Winston’s 1 game suspension

The Florida State Seminoles 1 game suspension of star quarterback Jameis Winston was a product of the behaviour of the NFL players out of control behaviour. The number one ranked Seminoles felt they were pressured to increase a half a game suspension to a full game and show the world that they were going to punish Winston.
The punishment will strong message that their program is more than just winning football games. The Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher and the University want to send a message that they are also in the business of helping the participating members of the football team will leave their program as good men.
The NCAA for me is a money making industry that doesn’t help their athletes be educated, good people and lastly great athletes. The University have lost interest in making sure the first two are priorities because it has become obvious to anybody who watches NCAA football and March Madness now the pressure to succeed is more important than to help boys become men.
Most top NCAA athletes are not playing in the state they went to high school; therefore they are away from any parent supervision and are on their own for the first time in their lives. The coaches (head and assistant coaches) should be held more accountable for the behaviour of their athletes, helping them achieve maturity and be a positive contributing member of society.
The Seminoles won in overtime and it didn’t cost them a chance at being undefeated. They won the game and the social media battle by not playing Winston. The possibility of Winston not making decisions off the field that could lead to bad press or an arrest will not really change unless the Seminoles match him with a mentor or a regular meeting with a guidance councillor or psychologist to help Winston become a mature person.
The biggest winner is the Seminoles football team and their fans because the team is still undefeated and their best player will be back in the line-up next week. It will be interesting to see if Winston can stay out of trouble for the rest of the season.
Do you believe Winston’s behaviour will improve after the suspension?
Enjoy your weekend!
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NFL players and violence off the filed

The NFL is going through the one of its worst month’s ever in terms of domestic violence and a child abuse (beating a 4 years child old with a switch). The social media attack and sponsors dropping the NFL has sent a strong message to the league.
The players at forefront are mostly African-American players. The negative stereotypes of the African-American males are being reinforced by the actions of a few, everybody has an opinion on how to punish them and many want to disregard the presumed guilty before they are charged with a crime.
Any solution should include the reasons why some of the NFL players have violent tendencies towards the different people they encounter in their lives. The reasons include the environment they were raised in (poverty and not having good mentors), abuse of different drugs (recreational, alcohol, prescription and performance enhancing) and head injuries (multiple concussions). Each one of those factors could result in a person to use violence to resolve any confrontation that he encounters.
The first two reasons are the NFL and most people’s attitude towards the problem because it has to do with the individual and the people he is surrounded by during his development.  The sociological prospective keeps many people from looking at the affect of their jobs and how are a players’ injuries are handled.
The NFL refuses to have fans and players question that multiple concussions or performance enhancing drugs could cause a player to be violent. The NFL’s dirty secret is CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy). The definition in Wikipedia for individuals with CTE may show symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss, aggression, confusion and depression.
The NFL doesn’t want anybody to consider an undersized running back Ray Rice played through concussions in order to not lose his spot and stay on the field. He might have lied about being healthy enough to continue or doctors didn’t properly test a player who got a head injury and remove him from the game.
The performance enhancing drug policies and how they test for them could also contribute to violent episodes by their players. The expression “Roid Rage” comes from players who abuse steroids and have a fit of rage for an incidental issue. Now the drug of choice is growth hormones (HGH – Human Growth Hormones), which the NFL hasn’t tested for yet. The NFLPA and NFL have finally come to an agreement to test for the drug.
The NFL won’t admit that they may have a part to play in the violent behaviour of the players’ in their league. This is not to exonerate the players for their behaviour, but it could help explain some of the violence off the field.
Did head injuries or performance enhancing drugs contribute to the violent behaviour of the NFL players?
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Week 3 free NFL point spread picks

Week 2 was a rough one for me with a 2 – 3 mark. I’m 6 – 4 after 2 weeks.
The underdogs were the winners again in Week 2 with a 9 – 6 record and 7 of them winning the game. I said this many times take the points as much as possible except for this week. The favourites will cover this week.
My 5 picks for Week 3 are:
The Atlanta Falcons at home will rebound from their road loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White and Steven Jackson at home will score over 30 points. Tampa Bay Buccaneers poor offense with Josh McCown at the helm won’t be able to keep up.
Take the Falcons – 6.5
The Houston Texans defense on the road against a struggling New York Giants offense could be another home loss for the Giants. The Texans will do just enough to go to 3 – 0. J.J. Watt and the boys will lead the way.
Take the Texans – 2.5
I will take the Cleveland Browns defense at home against their division rivals Baltimore Ravens. The Browns are riding a high after their comeback victory against the New Orleans Saints. The Browns are at home and you get points (+2).
Take the Browns + 2
The Dallas Cowboys won for me last week. I will push my luck and take them again against a St. Louis Rams team that has trouble scoring. One more week cheering for more Tony Romo might not be a wise move. The Cowboys have too much offensive talent.
Take the Cowboys – 2
The Detroit Lions lost last week at Carolina and was one of my losses. The Lions are a very good home team and don’t fear the Green Bay Packers. The Packers defense has not stopped anybody this year.
Take the Lions – 2.5
Good luck this weekend!
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Canadiens coach and G.M. anti-Subban

The Montreal Canadiens announced that there will be a rotating Captaincy this year, which means Andrei Markov, P.K. Subban, Tomas Plekanec and Max Pacioretty will share the leadership role. It wasn’t announced yet how many games each player will get to where the “C” nor in what order in it will be given out.
The Canadiens likes many organizations now chose the team Captain instead of leaving it to a vote by the players. The organizations that chose the person who wears the “C” will often go with the player that has the franchise tag, salary, is a star, best media personality (charisma) and leader by example.
It is obvious to anybody who watches the Canadiens that out of the 4 candidates mentioned the only players who receives a high score in all categories mentioned is P.K. Subban. He is the franchise player, got the big contract, is an all-star, gives great and honest interviews (not a bunch of clichés) and makes big plays to help his team win.
The G.M. Marc Bergevin and head coach Michel Therrien continue to show that they want to put Subban in his place, keep his ego in check; he is not that good of a hockey player and still has a lot to learn. The leadership tandem tried to force Subban out of town with a nasty salary arbitration hearing until the ownership had to step in to put a stop to the proceeding. Bergevin and Therrien need to realize their job security and salaries will depend on how the team will perform in the playoffs and their relationship with the franchise player.
Subban will eventually become the Captain of the Montreal Canadiens and will last longer than either Bergevin or Therrien. The majority of the Canadiens fans love his play and personality. The media acknowledges that P.K. is a star player. Now we are waiting for the Canadiens leadership tandem to treat him like a star player.
Will Subban eventually be the Canadiens Captain?
Enjoy your day!
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Peterson should be released

Adrian (AP) Peterson the greatest running back of his generation admitted to teaching his 4 year old son a lesson. The way he did was absolutely wrong. I believe anytime a parent uses a weapon (switch, branch, cable, belt, clinched fist or kicking) is child abuse.
Many people have been putting a message “My parents spanked me as a child, as a result I now suffer from a psychological condition known as “Respect for Other”.” Some kids may need an open hand spank on occasion to deliver a message, but what Peterson did was child abuse.
A 4 year old child doesn’t have enough life experience to know the difference between right and wrong. A verbal explanation and some time to cool off in their room by themselves would have gotten the message across without a spanking or abuse.
It is disturbing to me that AP thinks he did nothing wrong because he was brought up that way as a child. The mentality that violence is the answer only leads to more violence: domestic, child, towards their partners and within the community.
I’m disappointed the white social media has avoided blasting the NFL lack of quick response and suspension. Ray Rice video lead to immediate indefinite suspension and was released after the barrage of social media attacks. The pictures of the little boys with marks should have also lead to a quick reaction, suspension and the possibility of voiding his contract.
The investigators will also have to look at Peterson’s own children medical records and exam them for any injuries; also ask them about how their dad disciplined them. This could lead to further discipline.
The Minnesota Vikings did the right thing by not only keeping Peterson out of the line-up; he was not in the stadium during the game.
The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not made a decision about suspending AP because he wants to wait until the charges and court date.
Michael Vick went to jail for 23 months for abusing, training and killing dogs. I hope AP will get more than 23 months for what he did to his 4 year old.
Do you believe AP contract should be voided?
Enjoy your weekend!
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Rice will play in the NFL again

The disturbing video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife, Janay Parker will lead to either time in jail, probation or many hours of community service or a combination of all of the above.
The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to increase Rice’s suspension from 2 games to indefinitely. The TMZ Sports releasing the video lead to social media storm put the NFL in a position that they need to explain themselves and what they will do to improve the players’ behaviour off the field.
Rice will serve whatever time he has to and once he is free; he should be allowed to earn a living as an NFL football player. The NFL doesn’t have the authority to not give Rice an opportunity to return to the league. The NFLPA and his lawyers will definitely sue the league to reinstate him once he serves his time.
The Rice family and supporters will have to remind him that he can’t even risk getting a parking ticket. He will have to live the straight arrow path. His wife has stood by him and may tell the court she may be partly to blame in order to protect her husband.
Rice will have to apologize and denounce violence against women every time he will speak or answer questions from the media. He will have to certainly do community service where he will speak to teenagers to remind them that there is other ways to resolve conflict than violence.
The NFL can pretend to do the morally correct act in the eyes of the social media, but they can’t prevent Rice from coming back to the NFL. He is only 27 years old and if he has a child then he must be given the opportunity to feed his family.
A year suspension and whatever punishment from the judicial system should be enough. He has lost millions of dollars and reputation, which he will not be able to get back.
Do you believe Rice will play in the NFL again?
Enjoy your day!
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The almighty Goodell finally makes a mistake

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally made a mistake that will leave a black mark on his tenure. The rumour has it that the video of Ray Rice punching his wife in the elevator was in the hands of the NFL since April, yet Goodell only suspended Rice for only 2 games.
The Commissioner has imposed a 6 game ban for first time offense and life time ban for a second offense for future domestic violence violations, which will not hold up in court and NFLPA will definitely fight the lifetime ban.
Now Rice suspension has gone from 2 games to being suspended indefinitely because of the social media attack that the NFL and Baltimore Ravens received from everybody. The NFL tried to blow it off by saying they didn’t see the full video until TMZ Sports released the full video.
Goodell will have to explain how can he watch the video and decide to only give a 2 game suspension? It is clear Rice hit Janay Parker once when they went in the elevator and the second punch knocked her out.
It is obvious to everyone who watched this video that the NFL could not wait for the judicial process before suspending Rice. This case could take a while before a judgment is made in terms of jail time, probation and community service hours or a combination of all of the above to be decided.
Goodell will survive the media storm and keep his job as commissioner. He definitely could not give Rice a life time ban nor can I for see a longer than 1 year ban from the NFL. The justice system by then would have decided on the punishment and everybody could move on from there.
Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald will pay the price for the Ray Rice fiasco. It will be interesting to see how games they will be suspended for their domestic abuse violations.
Will Goodell’s original ruling will taint his legacy?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 2 free NFL point spread picks

My season got off to a great start with a 4 – 1 mark. Washington was my only loss.
The underdogs were the winners in the NFL Week 1 with a 9 – 6 record and 6 of them winning the game. I said this many times take the points as much as possible.
My 5 picks for Week 2 are:
The Seattle Seahawks – 5.5 on the road against the San Diego Chargers. The Seahawks big 3 Russell Wilson, MarShawn Lynch and Percy Harvin will continue to make plays. The defense will play against an offense that played on Monday night while, the Seahawks got to play Thursday night.
Take the Seahawks – 5.5
The Arizona Cardinals very tough defense against a struggling New York Giants offense will give the Cards the advantage. Carson Palmer is playing better than Eli Manning right now. The Giants defense is average and can’t make up for a weak offense.
Take the Cards + 1
I make fun of Tony Romo often, but the Dallas Cowboys at + 3.5 is too tempting. The Tenseness Titans are 1 – 0 and destroyed the under manned Kansas City Chiefs last week. The Cowboys offense has too much talent not to score and cover this week. Don’t be surprised if they win.
Take the Cowboys + 3.5
The Jacksonville Jaguars very talented defense will keep the struggling Washington offense under control. The pressure to put on a great show in front of the home crowd could affect RG III performance. Jaguars front seven defensively is my number one reason to take the points.
Take the Jaguars +6
The Detroit Lions against the Carolina Panthers could go either way. The Lions get 2.5 in a low scoring game could be enough to cover. They played Monday night and had a short week of practice. Cam Newton will play this week with some sore ribs, which should limit his ability to make plays with his legs and arm. The Lions overall team is better than the Panthers great defense.
Take the Lions +2.5
Good luck this weekend!
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Cowboys take Sam and sell his practice jersey

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a smart business, but selling a player’s practice jersey to make a few bucks is lame. Michael Sam may not dress one regular season game. Sam’s St. Louis Rams jersey sold well even though he didn’t end up making the team. Jones loves the attention that he will get from employing the first openly gay NFL player.
Sam wants to make the team and play for the Cowboys instead he will become a side show for people who care more about his sexuality than his play. He doesn’t have the speed or power to be a regular defensive line or stand-up linebacker.
His teammates will resent him because of the extra media attention Sam will be getting. He will be treated poorly by his new teammates because of jealousy. Head Coach Jason Garrett will have to handle the media’s interest in Sam instead of how well his team is doing.
This situation will not be good for Sam nor the Cowboys players and coaches, but Jones will make a few more pennies. The Cowboys used to be America’s team during the Head Coach Tom Landry, Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett years. The new side show Cowboys with Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and now Michael Sam will be the number one soap opera. The NFL Hard Knocks will hope Sam will still be on the Cowboys next training camp inorder follow the team during the pre-season camp. Jones should worry more about winning a Super Bowl.
The Montréal Alouettes have contacted Sam to negotiate a contract. An NFL practice squad player makes more than a CFL player. The Alouettes would have given him a chance to play, which he probably won’t get from the Cowboys.
Everybody who is hoping that Sam could make a difference and be a good player don’t want to see Sam being reduced to a side show.
Do you think Sam will dress one game for the Cowboys?
Enjoy your day!
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My Week 1 free point spread NFL picks

A new season begins with an excellent match-up, which may decide who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Green Bay Packers against Seattle Seahawks will be the best Thursday game of the year. I will watch and not take a point spread winner.

Most of my picks will be underdogs because I like to take the points, which gives me a two out of three scenarios in my favour. I win when the Underdog wins outright or loses by less than the point spread, while the Favourite only wins when they win by more than the point spread.

My 5 point spread picks are:
The New Orleans Saints versus the Atlanta Falcons (+3)
The Falcons are healthy and want to prove to everybody that they are back to being a Super Bowl contender. Matt Ryan with his healthy WR tandem (Roddy White and Julio Jones) and RB Steven Jackson will score a lot of points. The Falcons getting 3 points at home is just too tempting.
Take the Falcons + 3
The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Baltimore Ravens (-2.5)
Great match-up the winner will send a message to their division that they will be on top. The battle of the 100 million dollars QBs will go to the younger one. The Bengals are the best team in their division.
Take the Bengals +2.5
The Washington Redskins against the Houston Texans (-3)
Who would you pick RG III or Ryan Fitzpatrick? And I’m getting 3 points. End of discussion.
Take the Redskins +3
The Oakland Raiders versus New York Jets (-4)
Rex Ryan will blitz the rookie QB Derek Carr into submission. The Jets first game at home with playoff aspirations could be a coming out party. The Jets offense have many new weapons that should help them score more points.
Take the Jets (-4)
The Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers (-6)
The Browns defense is the reason that I will take the points. It will be a low scoring game despite the Browns losing Josh Gordon for the season.
Take the Browns +6
Good luck this weekend!
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