NFL Week 5 free point spread picks

My week 4 was one game above .500 with a 3 – 2 record with the Raiders losing late and Cardinals not converting their multiple opportunities. My record after four weeks is 11 – 7 – 1. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools. This week is another tough week to choose point spreads, but picks have to be made.
New England Patriots (-9.5) versus the Dallas Cowboys
The Patriots are coming off a bye week; therefore, had extra time to prepare for the offensively challenged Cowboys.
Take the Pats – 9.5
Pittsburgh Steelers against the San Diego Chargers (-3)
The Chargers are a team that is very good at winning games they are supposed to and the Steelers with Vick as quarterback is a great opportunity to register a win.
Take Chargers – 3
New Orleans Saints (+4.5) versus the Philadelphia Eagles
The Saints will score enough points with Brees leading the charge to keep the score close. The Eagles are not the offensive juggernaut that the media thinks they were going into the season.
Take the Saints + 4.5
Chicago Bears (+9.5) against the Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs have lost to three teams that will win more than 10 games (Broncos, Packers and Bengals) this season. Bears coach Fox will have his team battling and Cutler may make a few plays despite the Chiefs pass rush.
Take Bears +9.5
Jacksonville Jaguars versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
There are only 13 games this week and I have to pick a fifth game. I will take a game where two awful teams will play each other. The rule is usually take the points. Winston was embarrassed last week with a four interception game.
I will take the Bucs because they are home and Jags couldn’t beat the Colts who were playing without Luck.
Take the Bucs – 3
Good luck this weekend!
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Can Raptors Jonas V excel with Coach Casey?

The Toronto Raptors organization signed Jonas Valanciunas to a contract extension, which will kick in next year worth 64 million for four years. Coach Dwane Casey loves using a smaller line-up with Amir Johnson as the center last year. Now that Amir has signed with the Boston Celtics who will be the center when Coach Casey plays small ball?
Jonas was fifth on the Raptors last year in playing time with Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson and Patrick Paterson all finishing ahead of the center. This illustrates Coach Casey playing Amir (center) and Patrick (power forward) more than JV. He played 26:11 a game; therefore with his new contract Masai Ujiri will be expecting Coach Casey to increase the young center minutes to 30 minutes. Coach Casey has already said DeMarre Carroll will play some minutes at power forward. The Coach believes going small will give his team the best chance at success and Jonas didn’t play often as the only big man on the court with four players 6’9” and under. Valanciunas often didn’t play many minutes in the fourth quarter last year. Coach Casey often felt Jonas was too slow and was a defensive liability.
JV’s statistics have improved in each of his three seasons except in the minutes a game category. It dropped from 28:10 to 26:11. He had his best offensive season last year with 12.0 points and 8.7 rebounds a game was his second highest career total (8.8). An increase in minutes should help Jonas average a double for the season.
The president of basketball operations has sent a strong message to Coach Casey that Jonas will be on the roster for a long time. Can Coach Casey help Jonas take the next step in his development as an NBA center?
Coach Casey won a personal best for himself and the Raptors organization for a season with 49 wins last year. He and Ujiri have added tougher, disciplined and all-around players who came from winning organization. Carroll, Corey Joseph and Luis Scola are the type of players Coach Casey wanted on his roster.
Will JV average a double for the season?
Have a great weekend!
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NFL Week 4 free point spread picks

My week 3 was good with a 4 – 1 record with the Bucs ruining my chance at a perfect week. My record after three weeks is 8 – 5 – 1. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools. This week is a tough week to choose point spreads, but picks have to be made.
Jacksonville Jaguars (+10) versus Indianapolis Colts
The Jaguars were embarrassed by the New Patriots last week will be much better this week. I’m not saying they will win, but they should cover the point spread. The Colts defense is average with a bunch of injuries.
Take the Jags + 10
Oakland Raiders (-3) against the Chicago Bears
It is crazy that the Raiders are 3 point favourite on the road. The Bears were down 6 – 0 against the Seahawks in Seattle. Their fans will have hope for an upset.
I love Carr, Cooper and Crabtree to dominate this game.
Take Raiders – 3
Kansas City Chiefs versus the Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5)
The Bengals are a very good home team and are undefeated right now.
Take the Bengals – 3.5
Minnesota Vikings (+7) against the Denver Broncos
The Broncos defense has been excellent. The offense hasn’t looked like a juggernaut anymore. The Vikings power football and solid defense will keep the game close.
Take the Vikings + 7
St. Louis Rams versus the Arizona Cardinals (-7)
The Cards defense will dominate the Rams offense. St. Louis is awful on the road. The Cards are much better with Carson Palmer at quarterback.
Take the Cards – 7
Good luck this weekend!
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Pacers George does not want to play PF

The Indiana Pacers plan to use All-star small forward Paul George at the power forward position to improve the pace of the offense and create mismatches with their opponents. He is already to put his foot down and advised the media he will not be playing the four for many minutes. It would be a wise move by Pacers head coach Frank Vogel to employ the strategy in the Eastern Conference because not many teams keep two big men on the court at all times.
George should realize this is not the NBA of the past when bruisers Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, Rick Mahorn, Kevin Willis, Dale Davis and Antonio Davis were very physical power forwards. Most power forwards now are tall lanky players just like George (6’9” and 225 pounds); he can match-up well with Chris Bosh, Amir Johnson and Thaddeus Young. The Pacers would be a much better team with George at Power Forward for most of the game. Only the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls love to employ two big men on the court for the majority of a game in the Eastern Conference.
The 18.5 million dollars making Small forward wants to dictate to his team, which position he will be playing next season. The move to power forward could be beneficial to both the player and team. The new NBA have many coaches who like to play small quicker line-ups with only one seven-footer on the court. The Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey employs such a line-up the majority of the game and he will use DeMarre Carroll at power forward.
The Pacers management and George need to come to an agreement on how he will be utilized during the season. The Pacers will contend for a playoff spot this year as long as George returns to his All-star caliber play.
Will George play power forward for the Pacers this season?
Have a great day!
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Newton made a mistake by calling out Hochuli

The Carolina Panther organization will be at a disadvantage for the rest of the season because of Cam Newton’s after game press conference. He states veteran NFL referee Ed Hochuli said, “He is too young to get a personal foul call.”
Newton might have been upset and felt he needed to tell media. I’m sure he doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions. Every referee crew in the NFL may hold a grudge against the Panthers, which could affect the outcome of a game. Most NFL games are decided by one score. A close call not going a team’s way maybe devastating. It is Newton’s fifth season in the NFL when will he learn, “that every action performed in life creates another reaction which in turn produces a new counter action.”
The immature reaction once again shows the 26 years old has a long way to go as leader of a team and the face of a franchise. Newton only thought about himself when he made his comments.
Head coach Ron Rivera needs to handle this situation. The Panthers are one of the six 3 – 0 teams and all everybody is talking about Newton and Hochuli’s conversation. The Panthers organization has been put in a tough spot by their superstar quarterback either they back Newton or try to diffuse the situation without picking a side? It is a no win situation because if they back their star, every referee crew will hold a grudge and if they stay neutral then their quarterback will be upset that the team is not backing him.
The Panther play a big Divisional game on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It is a must win and the focus has to go back to football.
Will Newton’s comments affect the Panthers relationship with the referee crews?
Have a great day!
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Anthony Bennett will find another NBA job..

A player who may end up being the answer to a Sports Trivia question that many sports fans will get wrong ten years from now as Andrew Wiggins accumulates many accolades and Anthony Bennett career may be over.
Who was the first Canadian basketball player to be drafted number one overall in the NBA Draft? It wasn’t Andrew Wiggins. The 2013 NBA number one pick overall was Anthony Bennett who has struggled to find playing time during his two years in the NBA so far. The Minnesota Timberwolves bought him out because they can’t justify paying a bit player 5.8 million dollars.
Bennett has played well while representing Team Canada at Pan Am Games and FIBA tournament. He will be in the best shape going into an NBA season since his career started. He may be a solid professional who can contribute 20 minutes a game. The former number one pick overall who was drafted that high because he was supposed to be the next Larry Johnson. Bennett will never be able to live up those expectations.
He has cleared waivers and a few teams will get him at a salary much lower than 5.8 million dollars. The Toronto Raptors are one of the teams interested in his services. Coach Dwane Casey loves to use a small line-up, which would be a perfect fit for a player like Bennett. He is a tweener because he is neither a true small nor a power forward. Coach Casey loves to play four smalls with only one player above 6’11” on the floor.
Bennett will be able to carve a few more years and hopefully he can have a few good seasons.
Can Bennett have a few successful seasons in his career?
Have a great day!
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The Blue Jays number 1 and 2 starters are set…

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons’ easiest decisions this post season will be to decide his number one and two starters. David Price’s arrival has finally given the Toronto Blue Jays their first legitimate ace since Roy (Doc) Halladay. Price has been dominant with an 8 – 1 record in his 10 starts with Toronto. Marcus Stroman three starts since his return from his knee injury definitely confirms that he is ready to be the number two starter in the post season.
The number three and four starters hopefully are chosen based on the Blue Jays starters’ performances since the All-star break. The Blue Jays organization made a great decision by demoting Drew Hutchinson despite his 13 – 4 record. He has now been moved to the bull pen.
The toughest decision Manager Gibbons will have to make is: will he send Mark Buehrle to the mound for either game three or four of the post season? He pitched six innings in only one game in his last three starts and missed a start due to a sore shoulder. He has pitched 185 innings and will not reach the 200 innings mark for the first time since 14 years ago. Gibbons must not let his three years managing Buehrle stop him from making the best decision for the Blue Jays.
R.A. Dickey and Marco Estrada should be the third and fourth pitchers in the rotation. This will give Toronto their best chance to win a seven game series. Dickey has pitched less than six innings in only once out of his last eleven starts and Estrada is third on the team in ERA behind the top two starters.
Who will be the Blue Jays starting four in the post season?
Have a great day!
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NFL Week 3 free point spread picks

My second week was again  .500 with a 2 – 2 record. My record after two weeks is 4 – 4 – 1. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools. My two survivor’s picks lost last week.
Cincinnati Bengals (+2.5) versus the Baltimore Ravens
The Bengals were 2 – 0 against the Ravens last season. Marvin Lewis’ team may be ready to next the step. The Ravens defense is not the same without Suggs. The Bengals will build on their good start.
Take the Bengals + 2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6.5) against the Houston Texans
This game will be a defensive battle, which means a low scoring game. The Texans are without Arian Foster and can’t decide on a quarterback. Can the Bucs play two good games in a row? This will be close you must take the points.
Take the Bucs +6.5
Oakland Raiders (+4.5) against the Cleveland Browns
Both franchises who have struggled for a long time; therefore, take the points. I will take Carr, Cooper and Crabtree over the Browns offensive players. Manziel won last week as a starter and it doesn’t matter because he will be the back-up this week.
Take the Raiders + 4.5
Indianapolis Colts versus the Tennessee Titans (+5.5)
The Titans are playing their home opener after two road games. The energy and excitement against an undermanned Colts defense may be just enough to win or at least stay close.
Take the Titans + 5.5
Buffalo Bills (+3) against the Miami Dolphins
The Bills defense will be ready this week and the Dolphins’ offense will be an easy prey. Can the Bills offense keep the turnovers to a minimum? Which quarterback: Taylor or Tannehill? Which defense will dominate Bills or Dolphins? McCoy is due for a big game.
Take the Bills + 3
Good luck this weekend!
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NFL Week 2 free point spread and survivor picks

The first week was an average week for me 2 – 2 – 1 with the Steelers scoring a late touchdown to make it a push. I will give a four free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools and two survivor picks.
St. Louis Rams (-3.5) versus Washington
The Rams Week 1 victory will not mean anything if they lose to Washington this week. Saint-Louis has arguably the best front seven in the NFL. Washington’s offense will continue to struggle this week despite a tough defense.
Take the Rams – 3.5
New York Jets (-7) against the Indianapolis Colts
The Jets have to type of tough physical man-to-man and heavy blitzing team that gives the Colts offense trouble. New York’s corners won’t have to worry about T.Y. Hilton, which means it will be a long night for Andrew Luck. It will be a close game.
Take the Jets + 7
Detroit Lions versus the Minnesota Vikings (-2.5)
Maybe I’m being stubborn. I took the Vikings against the 49ers in San Francisco, which was a lost for the Minnesota and me.
I will take them at home against their division rivals (Lions) who lost their two big defensive tackles from last season. Adrian Peterson will have the ball in his hands more often at home this week. The Vikings have the better defense.
Baltimore Ravens (-6) against the Oakland Raiders
The Ravens game is right no line on some sites because Carr most likely won’t be playing this weekend. The Ravens will win in an obvious blowout.
Take Ravens – 6
Week 1 my two survivor picks won last week.
My survivor picks:
Week        Sheet 1          Sheet 2
1              Patriots          Dolphins
2             Rams              Ravens

Good luck this weekend!
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NFL Week 1 free point spread picks

A new season is upon us with the excitement of selecting fantasy teams, point spreads; select a winner and survivor pools picks. I will give a five free point spread picks a week to help with your office pools and survivor team.
Pittsburgh Steelers versus reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots (-7)
The Patriots have Tom Brady against the Steelers without Bell and young defensive backs, it will be blowout. The Pats defense is much better than many people think. Big Ben and Brown won’t be able to play pitch and catch in New England.
Take Pats – 7
Miami Dolphins (-4.5) versus the Washington football team
I will take the Dolphins excellent defense against Kirk Cousins. Washington’s poor team chemistry against a Miami team that is due to get over the hump. Dolphins are looking to beat the Pats for the Division title.
Take Dolphins – 4.5
Seattle Seahawks against the Saint-Louis Rams (+3.5)
The Rams at home, tough defense and a coach who will take some chances can be a recipe for success. The Rams loss 28 – 26 at home last year against the Seahawks and Coach Fisher’s team have been on the cusp of being a playoff team. This could be a stepping stone to a breakout season.
Take the Rams +3.5
Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) versus the San Francisco 49ers
The Vikings have their best offensive player back who has a huge chip on his shoulders. Peterson presences will open up play action passes, give Patterson an opportunity to produce big plays deep and Bridgewater will not have to carry the offense. A 7 – 9 record could be 9 – 7 this season. The 49ers great defense loss too many players, which explains why point spread went from San Francisco being – 3.5 to +2.5.
Take the Vikings – 2.5
Carolina Panthers against the Jacksonville Jaguars (+3)
The Jaguars pick is a risky one since I’m not getting 3.5. The Panthers offense is terrible in the Red Zone even with Benjamin. They will kick a bunch of field goals. Bortles is the key to Jacksonville moving towards respectability.
Take Jags + 3
Survivor picks: Patriots and Dolphins
Good luck this weekend!
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