NFL starting Black quarterbacks disappearing…

The 2013 season began with nine Black starting quarterbacks:
1. Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
2. Robert Griffin III (Washington)
3. Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers)
4. E.J. Manuel (Buffalo Bills)
5. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)
6. Terrelle Pryor (Oakland Raiders)
7. Geno Smith (New York Jets)
8. Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)
9. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)
The 2013 ended with three Black quarterbacks losing their starting jobs: Freeman playing for three different teams, Pryor and Vick. Freeman is not in the league despite a great 2010 season in which he led the Bucs to a 10 – 6 record, was the NFC Player of the Week 5 and 17 also was an alternate Pro Bowl player (2011). Pryor lost his starting job due to injury and was later traded to Seahawks. Vick lost his job to a more productive Nick Foles.
Freeman and Pryor were not signed for 2014 season. Vick was signed by the Jets as a back-up to Smith.
This season Griffin III will be replaced by Colt McCoy, Manuel lost his job to Kyle Orton, Smith and Vick have played musical chairs. Griffin maybe cut or traded by Washington at the end of the season. Manuel is 24 years old and starter Orton is 32; therefore there is hope for Manuel to be a starter again. The Jets situation is a mess, Vick will be let go and Smith will have to compete for the starting position next season.
There are only three starting Black quarterbacks who will be the face of their franchises for years to come: Kaepernick, Newton and Wilson. They all made the playoffs last year and still have a chance to repeat the feat and Wilson became the 2nd starting Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl last year.
The struggles by the Black quarterback will that affect how high Jameis Winston and Brett Hundley will be drafted? Will Black quarterbacks get opportunities to start or asked to switch positions?
The quarterback and head coach positions are still a predominately held by White men in the NFL.
How many NFL teams will be led by Black quarterbacks next year?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 13 free NFL point spread picks

My Week 12 record was 3 – 3 record. I’m 32 – 31 after 12 weeks barely over .500 and in need of a great week. This week I will stick to teams who are in the playoff hunt.
My five picks will be:
Cincinnati Bengals against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4)
The Bengals have won 2 in a row and will win a third this weekend. The Bengals are healthy and Josh McCown is a turnover prone quarterback.
Take the Bengals – 4
Cleveland Browns versus the Buffalo Bills (-2)
Both teams have very good defenses and average offenses. The pick comes down to Brian Hoyer or Kyle Orton at quarterback and Josh Gordon or Sammy Watkins at wide receiver? The Browns are the better team and have beaten playoff teams.
Take the Browns + 2
Carolina Panthers against the Minnesota Vikings (-3)
This is a pick I enjoy taking because the Panthers are the better team despite not having Greg Hardy. Cam Newton had a much needed week off. The Vikings will battle and have a better than average defense. The panthers are the better team plus we are getting points.
Take the Panthers + 3
Arizona Cardinals versus the Atlanta Falcons (+1.5)
The Cardinals defense will make enough plays to win the game. The Falcons have only beaten teams in their division. They won’t be able to handle the Cards physical team.
Take Cards – 1.5
New England Patriots against the Green Bay Packers (-3)
The Patriots as underdog, enough said.
Take Patriots + 3
Good luck this weekend!
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Vick’s NFL career is over

The New York Jets will make the right move by announcing Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback next Monday night. Michael Vick’s play, body language and poor decision making cost the Jets an opportunity to compete against the Buffalo Bills Monday night after bragging if he had played earlier in the season New York would have won more games.
The Jets were flagged for a delay of game after getting a first down at the Bills 30 and the score was 7 – 3 Bills. New York ended up punting the ball instead of kicking a field goal.
Vick’s biggest mistake of the night when he overthrew Eric Decker who got behind the Bills deep safety on a double move and the Jets quarterback threw a laser instead of throwing the pass with an arc for Decker to run underneath the ball catch it and score a touchdown. The score was 14 -3 Bills with 6 seconds left before the half. Those two mistakes were the worst and exposed Vick’s lack of understanding of the game of football in terms of when to call a timeout and when to put touch on a deep pass?
I’m glad I had the opportunity to see the spectacular Michael Vick from 2001- 06 when he played for the Atlanta Falcons and was the most exciting player in the NFL. Vick is the 86th (22 093 yards) All-time passer in NFL history without having a 4 000 passing yards season and missed 2 seasons due to dog fighting. He is also the number one rushing quarterback of All-time with 6 010 yards. He accumulated almost 30 000 yards of offense in his career so far. Vick was a great play maker even though he didn’t study film and work on his throwing mechanics.
The imposter passing himself off as Michael Vick in a Jets uniform is not the player I want to remember him. A disinterested player, only there for a pay cheque, wasn’t prepared to play and is not excited to play the game. I can’t see any NFL team signing him next year especially if Head Coach Rex Ryan is fired.
Will start another game in the NFL?
Enjoy your day!
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The Raptors have a ridiculous .857 record

The Toronto Raptors are on pace to obliterate the 48 wins they got last year. The 12 – 2 start has them tied with the Memphis Grizzlies for the best record in the NBA. The Eastern Conference doesn’t have anybody else playing at a level which they can win more than 55 games. The Raptors could be the number one seed in the Eastern Conference with a 50 or more win season.
The Chicago Bulls have too many injuries to challenge the Raptors for the number one seed. The Bulls injury list has included Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson. Joakim Noah, Kirk Hinrich and Jimmy Butler are playing heavy minutes to compensate for their injured teammates absence could lead to them being hurt also during the season.
The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling with their rotations and players understanding their roles. LeBron James is playing with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters who are shot first players who haven’t realized they are playing with the best player in the world. The Cavs offense should be ran through King James, which Head Coach David Blatt can’t seem to teach or demand it form his players.
The Raptors haven’t had any major injuries and every player understands their roles. Coach Dwayne Casey seems to play the right players at the right time. Kyle Lowry is a leading candidate for M.V.P. and All-star DeMar DeRozan are scoring every game. The Raptors have had a different third scorer every game that explains the great start. Lou Williams won player of the Week, Jonas Valanciunas had a 27 points and 11 rebound game last night, Terrence Ross can explode at any moment and Grevis Vasquez will be better.
My 45 wins prediction for the Raptors seems way off right now. They have 68 games left to win 38 to reach the 50 win plateau. Everybody in the Toronto’s organization deserve credit: President of Basketball operations Masai Ujiri, head Coach Dwayne Casey and the Raptors players for building on last year’s success to have an even better start.
Do you believe the Raptors success will continue?
Enjoy your day!
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Who will be the first NBA coach to be fired?

The Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt went from getting his dream job in the NBA. He supposed to inherit a team that was in a rebuilding process. Blatt seemed to be blessed with the number one pick Andrew Wiggins and LeBron James returning to Cleveland. Coach Blatt wanted to keep Wiggins instead of trading for Kevin Love right now unfortunately for Blatt, he was over ruled.
Tyronn Lue finished second to Blatt for the Cavs head coaching job and was hired as the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. Lue is the coach in waiting while Blatt struggles to live up to the expectations of having three players who represented Team USA in international games and multiple times All-stars. The head Coach usually hires his own assistant coaches. The early season struggles will lead to speculation about when Blatt will be fired and Lue will take over.
The situation for Rookie head coach Blatt changed dramatically and is no longer a building the Cavs to be contenders to winning a Championship now situation. He has struggled to even implement a ball and player movement offense which is the norm in Europe. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters love to play “Hero Ball” and shot first players who forget that they are playing with the best basketball player in the world.
The Cavs are 6 – 7 and it is the first time since 2007 – 08 that a LeBron led team is under .500 after 10 games. The Cavs have a four game stretch against Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks that could help them move above .500. Blatt has to fix the Cavaliers rotation woes by the 20 games or else he will be fired. I can’t see owner Dan Gilbert wait until the mid-season to make a move.
Coach Blatt has seven games to keep his dream job at least until the All-star game.
Will Coach Blatt be able to save his job?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 12 free NFL point spread picks

My Week 11 record was 2 – 3 record. I’m 29 – 28 after 11 weeks barely over .500 and in need of a great week. This season has been tough to find a group of teams playing well either at home or on the road. This is the first time this year that I will only take underdogs to cover.
My 6 picks this week are:
Arizona Cardinals against the Seattle Seahawks (-6)
The Cardinals defense is ferocious and confident. They will contain Russell Wilson’s read option runs. The Seahawks are no longer the dominating team that won the Super Bowl last year.
Take the Cardinals + 6
Cleveland Browns versus Atlanta Falcons (-3)
I love the Browns who may win the game outright. The Falcons have won all their games this year against NFC South opponents. The Browns superior defense will create turnovers and the return of Josh Gordon will help the offense.
Take the Browns + 3
New York Jets versus Buffalo Bills (-4)
The Jets have a great defense and the poor weather condition will make it tough for the offenses to make big plays. The Bills still have playoff hopes and need this win to keep them alive. Michael Vick’s running ability will be the difference in the game. Two average teams meet more often than not it is a 3 point game.
Take the Jets + 4
Tampa Bay Buccaneer against the Chicago Bears (- 5.5)
The Lovie Smith Bowl, it will be interesting to see if Jay Cutler can respond to the pressure of beating his former head coach. Coach Smith was fired because Cutler never developed as a franchise quarterback. The Bucs defense will be prepared for the Bears deep passes. Josh McCown had success last year with the Bears has a chance to beat his former team in Chicago.
Take the Bucs + 5.5
Cincinnati Bengals versus Houston Texans (-1)
The Bengals have their keys players back from injuries and are the better team. The Bengals should be able to beat the Texans in Houston despite J.J. Watts dominance. The Bengals are very good at beating teams theya re supposed to beat.
Take Bengals +1
Miami Dolphins against Denver Broncos (+8)
The Dolphins are a physical team that plays power football that is the type of team that gives the Broncos a hard time. The Broncos seemed to have lost their mojo and Emmanuel Sanders might not play due to a concussion. The Broncos biggest concern is their defense haven’t made big plays in the last few weeks.
Take the Dolphins + 8
Good luck this weekend!
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Many talented Black NHL players this season

There are many talented Black NHL players this season having statistical success. The group is talented enough that people who are fantasy pool owners should consider drafting. There are currently six Black players in the top 150 in scoring: Kyle Okposo of the New York Islanders (22nd), P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens (79th), Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers (83rd), Joel Ward of the Washington Captitals (123rd), Trevor Daley of the Dallas Stars (129th) and Jarome Iginla of the Colorado Avalanche (149th).
The Winnipeg Jets Dustin Byfuglien and Evander Kane will end up in the top 200 before the year is up. The remaining seven players are: Anthony Duclair (New York Rangers), Ray Emery (Philadelphia Flyers), Seth Jones (Nashville Predators), Johnny Oduya (Chicago Blackhawks), Ryan Reaves (St. Louis Blues), Chris Stewart (Buffalo Sabres) and Darnell Nurse (Edmonton Oilers).
There are 706 players who played a minimum of one game this year and 15 of them were Black, which means 2.2%. There might be more players of colour than teams within the next three years.
The OHL All-star team that beat the Russian select team on Monday had team Captain Darnell Nurse, Jordan Subban (highest scoring defenseman in the OHL) and Joshua Ho-Sang (he had 3 points that evening) in the line-up. All three have been drafted and Nurse has already played 2 games for the Edmonton Oilers.
Malcolm Subban is in the American Hockey League (AHL) this season with Providence.
Caleb Jones, Seth’s brother plays for the USA developmental team and may represent his country at the World Juniors tournament this year.
The presence of the Black hockey will continue to grow because many players in Canada and the USA are very good players.
Do you see an increase in Black hockey players? Do you have a Black player on your fantasy hockey team?
Enjoy your day!
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S.I. should have Subban cover in USA also

The Sports Illustrated magazine decided to use the P.K. Subban cover only in Canada, while the USA cover will feature the New England Patriots running back Jonas Gray. The S.I. team felt no one in the USA really cares about hockey except the Stanley Cup Champion.
The New England Patriots winning another football game, they have a two game lead in their division and look like Super Bowl contenders what a surprise? How many people are shocked and want to read about the Patriots being an excellent football team again? Free agent Patriots running back Jonas Gray was one yard short of reaching the 200 yard mark is a typical story in the NFL. The undrafted free agent who blew out his knee his Senior year of college will now get a big contract in the summer.
Sports Illustrated didn’t see it as an opportunity to feature a Black athlete who is an excellent NHL player, is a member of the most storied franchise in the league (Montreal Canadiens) and is an alternate Captain on his team. The Canadiens are the New York Yankees of the NHL. Subban is a Black athlete who is succeeding in a predominately white sport. There are over 600 NHL players and only 15 Black players presently. He was the first Black player to win the Norris Trophy.
S.I. prevented their American public a chance to learn about the Subban’s strong family unit. His parents raised five kids with the three boys who were all drafted in OHL, NHL, all represented Canada internationally and the two girls have university degrees. The feature was an opportunity to show the mass media that there is a positive Black athlete role model who is smart, articulate, talented and rich without the issues that would lead to negative press for him and his family.
I hope the S.I. didn’t think the Subban cover would not sell because he didn’t come from an impoverish situation, didn’t have to overcame a missing father figure, no criminal accusations nor children out of wed lock and speaks well. Why can’t a positive Black role model playing a sport not called Football, Basketball, Baseball, soccer, boxing or MMA fighter be on the cover in the USA? My neighbour’s seven years old Black boy has started to play organized hockey this year because of Subban. Maybe it would have put the thought of being a professional hockey player in a few African-American kids.
I’m tired of seeing all the negative press and how the media only want to inform the world the negative stereotypes about Black male athletes. There is no attempt to talk about the ones who are acting like role models and taking the responsibility seriously.
Should Subban’s S.I. cover be also sold in the USA?
Enjoy your day!
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The Bulls pulled a “Spurs” on the Clippers

The Chicago Bulls beat the Los Angeles Clippers in L.A. without Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol. The Clippers made a run in the fourth and it seemed like they would find a way to win instead the Bulls threw the ball inside and won easily 105 – 89. Coach Tom Thibodeau’s team won the third quarter 31 – 14, which was almost the difference in the final score.
The Bulls have two back-ups who would start for most NBA teams in Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson. Hinrich as the starting point guard has kept Chicago as a playoff contender during Rose’s two year absence. He is used to playing heavy minutes and at a high level. Gibson is the reason Carlos Boozer no longer played in the fourth quarter for the Bulls last year, was waived and subsequently signed by the desperate Los Angeles Lakers.
Jimmy Butler is the breakout star for this season and we can expect him to make his first of many All-star teams representing the East and all-defensive team this year. A young wing player who can actually post-up a smaller defender (Chris Paul) was the key in the final minutes in the victory. Butler also held NBA All-star and FIBA team USA member DeMar DeRozan to a 3 for 17 shooting night. I just hope Coach Thibodeau somewhere along the season either gives Butler a few nights off or reduce his minutes in order for him to be ready for the playoffs. Butler player over 45 minutes in last night’s victory. Please don’t run Butler to the ground like he did with Luol Deng.
The Bulls will represent the East in the NBA Finals as long as their top 8 players are healthy. Sorry, top 7 players because there is no guarantee Rose will be healthy for the playoffs. Mike Dunleavy is getting comfortable in his role as three point specialist (4 for 7 from the three point line) and Nikola Mirotic had 12 points in 18 minutes last night will continue to improve. Aaron Brooks is an offensive catalyst with his minutes depending on Rose’s health.
The Bulls are the best defensive team in the Eastern Conference and now their offense is starting to click with the additions of Gasol and Mirotic. The Bulls are the best in the East.
Who is your pick for best in the Eastern Conference?
Enjoy your day!
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RG III should let his play do the talking

Robert Griffin III circus show is in a downward spiral and he will not be able to prevent the crash. The more RG III speaks and tweets it seems like a whiner who has no self-confidence. He is one of the Captains and likes to stand in front of the media to state he is the leader and his teammates trust him.
The Washington Football Club have won three games this year and none were with RG III as the quarterback. Kirk Cousins (1) and Colt McCoy (2) who are not as athletically or physically talented as Griffin who hasn’t had a great season since he blew out his knee. The media and fans love the back-up and McCoy was the hero with back-to-back wins.
Many players, fans and media thought McCoy should have started against the Minnesota Vikings after leading his team to two wins. He is not a quarterback that will lead a team to the playoffs, but he can help a team win 9 games.
RG III is the franchise quarterback still says he feels that he is one. Griffin doesn’t need to remind everybody that he is because the Redskins sacrificed their future by trading many picks to the St. Louis Rams and committed financially to him. He got huge endorsement deals with Adidas and Subway. RG III is supposed to be the Golden Boy of the NFL who had the intangibles black quarterback, exciting player, smart person (graduated a year in college) and was personable.
RG III stands at the podium and takes no responsibility for losses. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost is partially his fault as the quarterback and leader; he just needs to admit that he played poorly. He had three turnovers with 2 interceptions and had a fumble. The Minnesota Vikings lost 2 weeks ago he couldn’t lead his team in the final drive to an opportunity to kick a winning field goal. The comments about the team has to better around him should be saved for the locker room not the media. How he handles interviews is a thing that separates a leader from a player who is disliked.
The Griffin III inner circle should advise him that he should stop talking and let his play do the talking. He has to understand if Washington wins he is a hero; if his team losses his is the reason.
Washington has 6 games remaining with four games against playoffs teams.
Will RG III be cut after this season?
Enjoy your day!
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