Kobe will end up being number 1

Kobe Bryant has finally passed Michael Jordan for third on the all-time NBA scoring list. Only Karl Malone (36 928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38 387) are ahead of Kobe.
Bryant has played 22 games this season scoring an average of 25.5 points. The Los Angeles Lakers have 60 games remaining and he  should be able to play at least 50 scoring a minimum 20 points per, which will add another 1 000 points to his total. He will end the season with approximately 33 292.
The 36 years old Lakers legend will need 5 096 points to take over the number one spot after this season. He should be able to play into his 40’s and continue to score 20 points a game because he is always in excellent shape. He played less than 50 games in a season only once (6 games) in his career due to a tore Achilles tendon during the 2013 – 14 season.
I predict Bryant will play a minimum of 75 games a year during the next three seasons and will continue to score 20 points a game minimum. If I calculate 225 games at 20 points average will equal 4 500 points. Therefore he will be 596 points short after three more years of scoring 20 points a game.
The only question remaining: will Kobe become the NBA all-time scoring leader in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform? The Lakers are awful this year and should be again next year. He wants to win another title. Can the Lakers become relevant again with Bryant as their Captain? His expectations are so high that will be difficult for young players to develop with verbal encouragement or abuse.
The Lakers and NBA would like Kobe to become the All-time leading scorer as a Lakers.
How long before Kobe is the number one scorer All-time?
Enjoy your day!
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NFL Week 16 free point spread picks

My Week 15 record was 3 – 2 – 1record, which put me one game under .500 (39 – 40 – 1) with 2 regular season weeks remaining. I will give you six picks this week, which will include a team with no chance at playoffs.
My 6 picks are:
Minnesota Viking versus the Miami Dolphins (-7.5)
The Vikings defense is excellent and their offense is steady not spectacular. The Vikings were ahead 14 – 7 against the Lions in Detroit. The Dolphins are good, but not great team and should not be favoured by more than a touchdown.
Take the Vikings + 7.5
New England Patriots against the New York Jets (+11)
The Patriots love to blow out the Rex Ryan Jets; therefore expect a 38 – 10 type score. The Jets’ offense is atrocious.
Take Pats – 11
Kansas City Chiefs versus the Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)
The teams involved are fighting for a playoff spot. The Chiefs have a better all-around team and should keep the game close or even win outright. The Steelers defense is suspect.
Take the Chiefs + 3
Indianapolis Colts versus the Dallas Cowboys (-3)
The Cowboys are 7 – 0 on the road and 3 – 4 at home. The Colts are 4 – 2 on the road. I will take Andrew Luck over Tony Romo in this game.
Indy + 3
Seattle Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals (+7.5)
The Seahawks offense is not the type that I should take to blowout an opponent, but their defense will create turnovers, which should lead to easy points. The Cards are starting Ryan Lindley who hasn’t started a game since 2012. Expect a blowout win for Seahawks.
Take the Seahawks – 11
Denver Broncos versus Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5)
The Bengals are a very good home and their defense is one of the best. The question will be can Andy Dalton play like a franchise quarterback? Maybe it is the ½ point that intrigues me and the fact the Broncos are running the ball more often.
Take the Bengals + 3.5
Good luck this weekend!
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49ers Harbaugh has 3 games left

The Sunday 4:25 game will see teams who are going in opposite directions. The San Francisco 49ers are struggling and Seattle Seahawks are looking to win the NFC West division title. This will be the best Week 15 game to watch.
The San Francisco 49ers are one loss away from being eliminated from the NFL post season. They play a very tough Seahawks team in Seattle. The 49ers loss against the terrible Los Angeles Raiders might be a signal that the players no longer want to play for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.
The 49ers had to deal with injuries and suspensions to key players absolutely affected the team’s success. Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowman, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis all Pro Bowlers who missed multiple games this year. The on field leadership dropped and Harbaugh’s sideshow put a major dent in team chemistry.
The rumours about Coach Harbaugh wanting to leave San Francisco also the possibility he maybe be traded for a second round pick will be the main story line if they lose to the Seahawks. The Coach became more important than the players and team. Everybody would benefit from Harbaugh moving on to another organization.
The Seahawks will be able to eliminate 49ers and win their tenth game of the season. The defense has regained their confidence and physical attitude with the starting eleven finally healthy.
The offense is nothing spectacular, but very effective with Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin being their play makers.
Head Coach Pete Carroll will love to eliminate his nemesis Harbaugh.
Harbaugh has to win the three games remaining to save his job.
Seahawks will win at home.
Enjoy your day!
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It’s Manziel’s time

The Brian Hoyer experiment should be over after last weekend’s home loss the Indianapolis Colts. The Cleveland Browns were in control of the game their defense scored two touchdowns and set-up a short field for a field that Hoyer couldn’t convert into a touchdown.
Josh Gordon could have saved Hoyer’s job with a catch along the sideline that would have put the Browns at the Colts 20 yard line and put his team in position to kick the winning field goal. Hoyer scrambled and made a great throw deep that would have keep Johnny Manziel on the bench for another week.
Hoyer only had 140 yards passing and 31.7 QBR (quarterback rating) can only mean he is no longer the starter. Will Manziel be better than Hoyer? No one knows, the big difference is Manziel can plays with his legs to keep drives alive.
The Cincinnati Bengals are in first place of the AFC North Division and want to keep it that way. The tie against the Carolina Panthers gives them a slight edge because it is better than a loss, which is the reason the Bengals are in first place.
The Bengals were embarrassed last week; therefore they will be playing at an extremely high level this Sunday. It will be a low scoring game with the Bengals using their experience to win the battle.
Manziel was made the starter to give the Browns offense an energy boost. He has been put in a bad situation in his first start against a division rival on the road. The Bengals defense is a talented, has many veterans and the unit that has played together for a few years. Coach Marvin Lewis will have his defense ready for the challenge to contain Manziel.
It will be a fun game to watch.
Who is your pick between the Browns and Bengals?
Enjoy your day!
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NFL Week 15 free point spread picks

My Week 14 record was 4 – 2 record, which put me two games under .500 (36 – 38) for the year. I will give you six picks this week, which will include a team with no chance at playoffs.
My 6 picks are:
Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Atlanta Falcons (+2)
The Steeler better not waste a chance to play an opponent who doesn’t like playing against physical teams. Le’Veon Bell should have another great game rushing the football.
Matt Ryan best receiver Julio Jones may not be 100% for the game.
Take the Steelers – 2
Cleveland Browns against the Cincinnati Bengals (-1)
The Johnny Manziel excitement may not be enough to beat the Bengals. Manziel is a rookie starting quarterback against a veteran defense with a Head Coach who built his resume being a defensive coordinator. Coach Marvin Lewis will create a lot of havoc for Manziel.
The Bengals were embarrassed last week and will respond this week.
Take the Bengals – 1
Green Bay Packer versus the Buffalo Bills (+4.5)
Aaron Rodgers will show the Bills defense why he is a candidate for MVP Honours. The Packers are an excellent team in cold conditions and are hot right now. They won 5 in a row.
Sammy Watkins has Julio Jones type of talent except his quarterback is Kyle Orton.
Take the Packers -4.5
The Denver Broncos against the San Diego Chargers (-4)
Philip Rivers and the Chargers defense are not afraid of anybody.
The Broncos offense is not as dominate with the injuries to their receiving core. They seem to run the ball more than usual.
Take the Chargers -4
Houston Texans versus the Indianapolis Colts (-7)
The Texans will probably lose the game, but 7 points is too much. Andrew Luck will make mistake, which will lead to easy points for the Texans. J.J. Watt wants to be one of the rare defensive players to win the NFL MVP Award.
Take the Texans +7
New York Jets on the road against the Tennessee Titans
Yes, I’m picking a team that has no chance of a playoff spot and a quarterback who feels he has looked at times like a Pro Bowl quarterback.
The Titans are down to their third string quarterback. The Jets defense will dominate the game.
Take the Jets -2
Good luck this weekend!
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Black athletes taking a stand on social issues

It is nice to see Black athletes take a stand and comment on America social ills in terms of race relations. LeBron James was the first in this new generation of athletes to take a stand by speaking out against the verdict of Trayvon Martin’s death. A few players did a photo shoot with their sons wearing hoodies. Since then players have protested former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments, Rams players Hands Up during players’ introduction and now I can’t breathe t-shirt worn by Derrick Rose, which other prominent players have worn since.
Some people feel the athletes’ job is to play sports and sell products. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have avoided to take any stance and never had anything to say about social injustices that relates to African-Americans. Charles Barkley had the famous commercial that he said, “I’m not a role model.”
In terms of Black athletes’ social conciseness since the fist international protest at the 1968 Olympics (Tommie Smith and John Wesley Carlos), Muhammad Ali gave up his heavy weight championship belt instead of joining the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war, Boston Celtics Bill Russell marching at civil rights rallies and Jim Brown was never afraid to speak his mind about social issues. The two great Black civil rights leaders were killed: Malcolm X (1965) and Martin Luther King (1968). This all happen within 50 years not over 100. Many people who have lynched, raped and murdered Blacks are still alive today living a free live not being chased to be prosecuted like old Nazi soldiers.
It is a sensitive subject for the Police Chiefs, unions and members. The Police must admit there is a 10 to 20 percent of its members that should not be part of the union. Every Police officer hired will not be a good or great Cop; therefore they should eliminate the bad apples.
I hope the Black athletes continue take to speak up on social injustices that affects their own community.
Do you believe Athletes should take a stand on social injustice?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 14 free NFL point spread picks

My Week 13 record was 0 – 5 record an embarrassing first for me . I’m 32 – 36 after 13 weeks putting me under .500 with a few weeks to reach 60%. I will give you six picks this week.
The picks are:
New England Patriots versus San Diego Chargers (-3)
The Patriots lost last week to the Green Bay Packers. They will not lose two weeks in a row. The Chargers don’t fear them, but it is too tempting to not take the points.
Take the Patriots +3
Seattle Seahawks versus Philadelphia Eagles (-1)
The Seahawks are in a position to win their division. Mark Sanchez will struggle against the surging Seahawks defense.
Take the Seahawks + 1
Kansas City Chiefs against the Arizona Cardinals (PK)
The two teams have very good defenses. The difference will be Charles, Smith and Bowe are much better the Cardinals best offensive players.
Take the Chiefs (PK)
St. Louis Rams against the Washington (-1.5)
The Rams are on a roll and playing excellent football. Washington’s players and coaches are a team in turmoil and playing out the season. The Rams victory would remind fans how much was given up to get RG III.
Take the Rams
New York Giants against the Tennessee Titans (PK)
The Giants were embarrassed by the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. The Titans are down to their third string quarterback. Expect a heavy dose of Odell Beckham Jr., which should be enough to guarantee a win.
Take the Giants PK
Pittsburgh Steelers versus Cincinnati Bengals (-3)
The Bengals at home are a great team and have owned the Steelers. One of these teams will be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss.
Good luck this weekend!
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Blue Jays add playoff experience and leaders

Alex Anthopoulus has recognized the biggest problem with the Toronto Blue Jays was their lack of leadership and fundamentals. He improved those two areas by adding playoff tested veterans signed Russell Martin, traded for Josh Donaldson and Andy Dirks. These moves have dramatically improved the Blue Jays roster and could be one starting pitcher away from being a true contender.
Martin will catch over 100 games a year. He has been a starting catcher since 2006 and only one season he caught less than 100 games (97). His last four years he has averaged over 120 games. Martin is durable, talented in all aspects of the game, a leader and a clutch player. He has playoff experience and has a good rapport with umpire, which can get his team a few more strike calls.
Brett Lawrie departure has to do with his inability to stay healthy and the many temper tantrums when things didn’t go well. He is an excellent defender, can hit .280 and has above average speed. He had the physical tools, but lacked the mental toughness or maturity. He rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way and they were tired of Lawrie’s antics. Many Toronto teenage girls who were a fan of him will not be happy.
The Blue Jays resolved their third base problem by inserting Donaldson at third base. He played 158 of a possible 162 games each of the last two seasons; he averaged 26 homeruns and 97 runs batted in. He is also an excellent defender. It is a great deal for the Blue Jays organization.
Dirks will be the new centerfielder for the Blue Jays. He only stroke out 173 times in 1 063 at bats, which will reduce the strike out numbers for Toronto. I’m ecstatic that Colby “Strike out” Rasmus is gone with his crappy attitude and poor defense. Dirks could hit number two or improve the bottom of the line-up at number eight or nine.
Anthopoulus has to either sign Melky Cabrera or trade for a left-fielder and acquire a starting pitcher who is a true number one. I believe you can have a closer by committee when a team doesn’t have a pitcher who can do it. I would like to see a new manager because I don’t trust John Gibbons.
The Blue Jays defense, offense and locker room leadership has improved with the new additions. The three playoff veterans they added will help them handle the ups and downs of a long baseball season.
Do you believe the Jays are better?
Enjoy your day!

NFL starting Black quarterbacks disappearing…

The 2013 season began with nine Black starting quarterbacks:
1. Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
2. Robert Griffin III (Washington)
3. Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers)
4. E.J. Manuel (Buffalo Bills)
5. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)
6. Terrelle Pryor (Oakland Raiders)
7. Geno Smith (New York Jets)
8. Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles)
9. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)
The 2013 ended with three Black quarterbacks losing their starting jobs: Freeman playing for three different teams, Pryor and Vick. Freeman is not in the league despite a great 2010 season in which he led the Bucs to a 10 – 6 record, was the NFC Player of the Week 5 and 17 also was an alternate Pro Bowl player (2011). Pryor lost his starting job due to injury and was later traded to Seahawks. Vick lost his job to a more productive Nick Foles.
Freeman and Pryor were not signed for 2014 season. Vick was signed by the Jets as a back-up to Smith.
This season Griffin III will be replaced by Colt McCoy, Manuel lost his job to Kyle Orton, Smith and Vick have played musical chairs. Griffin maybe cut or traded by Washington at the end of the season. Manuel is 24 years old and starter Orton is 32; therefore there is hope for Manuel to be a starter again. The Jets situation is a mess, Vick will be let go and Smith will have to compete for the starting position next season.
There are only three starting Black quarterbacks who will be the face of their franchises for years to come: Kaepernick, Newton and Wilson. They all made the playoffs last year and still have a chance to repeat the feat and Wilson became the 2nd starting Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl last year.
The struggles by the Black quarterback will that affect how high Jameis Winston and Brett Hundley will be drafted? Will Black quarterbacks get opportunities to start or asked to switch positions?
The quarterback and head coach positions are still a predominately held by White men in the NFL.
How many NFL teams will be led by Black quarterbacks next year?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 13 free NFL point spread picks

My Week 12 record was 3 – 3 record. I’m 32 – 31 after 12 weeks barely over .500 and in need of a great week. This week I will stick to teams who are in the playoff hunt.
My five picks will be:
Cincinnati Bengals against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4)
The Bengals have won 2 in a row and will win a third this weekend. The Bengals are healthy and Josh McCown is a turnover prone quarterback.
Take the Bengals – 4
Cleveland Browns versus the Buffalo Bills (-2)
Both teams have very good defenses and average offenses. The pick comes down to Brian Hoyer or Kyle Orton at quarterback and Josh Gordon or Sammy Watkins at wide receiver? The Browns are the better team and have beaten playoff teams.
Take the Browns + 2
Carolina Panthers against the Minnesota Vikings (-3)
This is a pick I enjoy taking because the Panthers are the better team despite not having Greg Hardy. Cam Newton had a much needed week off. The Vikings will battle and have a better than average defense. The panthers are the better team plus we are getting points.
Take the Panthers + 3
Arizona Cardinals versus the Atlanta Falcons (+1.5)
The Cardinals defense will make enough plays to win the game. The Falcons have only beaten teams in their division. They won’t be able to handle the Cards physical team.
Take Cards – 1.5
New England Patriots against the Green Bay Packers (-3)
The Patriots as underdog, enough said.
Take Patriots + 3
Good luck this weekend!
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