NFL Week 8 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 14 – 23 after Week 7. It was a solid 3 – 2 record last week. The Chiefs won by 6 and I had them at – 6.5 was a tough loss. Time to make 5 new picks:

New England Patriots versus the Buffalo Bills + 5.5

The Patriots is the only points spread guarantee since Tom Brady’s return. I will take them again. Pats love beating loud mouth Bills coach Rex Ryan.

Take Pats – 5.5

Oakland Raiders against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1.5

The Raiders road record is 4 – 0 and the Bucs haven’t won at home (0 – 2) so far this season. The Raiders are the better team and have the better quarterback right now.

Take the Raiders +1.5

Kansas City Chiefs versus the Indianapolis Colts +3

I have lost many games this season by picking road team dogs. The Chiefs have won two in a row and are ready to go on a run. The Colts defense is still below average and puts to much pressure on Andrew Luck to carry the team.

Take the Chiefs – 3

Washington against the Cincinnati Bengals – 3

The Bengals would be an easy pick if the game in Cincinnati. The Bengals are a better team than their record (3 – 4). Washington are 4 – 1 in last five games. Josh Norman will not be available to shutdown A.J. Green.They don’t fare well against better than average teams.

Take Bengals – 3

Jacksonville Jaguars versus the Tennessee Titans – 3.5

The Jaguars are frustrating and should be better than their record right now. The Titans are 1 – 3 at home. This will be a close game and winner will win by 3.

Take the Jags +3.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Alomar Jr. and Martinez should be MLB manager

Sandy Alomar Jr. and Dave Martinez should be serious candidates to be MLB managers next season. The MLB 30 teams’ league only has 2 minority managers presently, which is an embarrassing statistic for Major League Baseball. The owners can’t say there isn’t any deserving candidates. Alomar Jr and Martinez are excellent candidates. Alomar Jr. has been named as a finalist many times for a manger position over the last few years.

Alomar Jr has an impressive resume as a player. He played from 1988 to 2007 winning multiple individual awards: AL Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove Award, MLB All-Star MVP and six times All-Star.

Alomar Jr has been in the World Series representing Cleveland both as a player in 1997 and this time as a coach. He was a manger for 6 games in 2012 with a 3 – 3 record, but was not hired to be a full-time manager. Alomar Jr has been coaching since 2008 and is considered very important part of Terry Francona’s coaching staff.

Alomar Jr family connection to baseball started with his dad Sandy Alomar Sr who played 14 years as a player and 23 as a coach. Alomar Jr.’s brother is Hall Fame Player Roberto Alomar. Despite all this baseball in his blood no one has yet to hire Alomar Jr. to be their full-time manager.

Dave Martinez would also be a great for a managerial position if he wants a job. He has been with Joe Maddon since his playing career were over in 2008. Martinez was an excellent utility player during his 15 year career.

Martinez’s experience as the right man to Manager Maddon for a team that won 103 and now playing in the World Series. This should make him a great candidate if he chooses to apply for a manager position.

Alomar Jr and Martinez would be excellent candidates not only to increase in the number of Black and Hispanic managers in the MLB. African-American Dave Roberts and Dusty Baker teams’ both made the playoffs this year. There is no reason to prevent Alomar Jr and Martinez from hiring either one to manage a team. One of them will win a World Series ring this season.

Is it time to hire Alomar Jr or Martinez as a MLB manger?

Have a fantastic day!

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Blue Jays Tulo and Martin?

The Toronto Blue Jays reasons for losing to the Cleveland’s baseball team is due to the offense not producing. The players the media and fans called out the most were: Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion the free agents to be in the off season. They are in the top 10 in many all-time Blue Jays offensive categories. Manager John Gibbons status quo managerial style was also very evident and a weakness when Toronto doesn’t get more than five runs in a game.

The players who didn’t get their names in social media and sports journalist post were Troy Tulowitzki and Russell Martin. They hit either four and five in the batting order, while Gibbons waited for them to have a big game. Their stats against the Cleveland baseball club: and

Blue Jays versus the Cleveland Baseball cClub

Name AB Avg. HR RBI Runs BB K
Tulowitski 20 .111 0 0 1 2 2
Martin 17 .118 0 0 0 1 9
EE 19 .211 0 2 0 1 4
Joey Bats 18 .167 0 0 1 3 7
Donaldson 18 .333 1 2 1 2 3
Saunders 14 .429 1 1 1 0 7


Josh Donaldson is the only middle of the line-up hitter to hit. Manager Gibbons didn’t want to move Saunders in front of the struggling Tulo and Martin. Michael Saunders had 6 hits, but he wasn’t hitting close enough to Donaldson to make an impact.

Tulo had 24 homeruns and Martin 20 during the season just disappeared offensively. How many knew that Tulo and Martin both hit less than .120? Next season if the Blue Jays lose both Joey Bats and EE the pressure will fall on Tulo and Martin to play major roles if Toronto wants to make the playoffs for a third season in a row.

Can the Jays depend on Tulo and Martin as key contributor?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Josh Brown domestic abuse

The New York Giants field goal kicker Josh Brown was finally suspended by his team. He will not travel to London for the next game. Brown has finally been placed on the commissioner exempt list which prevents from playing until he is cleared by the NFL. Brown doesn’t have any video (Ray Rice) of his incident, which makes it a long-term investigation.

Ray Rice hasn’t played in the NFL since the video of him knocking his wife out in the elevator. He last played in 2013. No team has even inquired about his availability despite Rice asking for a second chance. His wife has also wants him back in the NFL and mentioned they are in therapy. No one know if there were more incidents, but the video was to damaging.

The NFL security knew about an incident at one of the Pro Bowl Brown’s wife and kids were moved to another hotel for security reasons. This Yahoo Post has quotes in here that Brown describes himself as a monster, “I have abused my wife.” This confirmed a repeated pattern of abuse and admission of guilt. He only got a 1 game suspension at the beginning of the season and will be suspended this weekend.

The NFL can’t justify suspending Tom Brady for inflate gate four games and we have a player who admits to abusing his wife in his journals, continue to play. The Giants support him and have mentioned Brown has continued getting help to improve himself. The NFL has a first time abuser policy, which is a six game suspension. Brown has so far escaped the punishment.

Brown should not be allowed to play another game in the NFL. The 37 years old kicker should be looking for a new job.  The NFL needed to be proactive instead of reactive because the Social Media pressure put Brown on the NFL exception list not the league’s investigation.

Should Brown play another game?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 7 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record after Week 6 record 11 – 21. It was a strange 2 – 3 record last week. The 49ers were keeping the game close until they gave up 21 points in the fourth quarter and Seahawks blew a big lead. Time to make 5 new picks:

Minnesota Vikings against the Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5)

The Vikings and Eagles made the Sam Bradford trade in order to make Carson Wentz the starting quarterback. Many were hoping both teams to be unbeaten until their match-up. Eagles lost 2 in a row and last week the offense didn’t score a TD.

The Vikings defense are to dominate even though they are on the road.

Take Vikings -2.5

New Orleans Saints versus the Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5)

The Chiefs are great at beating below average teams like the Saints. The Chiefs will go on a run and will win 10 games this season. The Saints had a huge lead and had to hang on to beat the struggling Carolina Panthers.

The Chiefs will make it 3 – 0 at home after this week.

Take the Chiefs – 6.5

Indianapolis Colts against the Tennessee Titans (-3)

The Colts could win the game and they are getting 3. The Colts have back-to-back inter-divisional games against the Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars to give themselves a chance at the AFC South Division title.

Take the Colts + 3

New England Patriots versus Pittsburgh Steelers (+7)

Without Big Ben the Steelers absolutely have no chance to win this game. The Patriots will score over 30 points. Can the Steelers score 20?

Take the Patriots – 7

Seattle Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)

The Seahawks are 3 – 0 and the offense is getting better. I don’t believe Carson Palmer will go turnover free and David Jonson will run over 150 yards, I like the fact Seahawks are better team and I’m getting points.

Take the Seahawks + 2.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Blue Jays fans blame Shapiro

The new Toronto Blue Jays President of baseball operation,  Mark Shapiro for the Toronto Blue Jays had a terrible season and should take some of the blame for the Jays poor performance in the playoffs. Shapiro traded Ben Revere for Drew Storen was the beginning of Shapiro’s poor season. The new President couldn’t make a move that can help the team throughout the season.

Shapiro made the right choice not to sign Jose Bautista to a five year deal. The leader offensively and in the club house will leave as a free agent in the off season. It was the only move that Shapiro was correct.

The Jays President should have done more to get Edwin Encarnacion signed to a long term deal. The Blue Jays slugger went on to be tied for third in home runs (42), tied for second in MLB and tied for first in RBIS. There is no way the Blue Jays will be able to afford a slugger with incredible numbers statistically this season. David “Big Papi” Ortiz has already commented that the Boston Red Sox should sign EE to replace him in the line-up.

Shapiro wanted to shut down Aaron Sanchez for the season until Russell Martin said on Tim&Sid it was a dumb move. The Blue Jays organization changed their minds and were able to make the playoffs because of Sanchez key wins late in the season.

The area which I give Shapiro an “F” is for trade deadline moves. Cleveland baseball club got Andrew Miller (M.V.P. for Divisional round) and Coco Crisp after waiver wire deadline. Both players contributed to Cleveland making it to the World Series. The Blue Jays got Melvin Upton (the San Diego Padres are paying the majority of his salary) and Nelson Liriano at the trade deadline. Terry Francona got 2 player who made major contributions to their team making it to the World Series, while Gibbons got Upton who was a non-factor and Liriano was good until he was hurt.

Shapiro had a terrible season and he may fire John Gibbons; the team President should get criticism for his poor performance this season.

Should Shapiro get the blame for the Blue Jays failures?

Have a fantastic day!

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Jets Fitzpatrick will start 2 more games

The New York Jets Todd Bowles will stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his starting quarterback. The Jets are 1 – 5 with 4 more games before their bye week and play the New England Patriots right after. New York have committed to Fitzpatrick for only 1 year and have 3 young quarterbacks on the roster.

Unfortunately for the Jets fans they will have to see Fitzpatrick as the starter at least until they reach seven losses. The next four games are winnable games at home against Baltimore Ravens, on the road against the win less Cleveland Browns, at inter-division opponent Miami Dolphins and at home against the Los Angeles Rams. A 3 – 1 record would give them 4 wins and 6 losses with a chance at a .500 record. Anything less the Jets will once again miss the playoffs.

Eric Decker season ending injury is a huge lost. The Jets offensive line has been porous not opening running lanes and Fitzpatrick under pressure on every pass attempt. The back-up quarterbacks would not have much success trying to run the struggling Jets offense.

The biggest surprise is how bad the defense has been. The Jets have the most talented defensive line in the NFL and their opponents are running the ball very well against them this season. The defensive backs have given up big plays and penalty yards to keep opponents’ drives going.

The Jets need more than a better than average quarterback to have success with a week offensive line and defensive backfield. It is definitely not Fitzpatrick’s fault because the team has been. Head coach Bowles and his scouts need to infuse some talent into the weak roster. New York will play one the toughest schedules in the NFL this season.

Fitzpatrick is only signed until the end of the season and it will be a huge reason not to play him the full season.

Should Fitzpatrick remain the starting QB?

Have a fantastic day!

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Cowboys Dak or Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys have a bye week and Tony Romo is close to returning from injury. Dak Prescott is the starting quarterback right now for the 5 – 1 Cowboys. The game following the bye week is at home against the Philadelphia Eagles then on the road against the win less Cleveland Browns.

Owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett should use the present record to give Romo a few more weeks off before making a decision to dress him. This will increase the probability that Romo plays the rest of the season. The scenario Cowboys fans don’t want to see is Romo play a game or two and get hurt again.

The problem with playing Romo; his presence will take away the strongest part of the Cowboys’ offense right now, which running the ball. Ezekiel Elliot has rushed for over 134 yards in four consecutive games with 23 carries and 5.1 yards per carry. Romo loves to throw the ball; therefore, many more pass attempts for the Cowboys.

Prescott has 182 pass attempts and only 1 interception after 6 games. He only had more than 32 pass attempts once this season.  He is also a threat to run the ball and the read option has been added to the playbook. The Cowboys are number 2 in the NFL for rushing yards. The Cowboys are 20th in passing yards and 3rd in total yards per game.

The ball control helps with time of possession, field position and helps the Cowboys defense get rest between plays. This makes the average defense better when they don’t have to defend short fields due to turnovers or a Romo pick six that puts them behind.

The Eagles defense has the type of talent that they can play with 8 men in the box and force Prescott to throw over 40 passes just like the New York Giants did in the Cowboys only loss. Prescott 45 pass attempts game was the only lost for Dallas.

It will be interesting to see who starts.

Who is your starting QB Romo or Prescott?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 6 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record after Week 4 record 9 – 18. It was a strange 2 – 3 record last week. The Raiders failed to cover the – 4 by winning by 3 and Eagles defense didn’t show up in the first half giving up 21 points to the Detroit Lions. Time to make 5 more picks.

San Francisco 49ers versus the Buffalo Bills (-7.5)

Colin Kaepernick finally get his first start this season against the head coach Rex Ryan who is an anti-Colin anthem protest and a Trump supporter. The Bills have won three games in a row, but a more than a touchdown favourite is to much.

49ers +7.5

Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers (-4)

The Cowboys offense is great with time possession and ball control. The Packers win without a dominating defense. Can the Cowboys score touchdown instead of kicking a bunch of field goals?

Take the Cowboys +4

Philadelphia Eagles versus the Washington (+2)

I will again take the Eagles this week despite losing last week. Eagles may have been looking ahead to this key match-up against Washington. Eagles have the better defense, quarterback and head coach.

Take the Eagles -2

Baltimore Ravens against the New York Giants (-3)

The Giants offensive unit is due for a great game. The Ravens have fired their offensive coordinator this week. The expensive free agents that the Giants acquired to help the defense may perform like they did the first two weeks of the season.

Take Giants – 3

Atlanta Falcons versus the Seattle Seahawks (-6)

I don’t believe in the Falcons as a team. The Seahawks are coming off a bye week, which means Russell Wilson will be ready and their defense will be tremendous at home.

Take Seahawks – 6

Good luck this weekend!

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MLB Playoffs Blue Jays versus Indians

The Toronto Blue Jays are the hottest team in the American League, while the Cleveland Indians are the best all-around team. This will be a great series with the Blue Jays getting a second chance at reaching the World Series for the first time since 1993.

The Blue Jays have a clear advantage with a better starting rotation with Marco Estrada, J.A. Happ, Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman. Corey Kluber is the only big name pitcher in the Indians starting rotation.

The Indians have the edge in the bullpen with late season addition Andrew Miller. The Indians bullpen is a major reason why they beat the Boston Red Sox in three. The Blue Jays Roberto Ousuna has done his job, but I don’t trust the middle relief. Joe Biagini has been great, but Brett Cecil has been shaky.

The Indians are once again facing the better offensive team with Jays Edwin Encarnacion being the hottest hitter right now in the American League. Ezequiel Carrera, Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Russell Martin and Troy Tulowitzki also contributed to the team success.

The Indians are better suited to manufacture runs because only Mike Napoli is considered a home run hitter. Manager Terry Francona will use the team speed (Raja Davis and Coco Crisp) and hit/run to create opportunities; therefore, putting pressure on the opponent’s defense. The Indians are the closest team to the last year’s Champion Kansas City Royals.

The Indians home field advantage could be the difference in this series. Manager John Gibbons has earned a contract extension, but  Francona is a World Series Champion as a manager; thus, giving him an edge. Francona will make many more moves offensively than his counterpart.

Who do you believe will represent the American League in the World Series?

Have a fantastic day!

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