Canadian Men basketball team future

The Canadian Men’s basketball team now have the talent that they should no longer miss any FIBA qualifications for an Olympic spot with NBA players: Jamal Murray, Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson, Corey Joseph, Trey Lyles, Kelly Olynyk, Tyler Ennis, Nik Stauskas and Dwight Powell. There are also many Canadians who for top Division I programs as starters. The roster should no longer include players who most of their careers played in Europe or NBA D – League calibre players on roster. Brady Heslip and Anthony Bennett must no longer be key contributors.

Many Canadian NBA players on the list mentioned are part of the eight man rotations, which means they play important roles on their teams. The nine players mentioned are automatic team members for years to come.

The Men’s team should hire head best available and affordable head coach not best Canadian coach. The team must raise expectations because a very good roster shouldn’t be coached by an average coach. A very good coach is the last missing piece for the Canadian Men’s basketball team to take the next step. I hope to see the organization hire a top NCAA coach or a young assistant NBA coach who has head coach aspirations to be in charge in the NBA.

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens would be my preference because he is only 40, had success had at NCAA and NBA levels. He would be able to relate to the young Canadian team players and has a scouting report on each players’ skills.

It is time for the Canadian Men’s basketball team to have international success with Wiggins, Thompson, Olynyk, Joseph and Murray leading the way. The talent is there with a talented head coach makes Canada a top 10 country in the World.

Will the Canadian Men’s Basketball team qualify for next Olympic?

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Nuggets Murray rising star MVP

The Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray performance at the U.S.A versus World game in Rising Star Challenge was a statement game that will propel him to an international stardom and increase in his jersey sales for a weekend. The ultra-gifted Canadian basketball player is on the rise.

The Nuggets have a bunch of talented young players: Nikola Jockic (22), Emmanuel Mudiay (20), Murray (19), Mason Plumlee (26), Kenneth Faried (27) and Danilo Gallinari (28). Mudiay and Murray could be within a few years considered one of the top NBA back courts. The Nuggets are presently in the eighth and last spot for an NBA playoff spot in the Western Conference. Head coach Mike Malone is happy to be coaching such young talent.

Murray’s performance could give him confidence to finish the season strong and hopefully lead his team to a playoff spot. He is still hasn’t turned 20 yet. He will do so February 23, 2017.

The Nuggets have a future scoring star on their hands who can also play point guard when needed. Murray two years ago participated in the inaugural Bio Steel game for best basketball high school prospects in Canada, played for team Canada at Pan Am Games and then one season at University of Kentucky. The Nuggets making the playoffs will be an another milestone.

His stock continues to rise and we can expect to see him at NBA Rising Star Challenge again next year. The only thing remaining will be success with the Canadian Men’s basketball Olympic team.

Will Murray get help the Nuggets make the playoffs?

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Knicks Melo makes All-star team…

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver chose Carmelo Anthony as a replacement for the All-star game. Bradley Beal questioned publicly why Melo instead of the Washington Wizards shooting guard playing on a team that won 10 more games than the New York Knicks. The answer is simple after you read the post about most the NBA’s most valuable teams: . Silver decision based solely on the New York Knicks value not choosing between a young an upcoming star and a fading one?

The New York Knicks are number one and Los Angeles Lakers are second. Neither team has made the playoffs recently and are not close to turning the corner in terms of success in the near future. The owners have done an awful job at surrounding themselves with the right management team to run their franchises also the owners want to be make basketball operations decisions despite their lack of success making NBA related decisions.

The Lakers have drafted some good NBA talent, but none are Franchise type players that can change the fortunes of a franchise. Head Coach Luke Walton’s personality, style of coaching and the city would make the Lakers an attractive destination for free agents. Magic Johnson is back in the front office to help attract the Franchise changing type players to Los Angeles. The Lakers need to sign two big name free agents to make them contenders again.

The Knicks is nuclear power plant after a disaster with Owner James Dolan beef with Charles Oakley, President of basketball operations Phil Jackson media battles with Carmelo Anthony, a bad roster and demanding media. New York despite being the most glamourous city in the Eastern Conference won’t be able to attract NBA stars due to the toxic environment created so far this season.

Anthony will be in the Hall of Fame, he was a member of the Big 4 who made a passionate speech at ESPN ESPY’S, won multi Gold Medals representing Team USA at the Olympics and scores a lot of points.

Who is your All-star game choice Melo or Beal?

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Smart move by Ujiri to get Ibaka

The Toronto Raptors President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri listened to his frustrated team leader Kyle Lowry. The Raptors started 22 – 8 in the first 30 games and dropped dramatically in the last 26 games with a 10 – 16 record. It wasn’t only injuries to Patrick Patterson and DeMar DeRozan that contributed to the struggle.

Lowry and DeRozan score over 42% of the Raptors points, which is a pace that was difficult to keep especially during the starting All-star shooting guard’s injury. The opponents have sent many defenders every time one of Toronto’s All-stars touched the ball late in games. Balance scoring is the key to a long playoff run.

The Raptors record without Patterson in the line-up is 8 – 8 and 24 – 16 when he is playing. I would not consider Patterson a top 20 power-forward in the NBA, but Coach Dwane Casey’s team are better with their power-forward is playing. He only averages 7.2 points a game. The defensive side of the ball they miss him the most in terms of guarding the three-point line and rotations.

Serge Ibaka’s addition is a big upgrade and gives the Raptors their biggest front line addition since Antonio Davis and Charles Oakley. Ibaka has playoff experience, played in the NBA Finals, great help defender, shot blocker, defensive rotations and rebounder. He is three time all – Defensive team member. He is averaging 15.1 points a game and 6.8 rebounds a game this year a huge jump from Patterson’s numbers.

Terrence Ross and a first round choice (it won’t be a high pick). Ross frustrating inconsistencies and the rise of, second year shooting guard, Norman Powell have made the former first round pick expendable. Ross had his moments All – Star Dunk Champion and a 52 point game against the Los Angeles Clippers, which gave glimpses of his talents without many other standout moments as a Raptors.

The Raptors need to win now because Lowry will opt out of his contract, Ibaka and Patterson are free agents in the summer. Ujiri will be under pressure to spend their money wisely. It was still a great move because management need to show that they want to win to show Lowry that the organization wants to win.

Was it a smart move to pick-up PF rental Ibaka?

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Patriots Trump visit six no show

The New England Patriots will be the first professional American sports Champions players to decide, will they visit the White House or not? So far 5 African – American (Martellus Bennett, Devin McCourty, Dont’a Hightower, LeGarrette Blount and Alan Branch) players and one white player (Chris Long) player have said no to visit President Donald Trump.

James White the player who ended up at Disney land after the Super Bowl victory because Tom Brady couldn’t make it. White is on the fence now. The pressure he will receive from his African – American family members, teammates, players and social media that there is a high probability he will not go either.

The African – American players not going in high numbers who disagree with Trump policies is not a surprise to anybody. The real question is how many white player will refuse to go because they disagree with Trump’s policies? Only Long has said no.

Trump felt he would have the Patriots team at the White House in high numbers with the owner Robert Kraft, Head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Brady all voted for the current President. Coach Belichick put a ban on talking politics in the locker room and it worked for them by keeping the players focused on winning games. The visit to the White House is not mandatory for any of the players and coaches. The Patriots upper management can’t force the players to show-up. A football team has a 50 man roster with over a dozen coaches; the photo-op will still look good especially with Brady handing a jersey to Trump.

This situation reminds many that White and Black people work together once there shift is over, they live separate lives, in separate neighborhoods, kids go to different schools and their time is spent with people who look like them. An occasional company functions for players to attend togethersuch as: family picnics, and charity events are the only time many of the players interact with opposite race outside of work.

I would love to do an experiment where we ask White and Black players to answer questions about players from a different race and then about players from the same race. The question would be non-football related (How many kids? Is a player married? What is his favourite music or movies? What is their favourite foods?). I believe most of us would know the result before the experiment results. The percentage for correct answers would be higher when a player answers questions about a player who is the same race.

Will more White Patriots players join Chris Long in boycotting President Trump?

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Canadiens Bergevin trying to save his job

The Montreal Canadiens Marc Bergevin held meetings with players only, team leaders and coaches separately. Bergevin blockbuster trade Shea Webber for P.K. Subban would solve the Canadiens problems in terms of better work ethic, team chemistry and leadership. The first 20 games of the season the Montreal Canadiens looked like a Stanley Cup contender.

Now the Canadiens are struggling to keep their Atlantic Division lead. The Ottawa Senators are only 6 points back with 4 games in hand. Montreal have the sixth best points total in the Eastern Conference standing. The Boston Bruins are also six points out and have played the same amount of games as Montreal. Head Coach Michel Therrien can’t seem to get his team out of the funk.

Therrien convinced, his general manager, Bergevin that trading Subban would make the team better because they could no longer work together. The coach or defenseman had to go. I have posted that within three years Therrien and Bergevin will lose their jobs. The Canadiens fans are not a patient bunch and expect the Stanley Cup every year.

Coach Therrien’s time is running out. The St. Louis Blues, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins have fired their head coaches with each team having success with the new coach. The Bruins fired Claude Julien a coach who won a Stanley Cup and participated in two Finals during his time in Boston.

The Canadiens organization will probably keep their head coach for the rest of the season and will not make a move until the off season. A great playoff run could save Therrien’s job. Montreal will make the playoffs this season.

Should the Canadiens fire Therrien?

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Oakley and Knicks security

Charles Oakley was physically remove from the Los Angeles Clippers versus New York Knicks game Wednesday was an embarrassing situation for everybody involved. A bunch of white men in suits circled a black man who will not take crap from them was a perfect storm for a confrontation. What does a security guard expects to happen when he puts his hands on Oakley?

The first question is why didn’t they send one, yes one person to speak to him and diffuse the situation? Trying to intimidate a proud African – American man in public wasn’t going to end well. I would have told the security not to touch me when one of the guards was speaking to the former Knicks. The Police officer was standing in the middle not picking sides and Oakley never touches him. His beef was with the security guards and how they approached him.

The next question is why did they fire head of security if Oakley was at fault? Frank Benedetto was fired as Senior Vice President of security at Madison Square Gardens. Knicks owner James Dolan is fighting a losing battle as he tries to same face. Dolan is trying to make it seem like he was not involved in the incident.

The Madison Square Gardens have cameras all over the arena, which make it easy to track the former Knicks power forward from the time he entered the Arena until the time they cuffed him and escorted him out. A few people around the incident had their camera phones out and recorded it; therefore the conversation between Oakley and security will be heard. The security cameras will help prove who is saying the truth about Oakley’s behaviour before he was physically removed.

Oakley never backed down from any one, which made him a fierce competitor, great rebounder and defender throughout his NBA career and in the game called life. The Knicks security felt they needed six of them and a police officer to take him down because of the former Knicks power forward reputation.

The release of “I’m not your Negro” movie based on James Baldwin (born 1924 – passed away 1987) works is still relevant today with the racial tensions and disrespect of African – Americans throughout their history. It is a must see movie.

How much money will Oakley win with his upcoming lawsuit?

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Why Owens not in Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame committee decided once again to not vote Terrell Owens into the Hall. I can understand due to Owens destructive presence in the locker room throughout his career that the committee would not him a first ballot Hall of Fame player despite having the statistics. The refusal again this year doesn’t make sense.

Owens was made out to be an evil person and a menace to society.  He was never arrested for a DUI, domestic violence and sexual assault. He never failed a drug test for P.E.D. Owens’ only crime was his locker room behavior. The bashing of his former quarterbacks Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb in the media. The constant confrontations with his coaches, media and the I’m the center of the Universe attitude create the anti-Owens club, which many now control his entrance into the Hall of Fame. Terrell is defiant and will not back down to the fact he is not in the Hall of Fame. The same voters will use this as an excuse to keep Owens again next year.

The former owner of Washington George Preston Marshall is in the Hall of Fame even though he was a racist who refused to integrate his team until 1962 because he was forced by United States President J.F. Kennedy. Many other players in the Hall had incidents with drug or alcohol also not every member were great teammates.

The Hall of Fame moral compass should not exclude Owens who is not a criminal. He wasn’t a great teammate to many, but he is statistically Hall of Fame worthy. Terrell is all – time 2nd in receiving yards (15 934), tied for 4th in total (rushing and receiving) touchdowns (156), 3rd in receiving touchdowns (153) and 6th in receptions (1 078).

It is no longer media members not liking Owens, but making it personal. He and Randy Moss were the top 2 WR of their generation. Terrell career numbers not doubt proves he is one of the greatest all – time; therefore Hall of Fame.

Will Owens get in the Hall within 2 years?

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Brady NFL G.O.A.T QB

The New England Patriots Tom Brady performance at Super Bowl LI has cemented his title as the NFL Greatest QB of All – Time. The season started with the Deflate Gate 4 game suspension for Brady. Rob Gronkowski by far the second most important player on the Patriots offense wasn’t available for the Super Bowl. The Patriots offense is filled by many mid-round and undrafted free agents at every position. Brady was still able to reach the Super Bowl again this season.

New England had a terrible start to the Super Bowl game in terms of out of character mistakes: LeGarrette Blount fumble near red zone in the first quarter, Brady throws an interception that was ran back for a touchdown, Stephen Gostkowski missing an extra point and failed onside kick. Brady was under heavy pressure, was hit many times and sacked five times. Atlanta Falcons tackle Grady Jarrett tied a Super Bowl record with three sacks.

The Atlanta Falcons played an awesome three quarters before Brady led his team to 19 points in less than 10 minutes to send the game into overtime. A FG, two touchdowns and two point converts. The fact that he need two point converts makes the accomplishment even more amazing.  Many left the bar that I was watching game at early in the 4th quarter started.

The Patriots overcame a 28 – 3 score to win the game that they had no business winning. Julian Edelman made one of the top 5 catches in the history of the Super Bowl: David Tyree, Santonio Holmes and Lynn Swan are my candidates ahead of Edelman’s catch. Julio Jones made a couple of spectacular catches along the sidelines which will be forgotten because of Edelman’s catch and Patriots win.

Old Man Brady ability to throw those hitch and out patterns near the sidelines means he could be back again in the Super Bowl within two years. He has started seven Super Bowls and won five, which is ranked number one. His arm and mind are as good as ever. He has already reached legendary status and he is not even close to retiring anytime soon.

Can Brady win Super Bowl number 6?

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Larry Doby the forgotten Hero

The second African – American player signed to a Major League Baseball contract has been a forgotten man because he wasn’t the first. I enjoy reading, following and learning about the great contribution of Black people to all aspects of history. The only player I heard about was Jackie Robinson being the first African – American to handle the discrimination, slurs, racist opponents, teammates, umpires and fans.

Jackie Robinson was the first African – American in the MLB and National League. The Brooklyn Dodgers didn’t play American League opponents; therefore never had to play in those parks. Larry Doby was the first African – American signed by the Cleveland Indians in the American League and followed by Satchel Page the following season.

I have learned through my social media (Twitter) feeds from Negro League Baseball Museum (@nlbmprez) about the Great Larry Doby.

  1. Who was the first African – American to hit a homerun in a World Series game?
  2. Who were the first African – American players to win a World Series?

Doby was the first African – American player to hit a HR in a World Series game 1948.

The Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson and Dan Bankhead were the first to African – Americans to play in the World Series 1947, but lost.

The first African – American players to win a World Series weren’t the members of the 1955 World Series Champions Brooklyn Dodgers with Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe, Jim Gilliam and Sandy Amoros.

The players were Larry Doby and Satchel Paige who played key roles for the 1948 World Series Champions Cleveland Indians. It was Doby’s second and Paige’s rookie season.

The picture of Doby and Steve Gromek, white teammate, embracing following the 1948 World Series Game 4 victory may have made it a lot easier for baseball fans to accept integration in the MLB. Winning a Champions also helps to destroy the perception an integrated team can’t win.

Doby and Robinson regularly spoke on the phone to help support each other throughout the ordeal of being the first in each league. It wasn’t mentioned in the movie 42. In 1947 they came to the MLB at the same time except Robinson played one year in the minor leagues before his big league debut.

Doby may have been the 2nd African – American signed to play in the MLB. He was just as much a hero to the African – American community and MLB. It reminds everybody why Black History Month is to remember the forgotten Heroes.

Should Doby’s number 14 be retired by all MLB teams?

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