NFL Week 12 free point spread picks

My week 11 was above .500 with a 3 – 2 record with solid wins from Panthers, Cowboys and Bengals covering. My record after eleven weeks is 32 – 20 – 2. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools.
Carolina Panthers versus the Dallas Cowboys (Pick)
The Panthers are undefeated and have a great defense. Cam Newton is having an MVP season and will have the media darling Tony Romo who will be his second since coming back from injury. The Panthers will make the Cowboys offense one dimensional. All the Panthers have to do is win.
Take the Panthers Pick
Minnesota Vikings against the Atlanta Falcons (-1.5)
The Falcons have lost three in a row with the last one coming at the hands on the Indianapolis Colts without Andrew Luck at home. The Falcons are done. The Vikings are a much better team and I’m surprised the Falcons are favourite. Adrian Peterson and the Vikings defense will be enough to beat the Falcons.
Take the Vikings +1.5
New York Giants versus the Washington Football Club (+3)
This point spread makes no sense because the Giants are a much better club than Washington with Kirk Cousins at quarterback. The Giants will win with the better offense.
Take the Giants – 3
Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks (-3.5)
The Steelers Big Ben is not very mobile right now with his injured foot; their offense is one dimensional. The Seahawks can’t afford any more losses and are an excellent home team with their 12th man.
Take the Seahawks – 3.5
Baltimore Ravens versus the Cleveland Browns (-2.5)
The Browns offense is better with Josh McCown at quarterback. They should be a depleted Ravens team who has Matt Schaub as the starting quarterback. The Browns is better than the Ravens right now.
Take the Browns -2.5
Good luck this weekend!
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Johnny Manziel may end up in the CFL

The Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine once again had to bench Johnny Manziel because of a video of him partying during the bye week. Manziel was supposed to be the starting quarterback for the balance of the season. He couldn’t keep his promise to his coach and organization that he would focus on being the Browns starting quarterback
Johnny Football as the starting quarterback for the Browns has a 1 – 4 record and hasn’t showed enough for the organization not to draft a quarterback next year. The Browns should cut him because he doesn’t want to change. Manziel says one thing in the media, coaches and teammates without following through on his word. No team could afford to have a leader who is a liar.
The Canadian Football League could benefit from the media coverage and they love former NFL players who were let go because of off the field behavior. Ricky Williams and Lawrence Phillips to name a few. Manziel will get an opportunity if he wants it. The league could use a former Heisman trophy winner playing in Canada.
Manziel could really help the CFL because a few teams need a quarterback who can be exciting. He is perfect for the CFL as an under sized, scrambling and deep throwing quarterback. He will not dominate the league as the original number 2 wearing quarterback, Doug Flutie. Manziel can at least have a CFL career like Jeff Gracia; it would be a major win for the league. Gracia won one grey during his four years in the league.
Manziel is presently enjoying his White Privilege since two NFL teams have given up on two quarterbacks who are much better than him: Washington – RGIII (Robert Griffin III) and San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick. We will see at the end of the season if the Browns will cut their partying quarterback.
Have a great day!
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Raptors leading Atlantic Division is not relevant

The Toronto Raptors own a one game lead in the Atlantic Division. Last year being the leader in the Division guaranteed them a first round home court advantage and minimum a third spot in the Eastern Conference. This season the top eight teams from each Conference will be ranked according to their record.
The Raptors lack of depth showed when DeMarre Carroll and Terrence Ross missed a few games. It will be even tougher over the next six games playing without their starting center. The injury to Jonas Valanciunas leaves Toronto without the only true seven footer on the team. Jonas’ 27 minutes, 12.7 points, 9.3 rebounds a game and height will be missed. He is also shooting 55.6 percent from the field and 76.9 from the free throw line.
Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri doesn’t have a back-up center on the roster. Bismack Biyombo, Patrick Patterson, Anthony Bennett and Luis Scola will share the minutes left behind by Jonas. All of the replacements are under sized to play center even in the new NBA. Lucas Nogueira has been called up from the Raptors D-League team which means he won’t play many minutes.
Head coach Dwane Casey will have to navigate a tough next six game stretch with four games coming against teams that made the playoffs last year: Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors. Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets are better than they were last year. The twenty game mark will be a good indication as to where they stand in the much improved Eastern Conference.
The Raptors starting five is definitely a top four in the Eastern Conference. The lack of depth with Patrick Patterson struggling, Ross is M.I.A. (missing in action) and James Johnson inconsistency makes the team extremely vulnerable when they have injuries. Cory Joseph is the only productive of the bench player Coach Casey has right now.
Ujiri can’t afford to continue to make mistakes in the NBA Draft. His first two number picks are not presently contributing. Bruno Caboclo and Delon Wright are currently in the D-League.
Can the Raptors stay above .500 during Jonas’ absence?
Have a great day!
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NFL Week 11 free point spread picks

My week 10 is below .500 for the first time in six weeks 2 – 3 record with the Seahawks and Eagles embarrassed losing home games. The Browns pick was based on Landry Jones playing for Pittsburgh instead Big Ben came in as replacement. My record after ten weeks is 29 – 18 – 2. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools.
Caroline Panthers versus the Washington football club + 7.5
The Panthers are one of two teams who are undefeated. Cousins hasn’t proved he can make plays against very good defense. Hopefully the Panthers are not looking ahead to playing on Thanksgiving.
Take Panthers – 7.5
Dallas Cowboys against the Miami Dolphins + 1.5
Romo is back and Cowboys defense is above average. The Dolphins will not surprise the Cowboys this week. A loss in Miami and the Cowboys could kiss the playoffs good bye.
Take Cowboys – 1.5
Minnesota Vikings versus the Green Bay Packers + 1
The Vikings have been my favourite team this year because the book makers are refusing to believe they are in the upper echelon. This week Minnesota gets to prove they could win the division.
Take the Vikings – 1
Kansas City Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers +3
The Chiefs are on a major high after their performance against the Broncos last week. Can the Chiefs play back-to-back good games? The Chargers at home want to salvage a poor season by defeating a division rival. It will be close I will take the points.
Take the Chargers + 3
Cincinnati Bengals versus the Arizona Cardinals – 4
The Bengals loss an embarrassing game last week at home against a terrible Texans team. The Cardinals destroyed the Seahawks in Seattle last week. The Bengals are better than what they showed last week. The Cardinals still gave up 32 points to the Seahawks an offensively challenged team. Spread is too high.
Take Bengals + 4
Good luck this weekend!
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Warriors have a great chance at 70 wins

The Golden State Warriors great start to the season could give them an opportunity to break the Chicago Bulls 1995 – 96 Best Single Season Team Record 72 – 10. The Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Bulls teammates also have the second and third Best Single Season Team Record with 69 – 13 in 1996 – 97 and 67 -15 in 1991 – 92. The Warriors could become the second team in NBA history to win 70 games.
The question is right now is how many teams could be the Warriors during the season? The teams that could do it are the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and Miami Heat in Eastern Conference. The San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, and a healthy Oklahoma City. The Warriors may lose at least one or two games against a lottery bound team. The seventy win mark is definitely attainable for Golden State.
There are not many teams in the NBA that can handle high percentage shooting Warriors team on any given night. They have multiple three point shooters who shot over 40% with Curry leading the way at 45% and the worst three point shooting percentage of the team is Harrison Barnes at 30%, which on most teams is excellent. The team has excellent team chemistry; everybody knows and accepts their role on the team.
An injury to NBA MVP Stephen Curry might be the only reason the Warriors won’t reach 70 win plateau this season. He will cruise to another regular season MVP award. His performance against the Raptors is an illustration of his Franchise player status. Curry started last night’s game 2 for 8 shooting and still managed to score 37 points and shoot better than 50% (13-23) from the floor.
Can the Warriors break the Bulls record 72 wins?
Have a great day!
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NFL Week 10 free point spread picks

My week 9 record tied my best week this season with a 4 – 1 record with the Broncos first loss costing me a perfect week. My record after nine weeks is 27 – 15 – 2. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools. I will avoid the Broncos minus 7 against the Chiefs.
Arizona Cardinals versus the Seattle Seahawks (-3)
The Seahawks still have a chance to win their division. They are two games back of the Cards and play them twice. It will be a pivotal game for both teams. I will take the Seahawks at home.
Take the Seahawks – 3
Carolina Panthers against the Tennessee Titans (-5.5)
The Panthers are undefeated against an opponent who is winless at home. The Titans offense will struggle this week.
Take the Panthers – 5.5
Miami Dolphins versus the Philadelphia Eagles (-6)
The Eagles are facing a struggling Dolphins team who has given up on the season. The Eagles could finally have a blowout victory. The Dolphins have been blowout in the last two weeks and this one will not be different.
Take the Eagles – 6
Cleveland Browns against the Pittsburgh Steelers (-5)
This pick is based solely on the premise that Big Ben is not playing. The Browns are much better with Josh McCown at QB than Johnny Manziel. The Browns will cover.
Take the Browns + 5
Jacksonville Jaguars versus the Baltimore Ravens (-6)
The Ravens are coming off a bye week maybe that is why the spread is so high. The Jaguars are great at keeping games close. They no longer get more than a touchdown spread. The Jaguars defense is actually better than the Ravens.
Take the Jaguars +6
Good luck this weekend!
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Raptors winning streak ends against a team they should beat

The Toronto Raptors 5 – 1 record is a great way to start the season and put themselves in the driver’s seat in the Eastern Conference. The streak ended with a winnable game against 1- 4 Orlando Magic who were playing without their center Nikola Vucevic.
Coach Dwane Casey’s team had a shot at winning the game with thirty seconds remaining. Coach Casey’s putting DeMarre Carroll 6’8” 215 pounds at power forward Tobias Harris 6’9” 235 pounds didn’t work.
Patrick Patterson got to play 21:38 and went 0 – 6. Bismack Biyombo played 16:02 was a minus 12, two points and six rebounds. Sometimes Coach Casey refuses to adopt to the game and his players. He has to understand on some nights a player might not have it and needs adopt to the flow. This could have been a great night to play James Johnson or used Luis Scola for more minutes.
The Raptors lack of size will hunt them on some nights where an opponent who will have two big men on the court for the majority of a game. Jonas Valanciunas is the only true center on the Raptors roster and he only took six shots. Biyombo is a liability offensively when he is on the court with the small line-up and Casey wants him to become Amir Johnson’s replacement. The Raptors new back-up center doesn’t have Johnson’s abilities.
The Miami Heat game on Sunday will be a good test to see which team will be the number three team in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors following three games after the Heat are against the New York Knicks, Philadelphia Sixers and the currently 0 – 5 New Orleans Pelicans.
The Raptors could be either 8 – 2 or 9 – 1 after ten games played. No matter how well they do during the season the season success will come down to how well they do during the playoffs.
Can the Raptors start another long winning streak?
Have a great weekend!
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OKC duo each get more than 40 points in the same game

Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant have accomplishment of each scoring 40 or more points in the same game hasn’t happened since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen did it with the Chicago Bulls.
Westbrook took 36 and Durant 30 shots during the game, which ended in overtime. The player who finished third in shot attempts was Serge Ibaka with 12. Westbrook and Durant are one A and B franchise players; therefore, there is no surprise they would take more shots than their teammates. It is interesting the disparity is so great. They won 139 to 136 against the Orlando Magic.
The Magic loss, but they had 4 players who scored 20 or more points. A much more balanced offense.
The NBA Championship teams most recently was all about the Big 3: Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. The Thunder have been chasing the NBA Finals since James Harden left with their Duo; it is not three because Ibaka doesn’t take enough shots to make it a BIG 3.
The Thunder needed overtime to pull out the win against a team that might not make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The Oklahoma City Thunder did beat the San Antonio Spurs game 1 handily. The Thunder will be a team that will win more than 50 games this year if the duo is healthy. I can’t see them change their ways as long as they are successful. Westbrook and Durant will both be in the top 10 in scoring at the end of the season. Neither player will get enough votes to win the Most Valuable Player award.
Head Coach Billy Donovan inherited a loaded team that will be in the top 3 in the Western Conference. Will he be able to develop one more regular scorer on a nightly basis to help OKC defeat top teams in the NBA.
Since the great night by the duo the Thunder have a 1 – 3 record.
Can the OKC duo keep this pace for rest of the season?
Have a great weekend!
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NFL Week 9 free point spread picks

My week 8 record was 3 – 1 – 1 record with the Lions being embarrassed by the Chiefs and Chargers push against the Ravens. My record after eight weeks is 23 – 14 – 2. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools. This week with a few games having no lines it limits how many games I can choose from; the show must go on.
St. Louis Rams versus the Minnesota Vikings (-2.5)
The Vikings are getting no respect with the point spreads. The Vikings are 3 – 0 at home against the Rams who are 1 – 2 on the road. It should be another Vikings home win.
Take Vikings – 2.5
Denver Broncos (-5) against the Indianapolis Colts
The Broncos are the best team in the NFL right now against a struggling Colts team. The Broncos defense is a top 5 defense against a weak offensive line should be a long night for Luck.
Take the Broncos – 5
New England Patriots versus the Washington Redskins (-14.5)
The Redskins had a bye week before facing the Patriots. This will not make a difference to a Redskins team that gave up 30 points to the Bucs two weeks ago.
Take the Patriots -14.5
Philadelphia Eagles (-3) against the Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys may not win until Romo returns. The Eagles are coming off a bye week. I’m surprised the spread is not higher.
Take the Eagles – 3
Green Bay Packers versus the Carolina Panthers (+3)
The Panthers are the team that is undefeated, but the Packers should be a lot better than they were last week. The Panthers at home and want to show everybody in the NFL they are an elite team.
Take Panthers + 3
Good luck this weekend!
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Raptors Ross will become an over-priced role player

Terrence Ross just signed a three year contract extension for 33 million dollars. The new television deal that will kick in next year has helped NBA agents and players to ask for money for marginal players. Ross’ major NBA accomplishments: won the NBA dunk competition and scored 51 points against the Los Angeles Clippers, which included 10 three pointers made. Ross’ agent was able to get three millions and one year less than Jonas Valanaciunas who is a starter.
The shooting guard/ small forward will be a key to the Toronto Raptors because his minutes will go up dramatically if DeMar DeRozan or DeMarre Carroll are injured for an extended period of time this season. Ross is 24 years old player who is moving into the prime years of his career.
The eleven million dollars will be a standard for role players who are not starters. The Raptors and Masai Ujiri had to sign Ross because they need him under contract if DeRozan holds out when it is his time to get a new contract.
The pressure will be on head coach Dwane Casey to develop TRoss and JV. The Raptors future will depend on the development of Bryan Colangelo picks. It is hard to find players through free agency who can fit and want to sign with Toronto; therefore, they need to draft and develop their own players.
Masai’s first round picks in the last two years: Bruno Caboclo and Delon Wright might have been a reach. Bruno will probably spend a lot of time in the D – League this year, while second round pick Norman Powell may have been a better pick than Wright.
Ross has the physical tools to be more than a role player. He should able to average at least one point for every million he will make during the next three seasons.  Can Ross evolve his game like DeRozan did during his career?
Will Ross be a key player in the Raptors fortunes?
Have a great day!
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