Free NFL Week 15 point spread picks 2017

I’m 42 – 27 – 1 after Week 14, my 3 – 2 result gives me another above .500 week. Let’s keep the winning streak going. This week I’m going against my usual strategy to take points. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Arizona Cardinals against the Washington Football Club – 4

The Cardinals will battle and keep the game close. The Cardinals defense is still a force. Expect Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians will take some chances with the season on the line.

Take the Cardinals + 4

New England Patriots versus the Pittsburgh Steelers + 3

The Patriots get Gronk back and Tom Brady rarely lose two games in a row. The Steelers defense hasn’t made plays lately. Ryan Shazier injury will be too much to overcome. The last team with the ball will win. Winner has home field for the Conference Championship.

Take the Patriots – 3

Green Bay Packers versus the Carolina Panthers – 2

Aaron Rodgers is back does this make the Packers defense better? No. Cam Newton loves to play his best when facing a Pro Bowl QB opponent. Close game; but I will take Panthers using home field to their advantage.

Take Panthers – 2

Tennessee Titans against the San Francisco 49ers – 2

Which quarterback played better in the last 2 weeks? Jimmy Groppolo over 600 yards passing while Marcus Mariota 309 passing and 34 yards rushing. I’m surprised the 49ers are favourite; but I will still take them.

Take 49ers – 2

New York Jets versus the New Orleans Saints – 15

Head Coach Todd Bowles left Muhammad Wilkerson at home as a healthy scratch. The Saints awesome rushing offense will have a field day. Can Jets QB Bryce Petty score 14 points to cover 15 point spread? I don’t think so.

Take the Saints – 15

Good luck this weekend!

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Free NFL Week 14 point spread picks 2017

I’m 39 – 25 – 1 after Week 13, my 3 – 2 result gives me another above .500 week. Let’s keep the winning steak going. I love taking points in games where the underdog can win outright. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Green Bay Packers versus the Cleveland Browns + 3.5

The Packers are so excited at that Aaron Rodgers is back next week that they might get caught by the Browns. Browns finally win a game. Yes, I wrote don’t take Browns the rest of the season a few weeks ago. It is a great pick.

Browns + 3.5

Baltimore Ravens against Pittsburgh Steelers – 4.5

The Ravens and Steelers always play close games.  The Steelers played a physical game and lost their best defender, Ryan Shazier to an injury. The Ravens will find a way to keep it close.

Ravens + 4.5

Seattle Seahawks versus Jacksonville Jaguars – 3.5

The Jaguars must show everybody that they are ready to take the next step in their evolution. The Seahawks are battle tested and love to show everybody they are not done. I will take Russell Wilson over Blake Bortles and I get more than a FG.

Take Seahawks + 3.5

Chicago Bears against Cincinnati Bengals – 6.5

The Bengals will be without Vontaze Burfit, George Iloka and Adam “Pacman” Jones. Burift and Iloka are third and fourth in team tackles. The Bears defense is tough and the offense is super conservative. Take the points.

Bears + 6.5

Philadelphia Eagles versus Los Angeles Rams – 1

The Eagles and Rams will both make the playoffs for the first time in a long time. Alec Olgtree silly TD celebration injury will hurt the Rams. I believe the Eagles are the better team.

Take the Eagles + 1

Good luck this weekend!

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TWolves Coach Thibs at it again

The Minnesota Timberwolves starters are playing heavy minutes: Jimmy Butler and Andrew Wiggins 36.9, Karl-Anthony Towns 34.8, Jeff Teague 34 and Taj Gibson 33.2 minutes per games. Head coach Tom Thibodeau didn’t seem to learn from his days of coaching for the Chicago Bulls that he needs to cut star players minutes for them to do well in the playoffs.

I believe Coach Thibs shorten the NBA careers of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. The second time Rose had a serious injury Coach Thibs had Rose on the court late in a playoff blowout victory. Noah was limping noticeably, but Coach Thibs still played him over 30 minutes a game to pad his win totals. Deng was in the hospital on an ivy and Coach Thibs called Deng out in the media for being soft.

Coach Thibodeau has no regard for his players’ health. All he cares about are wins. The Timberwolves are presently 15 – 11 and holding the fourth seed in the Western Conference. The Timberwolves are a playoff team even if Coach Thibs cut his starters’ minutes. Gorgui Deng, Jamal Crawford and Tyus Jones are good role players who can give the starters rest for more than 10 minutes a game.

The Timberwolves management and fans will realize in the playoffs when their team is lacking energy and opponent beats them in the first round. One of the starters will mostly get hurt during the season and how the coach handles the minutes is the key to recovery.

Coach Thibs can’t keep this up for 82 games without any repercussions. Gibson is 32, Teague is 29 and Butler is 28 years old. They will breakdown due to the heavy minutes. The TWolves have played 28 games with 52 games left. The playoff minutes Coach Thibs will rely even more on his starters.

Can the TWolves starters keep this pace up for 82 games?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 13 point spread picks 2017

I’m 36 – 23 – 1 after Week 12 and third consecutive 4 – 1 record. Let’s keep the winning steak going. This week I will take the road underdogs mostly. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Minnesota Vikings versus Atlanta Falcons – 3

The Vikings defense is better, Case Keenum has been amazing and they have won seven games in a row. The Vikings road record is 4 – 1. The Falcons aren’t having a good year and their offense is shaky. The better team is the Vikings and you get points.

Take the Vikings + 3

Denver Broncos against the Miami Dolphins + 1.5

The Broncos are starting Trevor Siemian against a weak opponent, which will translate into a win. The Broncos team will show a lot of pride and win this game. The Dolphins are awful offensively.

Take the Broncos – 1.5

San Francisco 49ers versus the Chicago Bears – 3

Jimmy Garoppolo is starting his first game for the 49ers and will win. The Bears offense hasn’t been able to score or move the ball well since the rookie has started at QB. I expect a low scoring game and Garoppolo experience will make the difference to lead his team to victory.

Take 49ers + 3

Detroit Lions against the Baltimore Ravens – 3

The Ravens defense played well against inferior teams, but the Flacco offense depend too much on Jason Tucker FG. The Lions are coming off 10 days off and Matthew Stafford is the best QB the Ravens defense has faced in weeks. The Lions might win the game outright.

Take Lions + 3

New York Giants versus the Oakland Raiders – 9

The Raiders are without Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper this week. The Raiders and Giants will both run the ball a lot. The Giants have the better defense. I can’t believe I’m taking Geno Smith. Low scoring game.

Take the Giants + 9

Good luck this weekend!

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Better QB Chiefs Smith or Unemployed Kaepernick?

The San Francisco 49ers had Alex Smith as their starting quarterback and Colin Kaepernick as the back-up. In 2012 Head Coach Jim Harbaugh decided to play Kaepernick in the play instead of long-time starter Smith. Coach Harbaugh saw Smith the previous season lead team to a 13 – 3 record and 6 -2 -1 in 2012.  He knew to get to the Super Bowl a quarterback change was necessary. Smith was the back-up quarterback on the side line during the Super Bowl watching Kaepernick play. Smith moved on the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 49ers went on beat the Green Bay Packers 45 – 31 in the Divisional round and then beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Conference Championship game. Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. They lost the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens 34 – 31. Kaepernick had the 49ers with an opportunity to win the game on the last play of the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs are realizing that starting quarterback Smith has some major limitations in his game. He is 47 – 25 during the regular season is great, but 1 – 3 in the playoffs. His career record is 2 – 4 in the playoffs doesn’t bode well for the playoffs. The Chiefs 5 – 0 start has turned into a 6 – 5 record with three game losing streak.

The Chiefs have one game left against the Los Angeles Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers who are both trailing Kansas City by one game for Division title. Head Coach won’t replace Smith with a rookie quarterback. He will have playoff success with Smith as his quarterback.

Can the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl with Smith at quarterback?

Have a fantastic day!

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Giants Geno a trivia question answer

Which New York Giants quarterback started the game that ended Eli Manning 210 game starts? Geno Smith. Some people have compared the move to the Green Bay Packers having to replace Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers. Is Smith the next Rodgers? No.

Bob McAdoo made a dumb decision. Why not let Eli finish the season as starter? He started the eleven games with only five games remaining. Instead of replacing Manning the Giants should fire McAdoo who was chosen as Head coach because he was the offensive coordinator. The Giants offense has been awful during the two years with Coach McAdoo.

General Manager Jerry Reese and Coach McAdoo has not a decent offensive line in front of Manning nor had any running back to help with balancing the Giants attack. The blame shared among the two leaders not Manning. Poor drafting, bad free agent signings and not enough leaders in locker room.

The Giants win against the Kansas City Chiefs showed why Eli is the starting quarterback for New York. He gave the team the best chance to win the games. Three of the last five games are against inter division rivals who will be fighting for a playoff spot. Their opponents are happy Manning will no longer be playing. I don’t believe he will enter the game if Smith plays poorly.

This decision is embarrassing and disrespectful for the two time Super Bowl Champion and MVP of the game. Eli signs with San Diego Chargers instead of forcing a trade we will never know the outcome. There is a good chance the Giants aren’t two time champions. The Giants organization and fans owe a debt of gratitude for changing the team’s history.

Should Eli start the last five games?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 12 point spread picks 2017

I’m 32 – 22 – 1 after Week 11 and consecutive 4 – 1 record. Let’s keep the winning steak going. This week the favourites are the better picks. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Miami Dolphins against the New England Patriots – 17

The Pats won 6 in a row against the Dolphins who lost 4 in a row. The Pats at home versus an inferior team, even though it is almost a 3 touchdown spread, take the Pats. Score 31 10 is can be done.

Take the Pats – 17

Chicago Bears versus the Philadelphia Eagles – 14

The Eagles have won 8 games in a row and their defense is just as good as the offense also they are 5 – 0 at home. The Bears have lost 3 games in a row and the rookie led offense is struggling to score points.

Take the Eagles – 14

Tennessee Titans against the Indianapolis Colts + 3.5

The Titans need to win to stay 1 game behind the division leaders of the AFC South. The game will be a close one; I expect the Titans to take over later with their ground and pound offense.

Take Titans – 3.5

Carolina Panthers versus the New York Jets – 6

Cam Newton is finally healthy again and the offense gets Greg Olsen back this week. The Panthers defense will dominate the Jets offense. The Panthers are 4 – 1 on the road and Jets are 3 – 2 at home.

Take the Panthers – 6

New Orleans Saints against the Los Angeles Rams – 2.5

The Saints are on a 8 game winning streak and I’m getting points. Their defense has finally caught to the offense. This seems like a coin flip game. The Rams lost to the Vikings last week is a reminder that they aren’t ready for the next step. Drew Brees over Jared Goff a no brainer.

Take the Saints + 2.5

I’m not a fan of major blowouts, but the Pats and Eagles are playing awesome football.

Good luck this weekend!

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Bills bench QB Taylor not wise

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott made a major mistake by not starting Tyrod Taylor. The Bills are now in the sixth and last spot for a Wild Card spot, which means Taylor despite not being great has the team in a playoff spot. NFL Head Coaches don’t replace the starting quarterback unless he feels the back-up gives them a better chance to win.

Rookie Nathan Peterman 7 for 10 in a blowout lost shouldn’t mean he is the starter the following week. The Los Angeles Chargers defense is one of the top defenses in the NFL and will force many turnovers from the rookie. The Chargers are ninth in the NFL in the points against per game with 19.1. The Chargers defensive ends have great sack totals Joey Bosa (9.5) and Melvin Ingram (8.5). The Bills defense as a whole only has 14 total.

The Bills expect to run the ball a lot to take the pressure of Peterman, which means Chargers will have eight men in the box to stop the run. This will see the rookie QB in third and long situations. Taylor a mobile quarterback was sacked a lot and replacing him with Peterman may lead to more sacks given up by the Bills.

Taylor’s benching also take away 237 yards rushing the second best on the Bills roster. Peterman can’t run the read-option plays because he doesn’t have mobility to run the ball.

I don’t think Peterman is the answer. Taylor is a QB who can get a team to 8 – 8 or 9 – 7 type seasons. He isn’t a franchise QB, but he is still better than Peterman and that is why Coach McDermott chose number 5 to start season. Taylor is a popular player and leader on the squad. This move will undermine his leadership and may divide the team.

Coach McDermott will realize after Sunday that he should have responded to the media and social media questions about Taylor’s benching with, “He gives us the best chance to win.”

Is McDermott right to bench Taylor?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Free NFL Week 11 point spread picks 2017

I’m 28 – 21 – 1 after Week 10 and a seventh consecutive winning weeks with a 4 – 1 record. Let’s keep the steak going. Thanksgivings week in the United States of America in two weeks. The end of the Bye weeks. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

New England Patriots versus the Oakland Raiders + 7

The Patriots have started their Super Bowl push with a five game winning streak that will move to six. The Raiders defense can’t stop anybody, while the Patriots defense will keep the Carr lead offense to under 21 points. Giving up 7 on the road is a lot, but Tom Brady and Patriots can caver.

Take Patriots – 7

Philadelphia Eagles against the Dallas Cowboys – 5

The Cowboys second week without Ezekiel Elliott and defensive leader Sean Lee is out due to injury. OT Tyson Smith is questionable may also miss game. The Eagles are rolling in every department. Expect them to continue the longest winning streak this season and make it eight.

Take Eagles – 5

Los Angeles Rams versus the Minnesota Vikings – 2.5

This game is between two 7 – 2 teams and long winning streaks (Viking five and Rams four). The Rams are 4 – 0 on the road; this will come to an end this weekend. The winner will put themselves in great place to earn the second seed in the NFC. The Vikings defense is better and Casey Keenum is playing really well now.

Take Vikings – 2.5

Cincinnati Bengals against Denver Broncos – 2.5

The main reason I will take the Bengals is Brock Oweiler is starting for the Broncos. Andy Dalton is the better QB and the Broncos defense isn’t as dominate. The score will low scoring.

Take the Bengals + 2.5

Jacksonville Jaguars versus the Cleveland Browns + 8

I’m being stubborn with the Browns pick. They didn’t cover last week. This time they are at home, Corey Coleman is back and hopefully the weather is a cause for a low scoring game. The Browns will most likely win a game this season.

Take the Browns + 8

Good luck this weekend!

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Free NFL Week 10 point spread picks 2017

I’m 24 – 20 – 1 after Week 9 and above .500 for a sixth consecutive weeks with a 3 – 1 -1 record. Let’s keep the steak going. There are a few weak teams that are expected to cover big spreads. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Cleveland Browns versus the Detroit Lions – 11

The Browns defense is better than people think. I’m hoping Josh Gordon can score a TD first game back and coming off bye week Coach Hue Jackson’s team will keep this one close.

Take the Browns + 11

Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears – 6

The Bears six point favourite against a division opponent. Coach McCarthy better hope Brett Hundley finally shows he is an effective NFL quarterback. The Bears largest point differential win was a 17 – 3 victory over the Carolina Panthers and their rookie quarter only threw seven passes. The Packers will take some chances and keep it close.

Take the Packers + 6

Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots – 7.5

The Broncos offense has disappeared and the defense can’t make up for it. The Patriots are peaking defensively and the Brady led offense got some help with the signing of TE Bennett. The Patriots have given up fewer points than the Broncos 179 to 198.

Take the Patriots – 7.5

Minnesota Vikings against the Washington Football club + 2.5

The Vikings defense is top 5 and the offense does just enough to win. The Redskins beat the Seahawks in Seattle because their opponent missed three field goals. I don’t believe Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback. I will take a chance on road favourite who has won four in a row.

Take the Vikings – 2.5

Cincinnati Bengals versus the Tennessee Titans – 5

This one is a hunch. The Bengals have a solid defense. It is the offense that hasn’t lived up to their past success. The Titans are 3 – 1 at home and won three in a row. They aren’t more than a field goal better than the Bengals.

Take the Bengals + 5

Good luck this weekend!

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