Gonzalez predicts the Broncos will go undefeated

Future Hall of Fame tight end and now CBS studio analysts Tony Gonzalez predicts the Denver Broncos can go undefeated and win the Super Bowl. Here is a list of games that Broncos may lose.
Week 3 the Denver Broncos will play the Seahawks in Seattle. I believe that the Seahawks will hand the Broncos their first lost. Seattle is awesome at home and Gonzalez’s comments will inspire the Legion of Boom to prove it wasn’t a fluke what they did to the Broncos in the last Super Bowl.
Week 9 in New England against his nemeses Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belicheck, The Patriots have a lot of pride and at home. The Pats defense is better than they get credit for in the media.
Week 11 against the Rams in Saint-Louis could be another loss. The Rams have an awesome pass rush and improving offense could be another loss. St. Louis is a tremendous home team.
The Broncos will play the toughest defenses from one division (NFC West) in the NFL during their 16 week schedule: Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Saint-Louis Rams and aging, but talented 49ers. The Broncos will have to prove to everybody watching that they are physical enough to handle those defenses and follow through on Gonzalez’s prediction.
The three extremely tough road games will lead to at least one loss this year. No, the Broncos will not go undefeated. The Seahawks exposed the Broncos inability to handle an extremely physical team in the Super Bowl.
Offensively the Peyton Manning lead Broncos will score a lot of points against most average defenses. This year’s schedule has many formidable defenses that are physical and will be at home when the Broncos visit them. I didn’t mention the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals because their offenses might not be enough to be the Broncos.
It could be an exciting year in the NFL if the Broncos are undefeated going into the playoffs. It will be highly unlikely because of injuries, bad calls or bounces and fatigue.
Do you believe the Broncos will be undefeated?
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Browns delaying the inevitable…

The Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine after 2 pre-season games was supposed to announce his starting quarterback. The organization would like Brian Hoyer start until Johhny Manziel is ready to take over.
Hoyer hasn’t stepped up and played well enough to eliminate any doubt that he should start the season at quarterback. He has played poorly and looks like a rookie during his preseason performance.
Manziel has looked comfortable in the pocket, moved well when the pocket collapse and has shown the ability to change arm angles to get his throws through traffic. He is head and shoulders above journeyman Hoyer. Manziel is saying all the right things to the media.
The majority of Browns players would vote for Manziel as their starter. The Browns fans have already made up their minds that Manziel was their guy on draft night. Many in the media are also wondering why Manziel isn’t starting over Hoyer.
The only people who believe Hoyer should start is the Browns coaching staff and the ownership. They are the people with the decisive vote.
The Browns should look at the success of the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks when the 49ers decided to play Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith and Seahawks chose Russell Wilson over Matt Flynn. Would the 49ers have played in the Super Bowl two years ago or the Seahawks have won the Super Bowl last year?
The Browns main reason to keep Manziel as a back-up is to see him mature into a good citizen, which may take a while. He was late for a team meeting, loves to have a good time away from the field and still hasn’t mastered the playbook. Hoyer didn’t earn the starting position; it was handed to him and hopefully he play adequately during his time.
Will Hoyer be the Game 1 starter against the Steelers?
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Haitian fighter St. Preux dominated by Bader

The Ovince St. Preux versus Ryan Bader fight was the main event this evening for UFC Fight Night 47. St. Preux was ranked 10 and Bader 8 in their division. It is the first time that Haitian-American Ovince is a headliner for an UFC event. Bader was the season 8 winner of the Ultimate Fighter; has won pressure fights before.
St. Preux had no answer for Bader’s world class wrestling. St. Preux did win round 2 and cut open his opponent in the fifth round with some vicious elbows. He will have to work on his takedown defense.
St. Preux played football at Tennessee, which means he is an athlete. He doesn’t have the wrestling pedigree to fight a fighter who has won at the High School and NCAA level. Most of the Top 10 UFC fighters were excellent NCAA wrestlers. He will struggle against anybody who is above average in wrestling.
Bader finished the fight with 9 takedowns and was on top of his opponents the majority of the 25 minutes. He may now expect his next opponent to be ranked in the top 5 Light Heavyweight Division. He could face Glover Teixeira or Rashard Evans before getting a championship fight.
Bader is a great wrestler, but doesn’t seem to be able to finish a fight with a submission or knockout. He has a 19 – 4 record after tonight’s victory.
I see Bader as a “Gate Keeper” more than championship contender. He is talented enough to beat most fighters except Top 5 fighters. His wrestler is top notch, but doesn’t have much of anything else.
Will St. Preux get himself back in the Top 10? Is Bader a Top 5 fighter in the Light Heavyweight Division?
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Notre Dame Players suspended for academics

The Notre Dame Football program investigation into academic fraud allegedly by four players: DaVaris Daniels, KeiVarae Russell, Ishaq Williams and Kendall Moore. The investigation will be an embarrassment to the program and the only people who will be punished by the NCAA, the players.
The real underlying problems are these players who are coming to college from underprivileged areas are not prepared to survive academically in college? All the players involved are going into their Junior and Senior years, which leads to question how these players were able to keep themselves academically eligible until this investigation arose? Everyone of the players involved are black.
Everette Golson was suspended for academic violations in May 2013. He admitted to cheating on a test, which resulted in him sitting out a year. He has returned and will be the starting quarterback next season.
The NCAA should seriously look at how they can help the students who are struggling with academics and play a sport during a semester. Many student-athletes are not prepared for college courses, work load, reading and math; thus they are at a serious disadvantage in the academic realm.
A student-athlete must maintain a certain G.P.A. and pass a minimum number of courses every year. The pressure to balance both practice, games, meetings, rehabilitation from injuries, attending classes, doing homework, reading, term papers, exams and parties is a lot for a young kid that doesn’t understand time management and wasn’t prepared by his high school to handle the academic load.
The Golson cheating was under head coach Brian Kelly; therefore it could be the second academic incident under his tenure. The college teams have a responsibility to help teenagers become men or at least be future productive members of society.
A team of honour roll students or ex-athletes who had good grades could be hired to help student-athletes understand how to prepare for test, write papers, take notes and time management, which can make a difference academically for the students who are willing to ask for help.
Do you give Brian Kelly the benefit for the doubt?
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Who will be the Canadiens next captain?

The Montreal Canadiens were founded in 1909 during their 105 years existence the team has had only two captains who held the role for a 10 year period. The prestigious club only members are Jean Beliveau 1961 – 71 and Saku Koivu 1999 – 2009.
Brian Gionta was the captain for the last four years has moved on to a new team. There is a vacancy and it needs to be filled.
The Canadiens captaincy candidates will be: Brandon Prust, Andrei Markov, Max Pacioretty and P.K. Subban.
Prust is a hard nose player who leads by example, fights to protect his teammates and has established himself as a vocal leader. He has the prototypical old school captaincy personalities.
Markov is in his final years of his career and is injury prone. He is one of the few players who can tell Subban to calm down during a game when he is having a meltdown. Markov is a player who seen everything during his career, yet he is too old to be made the leader and wouldn’t like the media pressure that would come with being the captain.
Pacioretty had the most points last year and has been the team’s best goal scorer over the last few seasons. He is the biggest player on the diminutive forwards unit, yet he doesn’t play like a power forward. Brendan Gallagher who is 40 pounds lighter is a more physical player than Pacioretty. He should not be a captain.
Subban is the best player, personable and gets interviewed after game since he established himself. His new long term contract guarantees he will be around to lead his team to success. He is the face of the franchise and deserves the “C” on his jersey.
Subban desire to stay with the organization despite his treatment by the club during the arbitration process is a sign of leadership. He doesn’t want to play for anybody else and wants to bring a Stanley Cup to Montreal again.
The majority of the Canadiens fans expect Subban to be a captain during his career in Montreal it is just a matter of when will he be.
The tense relationship between Coach Michel Therrien and Subban could be a big factor in choosing Prust over Subban to be the next Canadiens captain. Subban may get an “A” instead of a “C” on his jersey next year.
Who is your choice to be the Canadiens Captain?
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NBA Christmas games should be based on teams not…

The NBA Christmas games have been announced: Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers versus the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards against the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers versus the Chicago Bulls.
The Lakers have no business playing on Christmas day. The NBA and media will sell the game as Kobe Bryant closing in on and pass Michael Jordan for the third place all-time on the NBA career scoring leaders. Kobe only needs 593 points to move into third. The game itself might be a blowout, but it could be a great day if he passed MJ in Chicago.
The Knicks have Carmelo Anthony, but the team didn’t make the playoffs last year and haven’t really improved their roster. Melo will take a lot of shots and score a bunch of points in a loss. He needs 1 000 points to move from 40th NBA career scoring list to 33rd. The Knicks should not be playing on Christmas day. The Wizards have an opportunity to prove last year wasn’t a fluke and should be fun to watch.
The Cavaliers playing in Miami for the first time since LeBron James singed with Cleveland. This will be the most hype game of the day with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh having an opportunity to show that they can win with King James. It will definitely be the most watched game on Christmas Day.
The Spurs and Thunder will play for home court advantage in the playoffs. The NBA fans don’t have to worry about Coach Gregg Popovich playing his full roster. The Thunder will be ready with their star players opting out of team USA. The game means more to the Thunder than the Spurs.
The highest scoring game will be the Warriors and Clippers. No Donald Sterling, highlight dunks from DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, splash brothers making three point shots and an intense rivalry.
I believe the last three games I mentioned are must see T.V., while the first two games could be a bore. Kobe and Melo are great scorers; I would rather watch teams that have a chance at a Championship.
Are you excited for the NBA Christmas games?
Enjoy your day!
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Dolphins: Tebow or Quinn?

The Miami Dolphins have signed Brady Quinn to be their third string quarterback. This will be his seventh team since joining the league as the 22nd pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Quinn has only appeared in 24 games with a 53.8% completion rate, thrown 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions, which is not very good. He completed 296 passes for 3 043 yards and 10.28 yards per completion. Quinn at 30 will not improve and will not beat out Matt Moore.
Tim Tebow in his only season as a starter had 1 729 yards passing and 660 yards rushing. In one season Tebow almost matched Quinn statistics for four seasons. The Dolphins don’t want to pay Matt Moore $4 million dollars to be the back-up; therefore, they need a quarterback to challenge for the back-up spot.
Tebow could help the Dolphins win just by being the short yardage, goal line and the wild cat quarterback who can make plays with his legs. His ability to fall forward after contact can make the difference between a first down and a fourth and short.
Every first down an offense gets it is an extra 1:30 to 2 minutes in ball possession, gives the punter an opportunity to pin the opponent inside the 20 or create scoring possibilities that can change the momentum in a game.
Yes, Tebow has terrible throwing mechanics despite this flaw he is a play maker, his teammates love playing with him, and he is a known leader and will give his team an opportunity to win. The Miami fans would cheer for Tebow and media will ask him too many questions because of his college success with the Florida Gators. The positive media attention for signing a hometown hero would be welcomed after last season’s bullying incident.
There would be no quarterback controversy because Ryan Tannehill is so much better than Tebow. Neither media nor fans can start any doubt who is the starting quarterback.
Quinn on the other hand will not help a team win games; he can’t make plays with his legs and the team will pray that Tannehill doesn’t get hurt.
Why didn’t the Dolphins give Tebow a chance?
Enjoy your day!
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Wiggins will enjoy playing in Minny…

Andrew Wiggins will enjoy his time Minnesota for many years. He is realizing it is a great opportunity to develop into a star and to accept the fact that he will be traded.
Coach Flip Saunders will play Wiggins over 35 minutes a game, he will get to shot as many shots as he wants and will have a chance to score over 20 points a game. There is no pressure to make the playoffs immediately.
He will be a candidate for Rookie of the Year. The award is based on individual statistics and Wiggins will have the opportunity to put up great numbers.
The Minnesota Timberwolves will need to trade Kevin Martin to give the starting shooting guard position to Wiggins. Minnesota’s organization must be smart enough to realize the main player involved in the Kevin Love trade must play immediately and often.
The fact this situation has gone on for so long that Wiggins has had time to adjust mentally to the fact; he was traded for an excellent player.
Wiggins may not get a chance the play with Anthony Bennett if the rumour is true that Bennett will be traded for Thaddeus Young of the Philadelphia 76ers. Wiggins will lose a player he would know going into the season. The TWolves need Young’s leadership and a starting power forward to make up for the loss of Love.
The Timberwolves have some pieces with a solid starting center Nikola Pekovic, Ricky Rubio is a good, but not a great point guard and a slew of young players who are hungry to make their mark. Gorgui Dieng, Zach LaVine, Glenn Robinson III and Shabazz Muhammad could be the nucleus of the Minnesota organization for years to come with Wiggins.
The only question remaining will be who will be the starting small forward on opening night in 2014? Muhammad or Robinson III will compete for the position.
Will Wiggins win Rookie of the Year?
Enjoy your day!
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King James gets what he wants…

LeBron James returned home the Cleveland and requested that they trade for Kevin Love. The Cavs had the second best off season in the NBA; the San Antonio Spurs were number one for keeping their team together and making a solid first round pick.
LeBron signed a two year deal, Kyrie Irving signed for 5 years and Love will be in Cleveland for 6 years (he has 1 year remaining and have a deal in principle for a 5 year extension once trade is completed). James has promised that he will stay in Cleveland, which means a contract extension.
The Cavaliers fans are ecstatic to have LeBron return to home. The Cavs Big 3 is as good as any in the Eastern Conference. The Chicago Bulls with healthy Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol could challenge the Cavs Big 3.
The Cavaliers have an excellent chance to be in the NBA Finals on a regular basis. This justifies the Andrew Wiggins trade. Cleveland has to make sure their best player who also happens to be the best player in the NBA happy by acquiring a great power forward.
Many general managers in the NBA would have agreed to make the blockbuster trade involving Love and Wiggins. The Cavs are in position to win an NBA to title immediately. Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson with Love give the Cleveland an excellent rotation at center and power forward positions.
Kryie Irving and Dion Waiters can score the ball on a regular basis. LeBron will make sure these two will not have any altercations this season.
Head coach David Blatt has a great squad in his rookie season in the NBA. He has the pressure not to screw up a loaded roster. The Cavs general manager David Griffin still has to fill out roster with some veteran player to come off the bench to provide leadership and playoff experience.
Will King James make it 5 straight NBA Finals appearance?
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Are the 76ers tanking again?

The Philadelphia Sixers are rumoured to be trading Thaddeus Young for Andrew Bennett. The reason I mention tanking is because Young is a seven year NBA professional who is still under contract next year and two if he doesn’t opt out after next year. His departure will leave the team with very few players with more than two years’ experience.
I will leave out Jason Richardson because he is not a key player. Elliot Williams has 4 NBA years’ experience and he only played 17 minutes a minute for the Sixers last year.
The rest of the roster will have last year’s Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams will be entering his second year. Nerlens Noel is considered a second yea professional even though he didn’t play a game last year. Tony Wroten, Henry Sims, Jarvis Varnado and Arnette Moutrie are entering their third year in the NBA.
They have rookies Joel Embiid and Elfrid Payton who were lottery picks. Philadelphia also had 5 second round picks in last years’ draft.
This 76ers roster has very little NBA experience and will depend solely on young players learning on the job, which usually means a lot of losses. Philadelphia may believe they are one more draft class away from being a competitive NBA team.
The Sixers will take their lumps and are hoping the young players’ peak at the same time. The fans attendance will dictate how long the organization could stay the course of playing so many young players.
The media will only discuss tanking only after the Sixers accumulates many losses or they will call the organization smart if they can compete for a playoff spot. Philadelphia will most probably win less than 30 games or be next season Phoenix Suns.
Is the Bennett for Young trade a good one for Philadelphia?
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