The low scoring CFL games are boring

The Canadian Football League used to be a high scoring football where many under sized or came out of smaller school American players who had National Football League talent. These players could take advantage of the wider and longer field to dazzle Canadian football fans.
Presently none of the 9 football teams is averaging more than 30 points a game. There were 10 teams so far that won a game by scoring less than 21 points. The ineptitude of the offenses is incredible with 44 teams who have scored less than 20 points in a full 60 minute game.
Week 14 Saturday night
The weather hasn’t been a factor, there has been an increase in talented Canadian skill position player and head coaches can challenge pass interference calls which should increase not decrease scoring. Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders run an NFL power running attack and with their success other teams are copying them.
The CFL was a league based on quarterbacks who are athletic, run or throw to create plays. The NFL are using the type of quarterbacks, run and shoot offenses which used to be staples of the CFL. A few quarterbacks who would be great in the CFL are playing in the NFL.
The CFL is getting competition for quarterbacks from the Arena Football League and under size NCAA quarterbacks are switching positions when they are drafted by the NFL because a player makes more money than being in the CFL. The Canadian league is the third option for quarterbacks who want to continue a professional career.
The CFL hasn’t done a good job at finding a few African-American quarterbacks who are dominating the NCAA over the last few years. Most of the top 25 teams have an African-American quarterback starting for them. Adrian MacPherson is the last prominent African-American quarterback to come to the CFL and basically watched for 5 years as Montreal Alouettes Anthony Calvillo’s back-up before going to the Arena Football League.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders signed former Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price who has the speed and the arm to make plays on a bigger CFL surface. When Kevin Durant returns will see if Price will be kept by the Roughriders.
Tim Tebow would have been fun to see play in the CFL even though he has poor throwing mechanics. In a league where teams only need to average 25 points a game; Tebow would be effective.
Will this week’s games will be better?
Enjoy your day!
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Week 5 free NFL point spread picks

My Week 4 was terrible with a 1 – 4 by taking the Falcons and Saints who can’t win on the road. My only win was the Lions beating the Jets on the road. I’m 11 – 9 after 4 weeks; therefore still above .500.
My 6 picks this week will be:
The Kansas City Chiefs +6.5 against the San Francisco 49ers will see if we get a repeat of last week when Steve Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick beating their former teams. Alex Smith doesn’t have to be great just good for the Chiefs to cover and maybe win the game.
Take the Chiefs +6.5
The Indianapolis Colts – 3 at home against the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts Andrew Luck has been playing at MVP level and his team is excellent at home. The Ravens had a laugher last week and don’t have the extra motivation to beat the Colts.
Take the Colts – 3
The San Diego Chargers – 7 against a struggling New York Jets offense should be a blowout. I rarely take big underdogs because of teams like Pittsburgh losing game. The Chargers seem to be on mission and have an excellent defense. Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates seemed to have turned back the clock.
Take the Chargers – 7
The Cleveland Browns + 2 against the Tennessee Titans with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback give the Browns a big advantage. The Browns team has covered the spread 3 times for me so far this season. A win would put the Browns at .500 with a chance at the playoffs.
Take the Browns + 2
The Dallas Cowboys – 6 have been playing great since they decided to hand the ball to DeMarco Murray over 20 times a game, which also has helped Tony Romo reduce his turnovers. The Houston Texans will beat the weak teams, but can’t compete with a playoff team. Ryan Fitzpatrick will have a few bad turnovers.
Take the Cowboys – 6
The sixth pick is too tempting to pass up. I will take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 10 against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints will probably win, but not by 10 points. Mike Glennon will connect with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans to keep the score close.
Take the Bucs + 10
Good luck this weekend!
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Jays should fire Gibbons after watching Royals Yost

The American League Wild Card game last night should be enough proof for the Toronto Blue Jays fans, organization and players should get a new manager. The Kansas City Royals are the only team in Major league baseball to hit less than 100 homeruns, yet manager Ned Yost still got them to the wild card game and won.
The Royals had 7 different players steal a base in last night game and they used the sacrifice bunt multiple times during the game. He used small ball to pull off the victory. Yes, Yost made a brutal call by bringing his 23 year old reliever Yordano Ventura in the sixth inning. My point is Yost didn’t sit back and watched a game; he actually managed a game, which is something I have mentioned many times that Blue Jays manager John Gibbons doesn’t do.
Colby Rasmus was the Blue Jays center fielder played in 104 games in 2014 only attempted 4 stolen bases and was successful each time. The Blue Jays only had 2 players with more than 10 steals Jose Reyes (30) and Anthony Gose (15). Melky Cabrera (6) and Jose Bautista (6) with each attempting 8 steals had more than the Blue Jays center fielder.
The Blue Jays only seem to win games in which they hit 3 or more homeruns. Toronto was third in the MLB in homeruns hit with 177, Colorado Rockies were second with 186 and the Baltimore Orioles were number one with 211. The Jays hit more homeruns than every playoff team in the American League except the Orioles, yet they finished 13 games behind division winner and 5 games out of a wild card spot. The Royals won 6 more games than the Blue Jays and played a home wild card game.
Any manager can sit back and win when your teams gets multiple homeruns in one game. It is the games when your team is not hitting well that a manger can actually make some calls to help create offense such as asking Rasmus to bunt against the opponents shift, using the hit and run, steal bases or use the sacrifice bunting as a weapon. A manager can decide to play fundamentally sound players instead of players who can only hit homeruns.
The St. Louis Cardinals won their division by hitting the second fewest homeruns in the MLB with 105. Their recipe for success is pitching, defense, small ball, put ball in play and speed with fundamentally sound players.
The Blue Jays need a new manager if Alex Anthopoulos doesn’t want to fire his buddy then he should be fired also this winter.
Do you believe the Blue Jays need a new manager?
Enjoy your day!
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Jackson is right the Knicks will make the playoffs

The New York Knicks President Phil Jackson is stating the obvious by saying his team will make the playoffs. Rookie Derek Fisher head coach will be surrounded by veteran coaches most notably former Laker and former head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves Kurt Rambis was added as associated Head coach.
There is no trio that can compete with the collections of rings by this trio: Jackson (2 as a player and 11 as a coach), Fisher (5 as a player) and Rambis (4 as a player). The Knicks leadership will have enough rings to understand team chemistry, player – coach relationship, winning system and playoff pressure.
The Knicks have the best scorer in the Eastern Conference in Carmelo Anthony who also is in the best shape of his career going into the new season. LeBron James is the best player and Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the NBA respectively. Anthony presence gives the Knicks an advantage.
The Knicks will be better offensively with Jose Calderon replacing Raymond Felton. Many people make fun of the fact Calderon is a defensive liability, but forgetting Felton was not a good defender either. The Knicks will learn to appreciate what Calderon can do, which is to distribute to a bunch of scorers. In the Eastern Conference Derek Rose, Jeff Teague, Deron Williams and John Wall are considered better than Jose at the point guard position. I’m not putting Kyle Lowry name on this list.
The Knicks have talented scorers in J.R. Smith, Andrea Bargnani and Tim Hardaway Jr. will score a lot of points with their pass first point guards Calderon and Pablo Prigioni.
The defensive aspect will be held down by Samuel Dalembert, his back-up Cole Aldrich and Iman Shumpert. They will do the rebounding, shot blocking and getting steals.
Amar’e Stoudemire ability to play 70 games would put the nicks in the top 4 in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks 9 to 10 man rotation is above average.
Do you believe the Knicks will make the playoffs next year?
Enjoy your weekend!
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Week 4 free NFL point spread picks

Week 3 I was 4 – 1 to continue my hot streak.  My only loss last week was the Houston Texans without Adrian Foster against the New York Giants. I should have known better than to bet for Ryan Fitzpatrick. . I’m 10 – 5 after 3 weeks.
I took 5 road teams this week.
My 5 picks for Week 4 are:
The Atlanta Falcons – 3 against the Minnesota Vikings will be Teddy Bridgewater first start in his NFL career. The Falcons in a dome with all their offensive talent should be able to run up the score. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White and Steven Jackson with an improving defense should be too much to handle for the Vikings.
Take the Flacons – 3
The Philadelphia Eagles + 4.5 versus the San Francisco 49ers point spread is a joke. The Eagles are the better team right now with their high scoring offense plus we are getting points. The 49ers can’t seem to score any points in the second half of games and their defense isn’t as formidable.
Take this as early as possible because the spread will change dramatically by Sunday.
Take the Eagles + 4.5
The Detroit Lions – 1 versus the New York Jets is a pick I may regret. The Lions on the road is a risky pick, but the Jets have too many injuries in their defensive backfield, plus Eric Decker and Muhammad Wilkerson are hurt.
Take the Lions – 1
The Carolina Panthers + 3 against the Baltimore Ravens will be a close game because both teams struggle offensively. The Panthers defense is still excellent even without Greg Hardy. I like the 3 points.
Take the Panthers + 3
The New Orleans Saints – 3 against the Dallas Cowboys is a risky pick. The Saints haven’t played well, but the Cowboys haven’t played much better. The Saints will not blow a big lead if the Cowboys start poorly.
Take the Saints – 3
Good luck this weekend!
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NFL: Quarterbacks who may be benched

This is NFL Week 4 and a few quarterbacks are not playing well enough to keep their starting positions. The New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans may give their starters one more week before going to the back-ups. The NFL season only compromises of 16 games and a 1 – 3 start may guarantee a non-playoff year.
Geno Smith didn’t give his team a chance to win the game with his play Monday night. Head coach Rex Ryan may have to decide either the second half of this weekend’s game against the Detroit Lions if he will go to a more experienced quarterback Michael Vick. The Jets are 1 – 2 in a tight AFC East Division.
The quarterback who will most likely not play the full 60 minutes this week is Smith because the Jets can’t afford a third loss so early in the season. Vick can bring an energy and excitement to the Jets offense.
The Browns are also 1 – 2 with a three and one point loss. The starting quarterback Brian Hoyer makes enough plays to keep his team close, which is great for people who bet on the point spread because the Browns cover. Head Coach Mike Pettine has to decide can Johnny Manziel make the play that makes a difference between a close loss and a win? The Browns job is to win games not just be close in defeat.
The Browns have a bye this week, which means Manziel will get more repetitions and will be ready if Hoyer struggles in Week 5 against the Tennessee Titans. The Browns need wins not moral victories
The Texans got a glimpse of bad Ryan Fitzpatrick who was his turnover prone old self against the New York Giants last week. The Texans are 2 – 1 and have Ryan Mallet itching to prove he is a starting quarterback. He has been with the team long enough to know the play book and was coached by head coach Bill O’Brien when the two were with the Patriots.
Fitzpatrick is playing against his old team the Buffalo Bills. He might be 2 interceptions away from losing his job as the starter.
The quarterback situation must be taken into consideration when making your picks this week.
Who is more likely to be benched this week Smith or Fitzpatrick?
Enjoy your day!
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The NFL need to make a decision on Rice case

The NFL has indefinitely suspended Ray Rice after the one punch knockout of his wife Janay. Rice does deserve a minimum one year suspension with no pay. Roger Goodell and the owners were pressured in increasing the suspension from 2 games and decided to make it indefinitely.
Rice has lost sponsors, had his retired high school jersey and trophies removed, saw 7 000 of his number 27 Ravens jersey returned, is presently an unemployed football player and has a family to feed.
The courts have not charged him yet despite the video there is a due process that must occur before he is prosecuted. He is attending a diversion program, which upon completion could lead to the charges being dropped. The NFL will have to give an amount of games Rice which he will be suspended before being reinstated when the decision is made to drop the charges and give him community service.
The NFL can’t stop Rice from playing in the league if he is not jailed. He will be put on notice another incident could have him ban from the league, but they can’t ban him for life after one incident no matter how bad it looked on video.
The NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell are neither the players’ dad nor a judge; therefore they can’t prevent Rice from making a very good living to take care of his family (wife and 2 year old daughter).
The reasons for the players off the field violence may vary and they need help more than punishment. The society that is judging and wants the NFL to come down hard on their players is the same people who make sure the environment they grow up in is tough mentally, physically and many high school coaches care about winning instead of being mentors to their players.
The two year spent in the NCAA doesn’t lead to them being educate or help the young men mature despite making billions of dollars with their T.V. deal with ESPN, CBS, NBC and all sports speciality channels. The College head coaches make millions of dollars while their top assistant coaches (offensive and defensive coordinators) make high six figure salaries.
The players are taken advantage of from an early age because of their athletic ability and are expected to be role models for the youth in their community.
Rice is paying for his mistake and will be paying for a long time. He still needs to provide for his family. What happen to giving a person a second chance an opportunity to redeem himself in everybody eyes.
Do you believe Rice should have a right to play in the NFL?
Enjoy your day!
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San Antonio Spurs want to repeat

The San Antonio Spurs are determined to repeat as NBA Champions for the first time in their history. The Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan have won 5 NBA Championships, but never back-to-back. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have contributed to 4 of them. Parker and Ginobili didn’t play in the FIBA Championships and should be healthy for another title run.
The motivation for the back-to-back Championship may have enticed Coach Pop and Duncan to comeback for 1 more year.
The Spurs are a goal oriented and determined group of Hall of Fame player have let the world know what they are shooting for this year. They said two years ago that they would be back and win, which is exactly what they did.
The supporting players have improved and will once again make it tough for them to be beat. Kwahi Leonard the NBA Final MVP is only 23 years old and is getting better. Danny Green is only 27 and is a very good two-way player. Boris Diaw was a key contributor last year and had a great summer leading France to a Bronze medal; he will be ready to be a key contributor again next season.
The biggest thing that separates the Spurs from everybody else in the NBA is the contribution they get from their role players: Tiago Splitter (8.2 points and 6.2 rebounds), Patty Mills (10.2 points) and Mario Belinelli (11.4 points).
The Spurs go thirteen deep because Cory Joseph (5.0 points), Aron Baynes (3.0 points and 2.7 rebounds), Jeff Ayres (3.3 points and 3.5 rebounds) and Matt Bonner (3.2 and 2.1 rebounds). This group also contributed and different moments during the playoffs Joseph a great dunk, Baynes played big minutes in Portland series and Bonner was a starter for a few games in the NBA Finals.
UCLA Rookie Kyle Anderson will get a chance to contribute during the season because everybody knows that at least 15 to 20 games the BIG 3 will not dress.
The Spurs have won 62 last year and 58 two years ago will no doubt have a great chance to win home court advantage for the playoffs.
Do you believe the Spurs can repeat?
Enjoy your day!
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Twolves know Rubio is not the answer

The Minnesota Timberwolves Flip Saunders has made an offer for Eric Bledsoe, which is a sign that Ricky Rubio is not a Franchise player. Rubio and his agent have let it be known that they expect to receive a maximum contract.
The Timberwolves have enough talent and draft picks to make a good offer for a sign and trade for Bledsoe. Minnesota’s president of basketball operations Saunders made a great trade for Kevin Love and is ready to raise the franchise to the elite level within a 2 year period.
Fellow Spaniard Jose Calderon has much better numbers than Rubio during his 9 year career. Calderon is just as good of a passer and a much better shooter. I believe Jose is a much better player and Rubio shouldn’t make more than him.
Name      Years     PTS    AST   FG %    3 pt.%   FT%
Calderon    9        10.2     6.8   .479       .411       .874
Rubio         3         10.1     8.1   .368       .323      .801

Rubio is a great passer, but is terrible in 2 other areas: shooting and defense. A franchise player who shots less than 37% from the field can’t lead a team to the playoff in the extremely tough Western Conference. He will not any all-star teams with Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker.
No one is sure if Bledsoe will ever make an all-star team; he will definitely bring more to the table than Rubio can in terms of scoring, defense and athletic ability.
The Timberwolves must complete trade because Rubio will feel slighted by the team’s attempt to get a point guard. Rubio was upset the year he was drafted that he Timberwolves drafted Syracuse point guard Johnny Flynn to handle the position until Rubio officially came to the NBA.
Rubio’s agent can’t compare his player to Steve Nash who was a two-time MVP; he had 7 years where he averaged a double-double in terms of points and assists.
Who would you rather have at point guard Rubio or Bledsoe?
Enjoy your day!
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Winston’s 1 game suspension

The Florida State Seminoles 1 game suspension of star quarterback Jameis Winston was a product of the behaviour of the NFL players out of control behaviour. The number one ranked Seminoles felt they were pressured to increase a half a game suspension to a full game and show the world that they were going to punish Winston.
The punishment will strong message that their program is more than just winning football games. The Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher and the University want to send a message that they are also in the business of helping the participating members of the football team will leave their program as good men.
The NCAA for me is a money making industry that doesn’t help their athletes be educated, good people and lastly great athletes. The University have lost interest in making sure the first two are priorities because it has become obvious to anybody who watches NCAA football and March Madness now the pressure to succeed is more important than to help boys become men.
Most top NCAA athletes are not playing in the state they went to high school; therefore they are away from any parent supervision and are on their own for the first time in their lives. The coaches (head and assistant coaches) should be held more accountable for the behaviour of their athletes, helping them achieve maturity and be a positive contributing member of society.
The Seminoles won in overtime and it didn’t cost them a chance at being undefeated. They won the game and the social media battle by not playing Winston. The possibility of Winston not making decisions off the field that could lead to bad press or an arrest will not really change unless the Seminoles match him with a mentor or a regular meeting with a guidance councillor or psychologist to help Winston become a mature person.
The biggest winner is the Seminoles football team and their fans because the team is still undefeated and their best player will be back in the line-up next week. It will be interesting to see if Winston can stay out of trouble for the rest of the season.
Do you believe Winston’s behaviour will improve after the suspension?
Enjoy your weekend!
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