a high of 9 in 2013 to only 5 no doubt about it starters. Since 2013, former NFL Pro Bowl Black quarterback Josh Freeman was out of the league and has returned to compete for a back-up spot for the Miami Dolphins; Terrelle Pryor has switched to wide receiver during his tryout with Cleveland Browns and Michael Vick has now signed as a back-up for Pittsburgh Steelers. Vick will have to wear a number other than 7 for the first time in his career.
There will be only five Black quarterbacks who will be without a doubt be game one starter when the 2015 season begins. They are Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks), Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers), Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings) and the 2015 number one draft pick Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers). It will be interesting to see how many will make the playoffs.
Geno Smith of the New York Jets won’t start due to broken jaw, which was inflicted by a former teammate. He was supposed to be starter.
Washington’s Robert Griffin III is struggling in the pre-season and Kirk Cousins has out played him. Many think Cousins may still start the season as the back-up because Washington gave up too many draft picks and pay RG III franchise player money.
The Buffalo Bills have a three way quarterback battle with veteran Matt Cassel, former Bills number one pick E.J. Manuel and former Baltimore Ravens back-up Tyrod Taylor. The latter two are could be the seventh starting Black quarterback, which mostly won’t happen.
Everyone on the list are hoping to be the third starting Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl or at least be the sixth to start in the ultimate game. Doug Williams (Washington) and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) won as starters while Steve McNair (Tennessee Titans), Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles) and Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers) were starters. Wilson also lost in the Super Bowl making him the only one to start in two Super Bowl games.
Will a Black quarterback either start or win the Super Bowl this year?
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Gibbons still has to manage despite talent

The Toronto Blue Jays went into the eighth inning last night with a 3 – 0 lead against the New York Yankees. Ace David Price on the mound in front of a sold Rogers Centre with a chance to stretch the winning streak to twelve games.
Blue Jays manager John Gibbons had to decide when he was going to take Price out of the game and use pinch hitter for Ben Revere who has a .222 batting average. Gibby made the wrong decision in both circumstances and the win streak is over. Price on the mound and letting him try to complete the eight is not a horrible decision until he gives up three straight hits. Aaron Sanchez was put in a tough spot with 1 out and runners at second and third with the winning run at the plate.
The non-decision that bothers me the most is letting Revere hit with 2 runners on with 1 out in the bottom of the ninth. Gibbons already used his best pinch hitting option when Chris Colabello for Ryan Goins then proceeded to use pinch runner Cliff Pennington for Colabello. The ensuing passed ball and runners moving to second and third. All that was needed at that point was a sacrifice fly to tie the game. The home team manager should not be worried about defense at that point of the game.
The Blue Jays finally lost a game; it will be interesting to see how they respond after a loss. Toronto needs to start another winning streak immediately to put the doubters to rest. The lost was a big blow to the Jays invincibility with their ace on the mound.
Toronto has two more sold out games at home and a great opportunity to regain the division lead from the Yankees.
Can the Jays win the next 2 games?
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How many Jays’ fans called in sick Thursday?

The Toronto Blue Jays home game versus the Oakland Athletics on a Thursday afternoon had an attendance of slightly below 47 000 people. I’m sure not everybody in attendance had a day off to be at the game. The passionate Toronto are all in on the bandwagon. Some fans have sold their Yankees series tickets and were well compensated. The scalpers are finally making money of the Blue Jays success after many years of futility. Everywhere you go in Toronto the Jays paraphernalia is seen in abundance. The Rogers Center is the place to be right now.
The Blue Jays fans should thank their Superstar Jose Bautista for calling out the organization last year for not making any deals after the trade deadline to help the team get into the playoffs. This year Alex Anthopoulos added David Price, Troy Tulowitzki, LaTroy Hawkins and Ben Revere who are key players. Alex has not only made Jose happy, but the whole province of Ontario with the late season additions and wins.
The second eleven game winning streak this season has put the Blue Jays in first place. Manager John Gibbons have to make sure his team doesn’t get over confident and maintain their excellent play in all aspects of baseball.
The Blue Jays will lose a few times before the season ends. There is no way they will win 46 games in a row. The Jays have to play the Yankees 10 more times this season and Baltimore Orioles seven more times; they are teams that could win a game from the powerful Blue Jays.
The excitement and Toronto’s desperation for a Championship team will have the city in a frenzy for the next 6 weeks. The Blue Jays are even winning games that they are not scoring 5 or more runs. The young bull pen is producing and the starters pitching 6 or more innings per start also helped during the winning streak.
Can the Jays sweep the Yankees again?
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New Blue Jays will be challenged in Yankee Stadium

The Toronto Blue Jays will have Aaron Sanchez available for the final 2 games of the New York Yankees because he dropped the appeal. He is the Blue Jays eight inning set-up man.
The Blue Jays are on the road for the first time with their new and improved line-up will be playing on the road for a key series. This will be a bigger test than playing at home against the Kansas City Royals. The Jays playing in Yankee Stadium will be an in season playoff series in front of a hostile crowd.
The Blue Jays have 52 games remaining to overtake the Yankees for the American East division title. The Jays have 6 more loses and are 3 games behind in the win column. The Yankees have played 3 less games, which is a nice advantage for them presently. The Jays have 52 games remaining, while the Yankees have 55 and New York is 4.5 games up on Toronto.
They play each other 6 times over the next 9 games even though each team will have over 40 games remaining after the 2 three game series. The Yankees would only need a split to maintain control of their destiny, while the Jays need to win 4 out of 6 in order to give them a chance. Many Jays players are getting their first taste of being in a pennant race and it will be exciting to see how they respond to the pressure especially the young bullpen.
The Yankees are not going to back down; therefore, the Blue Jays will have to prove they can win close and low scoring ball games on the road. In a close game the better manager will usually win. It will be fun to watch.
Can the Jays win the three game series in Yankee stadium?
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The OKC Thunder team are title contenders again

The Oklahoma City Thunder made a great move by firing Scott Brooks. Their new Coach Billy Donovan is the popular choice of many NBA teams a successful NCAA coach who can relate to the younger stars. Coach Donovan’s best decision was to pass up on the Orlando Magic job a few years ago and now he is the new head coach for a title contender.
The Thunder will hope Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook can stay healthy for a full season. They are two of the top stars of the NBA and Durant is in the last year of his contract. Serge Ibaka is the third key member of the Thunder team that made the NBA Finals in 2012. Nick Collison will have a reduced role with the Thunder next year with the young power forwards/centers on the team: Enes Kanter, Steven Adams and Mitch McGary.
Ibaka, Kanter, Adams and McGary gives them great size and athletic big men who can be on the court even if their opponents decide to play a small line-up.
Oklahoma’s maybe better suited for any long term injuries to one of their stars this year. D.J. Augustin, Anthony Morrow, Dion Waiters and Kyle Singler are the veteran role players who can contribute 20 or minutes a game. Cameron Payne is the number one pick of the Thunder.
Coach Donovan will have to bring in an offensive system that is not totally dependent on Durant and Westbrook taking most of the shots and leave their teammates being spectators while they do their scoring. Kanter is a center that needs some touches and does most of his scoring with post moves not getting offensive rebounds. He will need the coach to call plays for a post player.
The Thunder had 5 straight years with .610 winning percentage until last year’s .549 due to Durant missing 55 games and Westbrook 15. A healthy Thunder team will win more than 50 games and will be a threat to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. Donovan inherited a perfect situation that won’t require much work.
Will the Thunder once again be a threat in Western Conference?
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Clippers Doc Rivers had a very good off season

The Los Angeles Clippers dramatically improved their line-up with signings and trades. They kept four out of their starting five: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, J.J. (Who famously gave his team an F for the off season on a radio because Jordan verbally committed to the Dallas Mavericks) Redick and DeAndre (after agreeing to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, I’m now happy to be with the Clippers) Jordan. The last two seasons together they have a 56 and 57 win seasons and three years ago also won 56 despite having below average role players.
The biggest acquisitions are Lance Stephenson and Josh (my family will struggle with his 6.4 million dollars contract) Smith who are both talented players that can be great and trouble because they are all or nothing type players. They can fill up all the categories on some night and on others pick-up a couple of technical fouls. They give the Clippers the ability to be as athletic as any team in the NBA and can guard multiple positions.
Paul Pierce will add leadership and a big shot maker. He will definitely help this fragile group of underachieving playoff players.
The Clippers players seven through eleven have experience and can contribute minutes, but not a lot of them or the Clippers will be in trouble. Cole Aldrich, Wesley Johnson, Pablo (please play more than Austin) Prigioni and Austin Rivers are a major upgrade to the last year’s group.
Doc Rivers’ team will once again will more than 55 games, which won’t be a surprise. The team will be judged on their playoff success not the regular season. The Clippers are no longer the team that could someday win; they must win now before their Big 3 are separated or breakdown due to injuries.
Can the Clippers make the NBA Finals finally this season?
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Brady four games suspension has been upheld, really

The New England Patriots appeal to reduce Golden Boy quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension from four to a more reasonable two or less games was denied. The four games suspension has more to do with many owners and NFL commissioner dislike of the most successful franchise since Brady became the Patriots starter. The reason for the dislike is obvious to everybody except the New England fans, which began with rumours and later confirmation of Patriots filming the St. Louis Rams practice session (Spy Gate) that was closed to the media before their Super Bowl match-up.
The Patriots were winning without a roster filled with Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers; therefore the anti-Patriots feel that the organization was either the best football organization or they cheated. New England kept on winning despite losing many players through free agency and having to replace them with free agents and low round picks. They also lost many coordinators and assistants coaches during their reign.
The extremely high turnover didn’t affect the Patriots from winning more than 10 games a year and being a tough out in the playoffs. The organization went to 6 Super Bowls and won 4 of them during Brady and Belichick partnership. Lucky for the rest of the NFL the Giants were around to beat them twice.
Coach Belichick is a genius with his defensive schemes and continues to evolve with the players he has on his roster. Last season putting his number one corner on his opponents’ second best wide receiver and double teaming the number one option is a move that many more teams should incorporate.
The four games suspension for deflating a ball even though the league felt the Patriots were not cooperating with the investigation and Brady’s cell phone was not handed over is harsh. Brady will miss 25% of the games next year just like players who use performance enhancing drugs.
I feel two games would have been enough to appease everybody because Patriots are sneaky and deserve to be punished. I’m definitely not a Brady or Patriots fan. This process is taking way too long to resolve and is the only topic being discussed during the NFL off season with pre-season just around the corner.
Do you believe the 4 games suspension fair?
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The Yankees will not roll over Blue Jays fans

The New York Yankees will not just hand over the division title now the Toronto Blue Jays sacrificed their future to win now. The Yankees have many players who want to win one more World Series. They have the best Manager and assistant manager combination in the Major League Baseball with Joe Giradi and Tony Pena.
The Yankees had their share of injuries to their pitching staff and have a few weak hitting players in their line-up. This is not the traditional George Steinbrenner teams loaded with former All-stars and Hall of Famers at every position. There are still a few and many are on the wrong side of 35.
The Yankees will meet 12 times the Blue Jays before the season ends, which could decide who will be division winner and who may end up being a wild card team. The Yankees 5.5 games lead gives them a nice cushion right now with 58 games remaining.
The Yankees have many players who have won, while the Blue Jays have many without much playoff experience especially in the bull pen.
The Toronto Blue Jays fans will have a team that will play meaningful games till the end of the season. This fact alone makes the David Price trade worth it to the city of Toronto with the Maple Leafs failures, Raptors playoff disasters and TFC never making the playoffs. The Blue Jays can bring back winning to the city. The 1990’s two World Series Championships are distant memories that need to be rekindled.
The Jays latest additions Troy Tulowitzki and David Price remind you of the David Cone and Ricky Henderson moves? Will these two players be the missing ingredient to a Championship?
The one thing for sure the Blue Jays will be in the playoffs it will just a matter of deciding which position: Division title or a Wild Card spot.
Will the Jays win the American League East Division title?
Have a great day!
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