NFL Division round point spread picks

I was a disastrous 1 – 3 Wild Card weekend. Time to make more picks. It seems like an easy week.

Atlanta Falcons versus the Philadelphia Eagles + 3

The Eagles are getting 3 points because Nick Foles is the starting quarterbacks. The Eagles offense will struggle against an improving Falcons defense. The Falcons can sense that they can return to the Conference finals.

Take Falcons – 3

Tennessee Titans against New England Patriots – 14

The Patriots will dominate an inferior Titans offense. The Pats defense will take away the run by putting the strong safety in the box. Marcus Mariota and the Titans won’t comeback this time if they are down 21 – 3 early. The Pats will score over 30 and Titans will struggle to score more than 17.

Take the Patriots – 14

Jacksonville Jaguars versus Pittsburgh Steelers – 7.5

The Jags surprised the Steelers earlier in the season, which cost Pittsburgh a chance at home field advantage in Conference Finals. Big Ben threw 5 interceptions because the Steelers insisted on throwing the ball against Jags. Expect a heavy dose of Le’Veon Bell running against the Jags. Can Leonard Fournette running and Jags defense keep the game close? The Steelers pride.

Take the Steelers – 7.5

New Orleans Saints against Minnesota Vikings – 4

The Saints offense is incredible because they can beat you by running or throwing the ball. The Vikings defense is the best defense remaining in the playoffs. In the playoff I will take the defense. Case Keenum has a chance to keep the Vikings dream alive; the first team to play in the Super Bowl at home. The Vikings will win hopefully their field goal kicker doesn’t miss any extra points or short field goals.

Take the Vikings – 4

Good luck this weekend!

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NFL Wild Card Weekend 2018

I finished the NFL 17 Week season 48 – 37 – 1. It is playoff time.

Tennessee Titans versus Kansas City Chiefs – 9

Alex Smith plays well against weak opponents in the playoffs. The Chiefs explosive offense will be in full display at home. The Chiefs are 6 – 2 at home. The Titans offense doesn’t have enough fire power to hang with the Chiefs on the road.

Take the Chiefs – 9

Atlanta Falcons against the Los Angeles Rams – 6

The Falcons do just enough to keep a game close because they are Super Bowl Finalist last year. The Rams are only 4 – 4 at home this season. The Rams key players got a week off, which will help them enormously.

Take the Rams – 6

Buffalo Bills versus Jacksonville Jaguars – 9

The Bills simple offense and a limping LeSean McCoy will hurt a struggling offense. The Jaguars defense will dominate the Bills offensive line, which will lead to turnovers and penalties. The play of Blake Bortles is a concern and Jaguars penalties on defense. The Jaguars should still blow out the Bills.

Take the Jaguars – 9

Carolina Panthers against New Orleans Saints – 7

The Saints beat the Panthers twice this season. Panthers coach Ron Rivera must take some risk on fourth down to give his team a chance at winning and controlling the clock. The seven point spread may lead to a push.

Black Panther movie coming out February 16, 2018. Panthers being in the playoffs more than a week would be fun.

Take the Panthers + 7

Good luck this weekend!

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Free NFL Week 17 point spread picks 2017

I’m 45 – 34 – 1 after Week 16, my 0 – 5 is the first time since I started five years ago that I didn’t win a game. The last week of the season is the toughest to handicap since so many games have no playoff implications. I took all road teams this week. Time to make the last regular season picks.

Carolina Panthers versus the Atlanta Falcons -4

The Panthers receiving four points. The Panthers are 5 – 2 on the road and Falcons are only 4 – 3 at home. I expect a close game finishing by or less.

Take Panthers + 4

Buffalo Bills against the Miami Dolphins + 2.5

The Dolphins pass rush are effective against QB who aren’t mobile ie: Tom Brady. Tyrod Taylor will find the running lanes to escape the pocket and make plays with his legs. The Bills defense will contain the Jay Cutler led offense.

Take the Bills – 2.5

Cincinnati Bengals versus the Baltimore Ravens – 10

The Ravens will win the game not by 10 against their division rivals. The Bengals have a lot of pride and many players are Pro Bowlers and played in the playoffs. The Ravens defense and Jason Tucker is better FGK are better.

Take the Bengals + 10

Washington Football club against the New York Giants + 3

The Redskins are the better team all-around. Kirk Cousins is playing for his big contract extension. The Giants team in turmoil and players want to go home.

Take Washington – 3

Kansas City Chiefs versus the Denver Broncos – 4

Patrick Mahomes get his first start as the Chiefs QB against Paxton Lynch. I expect Mahomes will make plays with his legs and take deep shots. Broncos QB Lynch will struggle against Chiefs defense.

Take the Chiefs + 4

Good luck this weekend!

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Most overrated NBA team: Sixers

The most overrated now in the NBA is the 15 – 18 Philadelphia Sixers with the social media attention seeker Joel Embiid and the only top 50 scorer in the NBA who hasn’t made a three-point shoot this season, Ben Simmons also shots 52.9 percent from the free throw line. NBA colour commentator Jeff Van Gundy calls the Sixers a dangerous first round opponent.

Head coach Brett Brown needs to realize the Sixers Dario Saric must touch the ball more often and the team is better with T.J. McConnell as a starter. Saric is a triple double threat with his versatility and he had a few last year because Simmons wasn’t in the lineup. Markelle Fultz the number one pick in the last NBA Draft will need playing time and will cut into McConnell’s time.

The Sixers have yet to make the playoff during Embiid time as a franchise player. Can this team make the playoffs and show something to keep all this attention they receive? Three games under .500 won’t get them in the Eastern Conference playoffs because the New York Knicks are ninth with a .500 record just ahead of the tenth place Sixers. Only the top 8 make it.

Until the Sixers win seven games in a row and are five games above .500; leave the Sixers out of a dangerous playoff match-up. The questions will continue to surround Sixers franchise: what if Embiid can play 80 games with a 30 minutes a game average, they are one player away or wait until Fultz gets healthy? Embiid is occasionally resting due to a bad back and Simmons shooting won’t get dramatically better this season.

The Sixers are heading for another lottery draft choice next year summer. The Chicago Bulls had a terrible start to the season are only three games behind the mighty Sixers. The most overrated team must do something in the wins and loses columns

Are Sixers making the playoffs or heading to the lottery again?

Have a fantastic day!

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Raptors are a Christmas Day team…

The Toronto Raptors not playing on Christmas Day is unacceptable because they are next to the Cleveland Cavaliers the best team in the Eastern Conference over the last four years. Coach Dwane Casey’s team have won 204 games in four years with their lowest total being 48 in one season.

The television networks can’t say the Raptors don’t have recognizable stars with the Gold Medal winning Team USA basketball and three times All-Stars DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. Lowry All NBA third team in 2016 and DeRozan All NBA third in 2017.

The Washington Wizards who just lost to the Brooklyn Nets by 30. They have John Wall and Bradley Beal in their backcourt. The media love this backcourt duo more than the Raptors. Wall is more exciting and Beal has the prettiest shooting motion, but the Raptors pair are consistent showing up every night not like the Wizards.

The Knicks are awful and biggest they are a big TV market the NBA and television networks feel pressure to put them on Christmas Day. They are a mess and Carmelo Anthony no longer there makes them a team without an All-star player.

The Philadelphia Sixers are the most hyped team in the NBA with Joel Embiid lead ding the way with his social media, giving the team nicknames and trash talking. The Sixers are 10th in the Eastern Conference, which is out of the playoff. Ben Simmons is a Rookie of the Year candidate.

The three Eastern Conference teams Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. Hopefully next season the Raptors will get their respect and be allowed to play on Christmas Day. The Raptors are once again top 3 team in the Eastern Conference and will more than 50 games once again under Coach Casey.

Are the Raptors a Christmas Day team?

Merry Christmas!                                      

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Free NFL Week 16 point spread picks 2017

I’m 45 – 29 – 1 after Week 15, my 3 – 2 result gives me another above .500 week. Let’s keep the winning streak going. I love picking games where no one cares about because the favourite is where to high. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Cleveland Browns versus the Chicago Bears – 7

How are the Bears a TD favourite? This is two below average teams playing and a TD is way too much. I will take the Browns despite losing many times taking the Browns this years. This time the Browns will cover and might win.

Take Browns + 7

Denver Broncos against the Washington Football Club – 4

Two average teams playing take the points. Washington offense is good, but not great. Denver’s defense has been much better lately. Broncos are on a two game winning streak and want to finish season strong. This game should end by a FG.

Take the Broncos + 4

Los Angeles Rams versus the Tennessee Titans + 7.5

The Titans are 5 – 1 at home with a two game losing streak. The Rams are 6 – 1 on the road with a plus/minus + 166. Take the Rams will beat the Titans in all three phases of the game. The Titans offense is a simple power football and Marcus Mariota is not healthy enough to use his feet to make plays.

Take the Rams – 7.5

Jacksonville Jaguars against the San Francisco 49ers + 5

The Jaguars are still in the hunt for a number one or two seed for home field advantage. 49ers and Jaguars have won 3 in a row. The Jags points against 209 is the lowest in the NFL.

Take the Jags – 5

Los Angeles Chargers versus the New York Jets + 7.5

The Chargers only 1 game behind the Division leading Kansas City Chiefs. The Jets will once again start Bryce Petty. The Chargers defense will dominate the game and cause turnovers. Philip Rivers with a short field to score will lead to a blowout.

Take the Chargers – 7.5

Good luck Sunday and Merry Christmas!

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Free NFL Week 15 point spread picks 2017

I’m 42 – 27 – 1 after Week 14, my 3 – 2 result gives me another above .500 week. Let’s keep the winning streak going. This week I’m going against my usual strategy to take points. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Arizona Cardinals against the Washington Football Club – 4

The Cardinals will battle and keep the game close. The Cardinals defense is still a force. Expect Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians will take some chances with the season on the line.

Take the Cardinals + 4

New England Patriots versus the Pittsburgh Steelers + 3

The Patriots get Gronk back and Tom Brady rarely lose two games in a row. The Steelers defense hasn’t made plays lately. Ryan Shazier injury will be too much to overcome. The last team with the ball will win. Winner has home field for the Conference Championship.

Take the Patriots – 3

Green Bay Packers versus the Carolina Panthers – 2

Aaron Rodgers is back does this make the Packers defense better? No. Cam Newton loves to play his best when facing a Pro Bowl QB opponent. Close game; but I will take Panthers using home field to their advantage.

Take Panthers – 2

Tennessee Titans against the San Francisco 49ers – 2

Which quarterback played better in the last 2 weeks? Jimmy Groppolo over 600 yards passing while Marcus Mariota 309 passing and 34 yards rushing. I’m surprised the 49ers are favourite; but I will still take them.

Take 49ers – 2

New York Jets versus the New Orleans Saints – 15

Head Coach Todd Bowles left Muhammad Wilkerson at home as a healthy scratch. The Saints awesome rushing offense will have a field day. Can Jets QB Bryce Petty score 14 points to cover 15 point spread? I don’t think so.

Take the Saints – 15

Good luck this weekend!

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Free NFL Week 14 point spread picks 2017

I’m 39 – 25 – 1 after Week 13, my 3 – 2 result gives me another above .500 week. Let’s keep the winning steak going. I love taking points in games where the underdog can win outright. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Green Bay Packers versus the Cleveland Browns + 3.5

The Packers are so excited at that Aaron Rodgers is back next week that they might get caught by the Browns. Browns finally win a game. Yes, I wrote don’t take Browns the rest of the season a few weeks ago. It is a great pick.

Browns + 3.5

Baltimore Ravens against Pittsburgh Steelers – 4.5

The Ravens and Steelers always play close games.  The Steelers played a physical game and lost their best defender, Ryan Shazier to an injury. The Ravens will find a way to keep it close.

Ravens + 4.5

Seattle Seahawks versus Jacksonville Jaguars – 3.5

The Jaguars must show everybody that they are ready to take the next step in their evolution. The Seahawks are battle tested and love to show everybody they are not done. I will take Russell Wilson over Blake Bortles and I get more than a FG.

Take Seahawks + 3.5

Chicago Bears against Cincinnati Bengals – 6.5

The Bengals will be without Vontaze Burfit, George Iloka and Adam “Pacman” Jones. Burift and Iloka are third and fourth in team tackles. The Bears defense is tough and the offense is super conservative. Take the points.

Bears + 6.5

Philadelphia Eagles versus Los Angeles Rams – 1

The Eagles and Rams will both make the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Alec Olgtree silly TD celebration injury will hurt the Rams. I believe the Eagles are the better team.

Take the Eagles + 1

Good luck this weekend!

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TWolves Coach Thibs at it again

The Minnesota Timberwolves starters are playing heavy minutes: Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins 36.9, Karl-Anthony Towns 34.8, Jeff Teague 34 and Taj Gibson 33.2 minutes per games. Head coach Tom Thibodeau didn’t seem to learn from his days of coaching for the Chicago Bulls that he needs to cut star players minutes for them to do well in the playoffs.

I believe Coach Thibs shorten the NBA careers of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. The second time Rose had a serious injury Coach Thibs had Rose on the court late in a playoff blowout victory. Noah was limping noticeably, but Coach Thibs still played him over 30 minutes a game to pad his win totals. Deng was in the hospital on an ivy and Coach Thibs called Deng out in the media for being soft.

Coach Thibodeau has no regard for his players’ health. All he cares about are wins. The Timberwolves are presently 15 – 11 and holding the fourth seed in the Western Conference. The Timberwolves are a playoff team even if Coach Thibs cut his starters’ minutes. Gorgui Deng, Jamal Crawford and Tyus Jones are good role players who can give the starters rest for more than 10 minutes a game.

The Timberwolves management and fans will realize in the playoffs when their team is lacking energy and opponent beats them in the first round. One of the starters will mostly get hurt during the season and how the coach handles the minutes is the key to recovery.

Coach Thibs can’t keep this up for 82 games without any repercussions. Gibson is 32, Teague is 29 and Butler is 28 years old. They will breakdown due to the heavy minutes. The TWolves have played 28 games with 52 games left. The playoff minutes Coach Thibs will rely even more on his starters.

Can the TWolves starters keep this pace up for 82 games?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 13 point spread picks 2017

I’m 36 – 23 – 1 after Week 12 and third consecutive 4 – 1 record. Let’s keep the winning steak going. This week I will take the road underdogs mostly. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Minnesota Vikings versus Atlanta Falcons – 3

The Vikings defense is better, Case Keenum has been amazing and they have won seven games in a row. The Vikings road record is 4 – 1. The Falcons aren’t having a good year and their offense is shaky. The better team is the Vikings and you get points.

Take the Vikings + 3

Denver Broncos against the Miami Dolphins + 1.5

The Broncos are starting Trevor Siemian against a weak opponent, which will translate into a win. The Broncos team will show a lot of pride and win this game. The Dolphins are awful offensively.

Take the Broncos – 1.5

San Francisco 49ers versus the Chicago Bears – 3

Jimmy Garoppolo is starting his first game for the 49ers and will win. The Bears offense hasn’t been able to score or move the ball well since the rookie has started at QB. I expect a low scoring game and Garoppolo experience will make the difference to lead his team to victory.

Take 49ers + 3

Detroit Lions against the Baltimore Ravens – 3

The Ravens defense played well against inferior teams, but the Flacco offense depend too much on Jason Tucker FG. The Lions are coming off 10 days off and Matthew Stafford is the best QB the Ravens defense has faced in weeks. The Lions might win the game outright.

Take Lions + 3

New York Giants versus the Oakland Raiders – 9

The Raiders are without Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper this week. The Raiders and Giants will both run the ball a lot. The Giants have the better defense. I can’t believe I’m taking Geno Smith. Low scoring game.

Take the Giants + 9

Good luck this weekend!

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