Jays Tulo needs to hit more than 70 points higher

The Toronto Blue Jays Troy Tulowitzki needs to hit more than 70 points higher than his weight (204) to give his team a boost. The Blue Jays are scoring only 3.95 runs per game (91 runs in 23 games) and they have lost the balanced attack they had last year. The Jays are only getting consistent production from Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

Manager John Gibbons could move Tulo to the leadoff spot, which give him a chance to get major protection from Donaldson and Jose. The move could give the struggling shortstop an opportunity to get more fast balls that he can crash. Michel Saunders can hit number five for the time being.

The Jays need an explosion of runs because the pitching staff has done a job by keeping the team in the game. They only give up 4.22 runs a game despite the bullpen struggling.

Tulo in the American League had 163 at bats last year and hit .239. This year has been worse with 73 at bats and 23 strike outs with a .192. He is expected to have at least 400 at bats hit over 20 homeruns with 85 runs batted in and hit for .280. He does have a .310 OBP because he has 12 walks.

Toronto is paying him 20 million dollars not to just be a very good defensive shortstop, but also contribute offensively. His improved offensive contributions can immediately help the presently under .500 Blue Jays team.

The contract situations for Jose and Edwin will become a bigger issue if the Jays don’t have a better record by the 40 game mark. Even though it is an 162 games season a good start to the season gives a team more leeway when injuries, slumps or trade deadline deals happen.

Should Tulo be a number 5 or lead off hitter for Jays?

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Did Raptors win or Pacers blew it?

Did the Toronto Raptors win or Indiana Pacers blew it in Game 5? The Raptors won the fourth quarter 25 to 9. The Pacers seemed to be heading towards a 3 – 2 lead in the series until the offensive melt down.

Pacers head coach Frank Vogel had sat Paul George and George Hill earlier in the game and they proceeded to give up a big lead. Why would did he start the fourth quarter with both players sitting for almost 4 minutes in the fourth? Pacers had Rodney Stuckey (1 for 10), C.J. Miles (2 for 8) and Ty Lawson (1 point) on the court at the same time as his team gave away the lead.

The 21 – 2 Raptors run to begin the fourth quarter sealed the deal. They battled, scratch and clawed to save face in front of their home crowd. Coach Dwane Casey finally made some adjustments by sitting a struggling Luis Scola and started Patrick Patterson at power forward. DeMar DeRozan finally scored like an all-star.

The Raptors role players responded offensively with Corey Joseph (8 points), Bismack Biyombo and Norman Powell reaching double digits (10 each). Coach Casey played Powell and Biyombo more minutes than they usually play.

Offensively the Raptors should be concerned their 6 for 16 three point shooting (23.1%) and only 12 assists on 33 made field goals made. The Pacers were 13 for 29 from behind the three point arc and had 22 assists on 33 made field goals.

The Raptors are not known for ball movement nonetheless it has to be better to win a playoff round. The pressure is still on the Raptors who must win Game 6 to avoid a win or go home situation in Game 7.

Can the Raptors win the series?

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Jays Sanchez should be in bull pen

Jays Sanchez should be in bull pen


Raptors need a new starting PF

Raptors need to play Jason Thompson or James Johnson



Raptors Coach Casey needs to make adjustments

The Toronto Raptors head Coach Dwane Casey needs to make in game adjustments when things are not going their way. He has a set rotation and doesn’t to have an offensive adjustment when the three point shot is not going in.

The Raptors are not getting any production from their power forward position; yet, Coach Casey insists on playing Luis Scola and Patrick Patterson every game. Scola averages 13 minutes a game and only scored 8 points in four games. Patrick Patterson averages just under 30 minutes and scored 38 points so far. He only scored more than 10 points in one game (14).

Why not give Jason Thompson or James Johnson some minutes at power forward? They each bring a different skill set they bring to the game, which right now is more than what Scola can bring at this stage of his career. If Casey wants to continue to use Scola at least use him at what he does, which is scoring near the key and mid-range jumpers.

The Raptors three point shooting has been awful in their first round match-up. They shoot better than 30% only in Game 3. The remaining three games they shot 21.1%, 27.8% and 26.7% compared the Pacers 52.4%, 20%, 27.3% and 37.5%.

Kyle Lowry is the Raptors best shooter, clutch shooter, takes the most and makes the most three point shots during the season. He is presently 5 for 27 from behind the arc and is shooting 18.5%. His fellow All-star DeMar DeRozan who doesn’t shoot many three point shots is 0 for 8 right and there is no need to give you the percentage.

Raptors lack of ball movement on offense has finally caught up to them. The Pacers who have a lot of length and very good athletes are forcing the Raptors stars to decide between taking bad shots or pass the ball. DeMar has 14 and Kyle has 13 turnovers with minimum two games remaining.

Can Casey make adjustments and have players move the ball on offense?

Will the Raptors win Game 5?

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Rockets beat Warriors from three point line in Game 3

The Houston Rockets beat the Golden Warriors in Game 3 from the three point line by shooting 11 for 36 and James Harden’s four makes was almost more than Golden State as a team 6 for 25. The best three point shooter was Marreese Speights who was three for six from behind arc.

The usually consistent Klay Thompson (0 for 7) and Draymond Green (0 for 2) had a bad night.

The Warriors will now have to play Stephen Curry even if he might not be 100% for Game 4. It will be interesting to see how well Curry will play the rest of the series. The Warriors will win Game 4 in Houston and put the Rockets back in their place.

Head coach Steve Kerr can limit Curry’s minutes because he can now play Ian Clark as a point guard if last season’s Finals MVP can’t play thirty-five minutes. The Warriors have a lot of pride and won’t lose two games in a row especially to a shaky team like the Rockets.

The Rockets played their best game and they still struggled to win on a last second shot. Trevor Ariza almost gave game away with a terrible inbound pass. Houston’s basketball I.Q. is low compared to the Warriors. The Rockets can say they weren’t swept by the defending NBA Champions, which doesn’t mean much.

The Warriors will win Game 4 by double digits and take control of the series. There is no doubt that Golden State will win in five.

Can Curry be healthy for the remainder of the playoffs and play at MVP level?

Will the series last longer than 5 games?

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Blue Jays Colabello suspension a surprise

The Toronto Blue Jays key contributor last year Chris Colabello received an 80 game suspension for performance enhancing steroids is a shock to everybody. He seems to be a player who is not the pro-typical PED user because he struggled in the minors for seven years and a two year stint with the Minnesota Twins before getting his career year last year.

The steroid he was caught for is used to improve strength and speed. Colabello 333 at bats, 15 homeruns, 19 doubles, 1 triple and hit for .321 last season. The statistics he put up last year could be largely due to his PED use.

Colabello was hitting only .069 this year because he knew it was just a matter of time for his suspension. He will miss half the season and is not be permitted to play in the playoffs.

The Blue Jays are struggling to score runs this season and now are missing a big part of a very good first base platoon. Justin Smoak will get the majority of the at bats for the rest of the season. He is a much better defender than Colabello also has more power. The problem with Smoak is his high strikeout rate and low batting average will be an issue as the season goes along.

Toronto will now have to trade for a hitter who can platoon with Smoak at first base, DH or be the fourth outfielder. Signing Michael Bourn was a move to give them experience in the minors in case an outfielder is hurt not to replace Colabello.

The Blue Jays will need a very good home stand to get them back on the right track towards another playoff run.

Will Colabello be able to hit .300 again for the Jays?

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Browns could trade number 8 pick

The Cleveland Browns could look to trade the number 8 pick in the NFL Draft after receiving it for the number two pick and additional picks. Paxton Lynch is the third best quarterback in the draft and right now in the some Mock Draft he is expected to be drafted between 13 and 25th pick.

On Draft night the Browns may have an opportunity to trade the number eight pick for some more picks this draft and next year. They could also draft a player like running back Ezekiel Elliot or quarterback Paxton Lynch and trade them for some more assets.

The Browns are in a great position to make another move that would put the franchise in a position to have multiple first round draft picks within a two year period. The future looks bright for the Browns for the first time since forever it seems.

The two year performance of Robert Griffin III at quarterback will be the key to the three to five year plan for Cleveland to be regular playoff participants. Head Coach Hue Jackson is a very good offensive coordinator who will find a way to make it work and get RG III back to being a franchise player.

Cleveland football fans will have a reason to cheer and be excited to follow their team for the next few years. The Browns will be competitive and cover spreads against tough opponents next season.

The Browns organization needs to be listening to offers and be ready to use their leverage to make one more trade. One player can’t change the organization fortunes it is better to have a top 10 this year and two first round picks next season.

The Browns are taking a page out the Cincinnati Bengals who the majority of their key players were drafted not signed as free agents.

Will Browns win more than 3 games this season?

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Clippers Crawford wins a third sixth man award

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year was Jamal Crawford for a third time. Crawford scoring this season was his lowest since 2011 – 12 season. He is a scoring machine who only fill out one stats line: points. His points per game since he joined the Clippers 16.5, 18.6 and 15.8.

Name Minutes Points Assists Rebounds Attempts
Crawford 26:54 14.2 2.3 1.8 11.9
Andre Iguodala 26:38 7.0 3.4 4.0 5.7
Enes Kanter 20:59 12.7 0.4 8.1 8.8


The NBA could have easily chosen someone else this season. It seems no effort was made to compare statistics between the main three contenders for the title. Iguodala is a member of the Warriors who set the NBA record for most wins in a season, a great defensive player and fills out many different categories compared the offensive minded Crawford.

My pick would have been Kanter because he almost averaged a double-double per game with less than 21 minutes a game. A center who can put up those numbers as a true back-up center in a guard oriented league is amazing. Kanter took three less shots per game than Crawford; yet only trails by 1.5 in points per game.

The people who voted for the winner just chose the name because they knew him over everybody else. It easy to pick for who was expected to win without researching who had the better season.

Kanter clearly had the better overall statistics than Crawford in less minutes per game.  OKC’s center was robbed of an opportunity to pick-up a well-deserved award. Instead we have Crawford become the first three time winner of the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Congratulation to Crawford.

Did Crawford deserve his third win?

Have a great day!

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Coach Casey does the right thing

Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey did the right thing when he benched DeMar DeRozan in the fourth quarter of Game 2 win versus the Indiana Pacers. Coach Casey usually doesn’t deviate from his trust in Kyle Lowry and DeRozan despite occasional struggles.

Coach Casey realizes playoff success will not only guarantee a new contract, it also means longer term may be a five year deal instead of three and long term financial security. Masai Ujiri will keep his coach after a fabulous 56 win season.

The DeRozan benching may lead to rejuvenated player for the rest of the series. A two time All-star who is playing for his next contract and needs to prove he can lead a team past the first round. He has to do more than score the ball to make himself valuable to a basketball franchise. He has three steals, six rebounds and assists with seven fouls in 67 minutes is exposing his lack of overall game.

The Raptors are trying to sugar coat the situation by saying coach Casey stayed with the hot hand. The previous years’ coach Casey would have put DeRozan back in the game no matter how bad he was playing.

Coach Casey has let his team know that he will play the players who are playing well that night and will sit those who are not. The Raptors got themselves an important victory and will need to split in Indiana to have a chance.

The OKC Thunder and Raptors are the only teams to lose at home in the first round. The Raptors – Pacers series is tied with neither team having a big advantage because the Pacers 26 – 15 home record is not intimidating because the Raptors are a very good road 24 – 17 this season.

Will the Raptors return home with the series tied at 2?

Have a great day!

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